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Joanna L. Ross was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia Canada. At a very early age, she was infinitely inspired by life around her. A series of soul wrenching dreams was the catalyst to understanding her innate psychic abilities. Profound synchronistic events followed her desire to understand the realms that she would peek into when she was prescribed meditation. This marked the beginning of an infinite path of being a student to the Universe. Joanna’s primary passion and life expression is to first be a student of creation. In utter gratitude, she is inspired to shared, educate, and enlighten those who desire to understand ascension, universal laws, and our great universal family within the cosmos. Joanna, a passionate Public Speaker, Esoteric Teacher, Intuitive Visionary, Author, and Ambassador for New Earth is here to tap into the vibrational frequency of the 5th dimensional new earth. In these incredibly accelerating times, our collective, our planet, is moving through a never before experienced ascension, which in turn, offers the potentials for humanity to move from a lower 3rd dimensional frequency, to a 5th dimensional light quotient.

Joanna will be speaking in Sedona on November 11th – 12th this year!

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The Wonderful Messages Channeled through Joanna from the Higher Dimensions


Joanna L. Ross Books

5th Dimensional Consciousness: Profound Ways to Awaken Your Potential and Align with Future Contact shares key understandings about the shifts and changes we all see, experience, and know to be true as Gaia moves through planetary ascension. By tapping into this new energy, it is created and triggered from within. The pineal gland, along with various other physical components create the doorway for us to experience the expanded growth that is required for us to move up with Gaia, from 3rd to 5th resonating frequency. In this ascending process, we release, shift, and alter all that we are. We let go of old beliefs and unlock our true, hidden potential thereby allowing us to unite and build the bridge to the greater cosmos. Your ascension begins here.

In response to the overwhelming number of new awakenings upon Gaia, and with each and every new awakening, the electromagnetic energy spurs even greater potential for others to seek their own light. Our planetary awakening and ascension are the most pure examples of the ‘snowball’ effect; however, at this time, it is best described as the ‘illuminated galactic human’ effect. There have been many secrets kept from humanity as a whole since the beginning of our lives upon Earth, but we are now ready to step up into our ‘new truth.’ There is no greater force than Source essence revealed as a result of daily path work and inner seeking, and in this, there is no stronger vibration and power to create and manifest a true harmonic change.

 Thank you for connecting with us and we wish you love and light in your path to ascension and higher learning. Joanna L. Ross
Founder, Public Speaker & Ascension Coach
Universal Unity
Center for Ascension & Higher Learning

Those are some nice looking Chakras you have there.


I hope you enjoy this video while checking out all the chakras 🙂

Alchemical Door by Colleen Koziara


Day 7: The Seventh Chakra-The Crown Chakra

The Crown chakra is located at the crown of the head, it’s color is violet (gold is also associated with this chakra). It resonates to the musical note high B. The element of this chakra is cosmic energy. It relates to your “seventh sense”. The statement for this chakra is: “I want to be lazy.” If you look at your chakras in relation to the days of the week, this is representative of the Seventh day being the day of rest, the day to keep Holy.


Day 6: The Sixth Chakra-The Third Eye Chakra

The sixth chakra is located between the eyes and just above the brow line, this chakra color is indigo. It resonates to the musical note A (a high a). The tone OM is used to balance the third eye and dissolve duality. It’s element is Electrical/Telepathic energy. It relates to your thoughts. As this chakra is all about mastering the mind. The statement is “I want to see clearly.”


Day 5:The Fifth Chakra- The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is located where your throat and neck meet, the color is blue. It resonates to the musical note G or G#. It’s element is ether. This chakra corresponds to our sense of hearing. The statement is “I want to speak freely and openly.”


Day 4:The Fourth Chakra-Heart Chakra

The Heart chakra is located at the center of your chest. It is green (pink is also associated with the higher heart chakra.) It resonates to the musical note of F. It’s element is air. It corresponds to your sense of touch. The statement is “I want to give and receive love.”
*Note-Pink stones are also used on the heart, especially for emotional healing.


Day 3: Third Chakra- The Solar Plexus Chakra

The third chakra is called the Solar Plexus chakra, it is yellow and is located at the base of your breastbone, behind the stomach. It resonates to the musical note E. It’s element is fire. The solar plexus chakra corresponds to your sense of sight. The statement is…”I want happiness.”
*note-Sunstone, shown yesterday as a sacral chakra stone is also a fantastic stone for the solar plexus!


Day 2: Second Chakra- The Sacral Chakra

This chakra color is orange, and is located approximately two finger widths below your navel. It resonates to the musical note D. The sacral chakra element is water. This chakra corresponds to your sense of taste. Its statement is “I desire.”
Bring it into balance with orange crystals.


 A chakra is a spinning wheel of life force energy that are connected to certain areas of the body. There are different philosophies regarding how many main chakras there are in the human field, but for this we will focus on the 7 main chakras that are traditionally recognized by most. The root chakra color is red and is located at your tailbone, it resonates to the note C. It’s element is earth. It corresponds to your sense of smell. Its statement is…”I want stuff.” Having a open and balanced root chakra is a vital step in manifesting your dreams into the physical plane. So grab those root chakra stones and get to work!
*please note- red, black and brown crystals all work with the root chakra

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