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Many will look back and say, “What happened?” – The Council

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The Egg – Short film by Andy Weir

The story of what happens after death and the meeting.



Published on Jun 1, 2012

Directed by Jon Jonson:

Based on “The Egg”, by Andy Weir:…

Drugs As Tools For Spirituality – Jason Silva

Jason Silva – Blasting out some Truth!!!

Published on Jan 13, 2015

“The program is a voyage chart, a series of signals, which, like the pilot’s radio provides the basic orienting information required for the “trip.” – Timothy Leary

Join Jason Silva every week as he freestyles his way into the complex systems of society, technology and human existence and discusses the truth and beauty of science in a form of existential jazz. New episodes every Tuesday.

Jason’s Youtube channel – Shots of Awe


To The Tender Hearted

Spirituality and Intimacy


All right, let’s talk about spirituality and intimacy. I know you’re excited already. You’re like, “Yes! Now let’s get into some juicy stuff.” Ah, but intimacy is so much more than the “juicy” stuff, which means romance at the very least and very oftentimes sex to most people. Intimacy, as many of you in awakening come to know, is something that you can have with every moment in every day.

The Yoga or Union of the Present Moment

I was reading through a movie review on, and I like how the spiritual teacher, Sadhguru, talked about having yoga in every moment. It’s a wonderful reminder to be present in every moment. Yoga means union, essentially. To be fully present in the moment is to be in yoga with the moment. This is a deeply intimate space by its very nature, and you’ll find that because of the opening in your awareness, all levels of deep connection become available to you.

The Many Kinds of Intimate Connection

Firstly, we have to unravel the term “intimacy” here. I’m sure that this will disappoint some, but I think it’ll also clarify a lot of things for many of you and the variety of ways that you can connect so deeply with different people. Intimacy is not just romance. It’s not romance and sex. The things you see in romance movies and sexual videos on websites like are not necessarily true intimacy, although they can be. Intimacy is a deep connection with another on any level, and for those of you in spiritual awakening, you’re going to be amazed at how deeply you can connect with many people in your life. But you may be dismayed that for most people, intimate connection is actually very limited.

I have one friend who is like a clan-member to me. We have a very powerful, root chakra connection (Root chakra is about survival and family). It feels like we’ve been in the same family for a generation, but we’ve only known each other about a year. It’s a very fundamental, basic sort of connection; it’s as if we could grow crops, build things together, and provide for the clan together. To confuse this with sexuality and romance would denigrate the reality of this connection. This deep connection is what the natural intelligence of our relationship has brought forth.

I love to talk about the natural intelligences of relationships because my experience is that—as long as we don’t get in the way—relationships have a natural way of connecting that brings out the appropriate kind of relationship. So if you’re supposed to work together, that relationship appears, and there can be a deep love in that space. But you won’t confuse that love as being a sexual or romantic thing. In many ways, it’s the activation of the full love of coming into union at the right level for both of you.

The Many Kinds of Love

Love at its core is total acceptance. Total acceptance of another person is a powerful thing, but it’s not a blind thing. If someone is mean to another, you can still love the perpetrator, but you will hold them accountable. Love is not weak or a push-over. You can speak clearly from the heart, and you move from the heart. Spiritual awakening brings love into and activates it on all levels of your being, which is why such deep intimacy becomes available in so many ways. Different kinds of love and intimacy can be:

  • Co-workers/team-mates love (The love of sharing a common goal/pursuit)
  • Brotherly/sisterly love (This isn’t limited to family.)
  • Romantic love
  • Sexual love you might think this is what you’re seeing on a site like, but truthfully it isn’t – don’t let adult movies warp your idea of sexual acts or love.
  • Physical love (You can be close to another’s body, but there isn’t a need for sexuality)
  • Student-teacher/follower-leader love
  • Intellectual love (The love of connecting on the plane of ideas; just watch a couple academics in a hot discussion at a university some time.)
  • Psychic love (The feeling of energy blending)

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. That are so many other kinds of love and ways to be intimate, and I’m sure that you’ll be able to add to the list.

For me as a spiritual teacher, I feel so much love towards my students (although how I express it varies widely). It’s such a deeply intimate and sacred space to work in and connect with someone, and I honor and cherish it completely. That’s the beauty of coming into connection with someone on the spiritual path; you completely love and connect with someone at the right level. You don’t expect to be anything or force it into other forms that it’s not. That’s part of why it can be so profound and intimate.

Letting Go of the Idea of the One True Love

Being awakened allows you to touch the whole spectrum of love and intimacy, but because most people aren’t moving from that space, a lot of the connections will be very narrow. For instance, most everyone knows what it’s like to have a sexual lover who is really amazing. You two send up fireworks when you’re in the bedroom, on the sofa, in the backseat of the car, out somewhere in the woods off of the interstate because you didn’t want to just sit around in the traffic jam for the next 15 minutes, or you know, wherever. But when it comes to talking, you have nothing to say to each other. And generally, the romantic dating thing is kind of a bore to both of you. It’s just not how you connect.

In many ways, you’ll find it easy to connect very deeply on whatever access point someone gives you. Once again, this isn’t mindless. You’re very conscious of the choices that you’re making. You’ll also likely have to set up some boundaries because most people confuse any amount of intimacy as a prelude to romance; it’s so baked into the mental programming in Western culture (especially for men) that any other outcome is immediately considered a failure. So whether you’re deeply connected intellectually, emotionally, or however else it manifests, you’re going to know just how far and how deep it can go, and you won’t be limited by your expectations of what the relationship should be or how it should go.

Timing and the Coming and Going of Union

You learn to hold intimacy much more lightly. Perhaps, you have an amazing phone call with a person, and then the next time you speak, it’s gone. It never comes back again. This is one of the ways where we continue to shed expectations around the moment. You had a beautiful conversation together. That’s awesome. That’s what you had to share. Your deep connection lasted 15 minutes or a half hour. That’s beautiful. We also have this programming that thinks if we have a deep connection with a person once on any level that we’ll always be able to get it again in a similar if not the same way. That’s not how it works. I think in some ways, those connections come to show us what we can access. That can be a little bit of a tease, but the only way we can let them stay more permanently is to let go of the expectations of what they should be and in what form they will appear.

Life ebbs and flows. Things are easy in the world and then they are hard. Spiritual awakening brings us to a place of non-resistance to those ebbs and flows, and you learn that union and intimacy in the present moment, with yourself, and with others is an every fluctuating thing. And you are okay with that. You are okay with whatever the moment brings, and that is the truest sense of intimacy with life you can possibly find.

By: Jim Tolles

Look Beyond!


It makes me so happy, that it’s actually happening. Once the world knows who we “truly” are the changes will be dramatic.

Magic Mushrooms

A Single Dose Of “Magic” Mushrooms May Have Lasting Impacts On Personality


A new study conducted by Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions has found that single high doses of psilocybin, the active psychedelic compound in mushrooms, may bring on a personality change lasting at least a year in 60% of people. With such lasting effects these substances are the enemy of drug tests, but luckily there are lots of ways you can cheat drugs tests, just take a look at 420 High Street for all the best tips. It’s not only random testing that is an issue though, as psychological alterations can have a wide reaching impact on your life.

Among the lasting changes were trains related to feelings, abstract ideas, open mindedness, aesthetics, and imagination. Changes in these traits varied widely, but could be validated scientifically and were larger in magnitude than changes observed in healthy adults over decades of ‘normal’ development.

“Normally, if anything, openness tends to decrease as people get older,” says study leader Roland R. Griffiths, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

The participants in the study completed two to five eight-hour drug sessions. Participants were informed of the dose of psilocybin before each session. Then, personality was assessed at screening, one to two months after each session, and then about 14 months after the session.

The participants generally considered themselves spiritual. More than half had post graduate degrees.

“We don’t know whether the findings can be generalized to the larger population,” Griffiths says.

Griffiths notes that some of the study’s participants felt anxiety during their sessions, and sometimes for the remainder of the day. He wants that if hallucinogens are used, they should be in well supervised settings.

“There may be applications for this we can’t even imagine at this point,” he says. “It certainly deserves to be systematically studied.”


It Isn’t Hippie Talk – Science Proves “Magic” Mushrooms Expand Your Mind

A study out last year from the Imperial College of London shows that our brains display a similar pattern of activity during dreams as it does during a mind expanding drug trip. This study found that while dosed with psilocybin, the psychoactive compound in mushrooms, activity in the more primitive brain network linked to emotional thinking became considerably more pronounced.

Drugs (if you can even call them that) that have psychedelic reactions when taken can profoundly experience the wat we see the world. This new research, published in Human Brain Mapping, has examined the brain effects of psilocybin, using data from the brain scans of volunteers injected with the compound.

“What we have done in this research is begin to identify the biological basis of the reported mind expansion associated with psychedelic drugs,” said Dr Robin Carhart-Harris from the Department of Medicine, Imperial College London. “I was fascinated to see similarities between the pattern of brain activity in a psychedelic state and the pattern of brain activity during dream sleep, especially as both involve the primitive areas of the brain linked to emotions and memory. People often describe taking psilocybin as producing a dream-like state and our findings have, for the first time, provided a physical representation for the experience in the brain.”

Lead author Dr Enzo Tagliazucchi from Goethe University, Germany said: “A good way to understand how the brain works is to perturb the system in a marked and novel way. Psychedelic drugs do precisely this and so are powerful tools for exploring what happens in the brain when consciousness is profoundly altered. It is the first time we have used these methods to look at brain imaging data and it has given some fascinating insight into how psychedelic drugs expand the mind. It really provides a window through which to study the doors of perception.”

“Learning about the mechanisms that underlie what happens under the influence of psychedelic drugs can also help to understand their possible uses. We are currently studying the effect of LSD on creative thinking and we will also be looking at the possibility that psilocybin may help alleviate symptoms of depression by allowing patients to change their rigidly pessimistic patterns of thinking. Psychedelics were used for therapeutic purposes in the 1950s and 1960s but now we are finally beginning to understand their action in the brain and how this can inform how to put them to good use,” he added.


The Aura


Has Science Finally Proven The Existence Of The Aura?

There is a growing belief that, among the physical layers of the human being there are also non-visible layers, such as the aura, sometimes called the biofield. This biofield is made up of electromagnetic fields and energy structures that contain information for helping the systems of the human body and work properly. This biofield is thought to interact with the human body, and appears as a hologram that harnesses the power of frequency, vibration, electricity, and magnetism so that we can experience life in the material realm.

Deep, huh?

Some scientists have begun to subscribe to the idea that all organisms, and most non-living things too, generate their own energy field. This must has been proven by Dr. Korotkov’s Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technology. His technology allows anyone to take photographs of an object and see its energy field.

Another energy system considered important to the human body is biophoton, which is the “living light” in the cells and other systems of the body. As described at

The phenomenon of how information is transmitted within living systems was and is being extensively studied by a bio-physicist named Fritz Albert Popp. He discovered that photons provided the vehicle for which information was transmitted. Photons are light particles without mass. They transmit information within a cell and between cells. He showed that DNA of living cells stores and releases photons. He called this “biophotonic emission”.

The intensity of the light given off by the biophotons is about 10 times lower than regular daylight. To study this phenomenon he developed an instrument called a photon multiplier which could detect the glow of a firefly 10 miles away. He found that DNA uses a variety of frequencies as an information tool suggesting a feedback system of perfect communication through waves which encode and transfer information between cells.

These biophotons play a role in all the systems of the human body and can maintain balance in all the systems. Biophotons also supposedly have energy rhythms that are attuned to the frequencies of the Earth.

Has science quite revealed the true nature of the aura and whether or not it even exists? Not yet. But as the years go by, we get closer.


Night and Day

Day and Night




Hybycozo is made of 3 polyhedrons – complex 3d shapes, or very simple 4d shapes depending on how you look at it. Each is made of between 12-20 laser cut steel panels laser cut with intricate mathematical and scientific patterns. Laser cutting is fast becoming the industry standard when it comes to the making of steel products.


Hybycozo is made of 3 polyhedrons – complex 3d shapes, or very simple 4d shapes depending on how you look at it. Each is made of between 12-20 laser cut steel panels laser cut with intricate mathematical and scientific patterns.

Dodi is a dodecahedron made of 12 pentagons, a Platonic solid that represents, the universe, ether, and be used as tool of meditation, expression of life and consciousness, allowing us to go beyond the vibrations of the physical body and to reconnect with the higher vibration of our true nature. The pattern that fills each pentagon panel is the flower of life, or the pattern from which all life springs forth.

Cozo is a icosahedron made of 20 equilateral triangles and is inspired by biological and super natural connectivity evoking neural connection, fractal growth of sea anemones, and mushroom mycelium.

Trocto is a truncated octohedron made of 8 hexagons and 6 squares. It’s pattern is based on on the model of E8, a beautiful and complex mathematical model that physicist Garret Lisi proposed as a Grand Unified Field Theory, or, as he liked to call it, an An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything. E8 working as model of the universe is an interrelated 248-dimensional symmetrical object, projected into 2D space and interpolated between an inner and outer hexagon and square panels.

The patterns represents the many ways, people, over thousands of years, have derived meaning and connection from geometry and natural wonder on both the molecular and spiritual level, and shared it with each other through the arts.

In your mind the Universe still divided into two parts – the Earth, and everything else. The Earth having been demolished already in the futurepast to make way for a hyperspace bypass means that your view of things is a little lopsided. I am hopeful that this installation will alleviate some of this lopsidedness.

Much like the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, these sculpture are meant to provide a map and a definitive set of instructions for interacting with a reality as subjective as plans to destroy the earth to build a hyperspace bypass may seem. We hope each Hyperspace Bypass Construction Zone will amaze and inspire all beings that it comes into contact with it.



DSC00519 Hybycozo DSC09722


See more of this fantastic artwork at


Kryon – Lee Carroll January 10,2015

 Kryon – Lee Carroll

Sun Valley, Idaho
Saturday – January 10,2015
Kryon mini Channel – First channel of 2015

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The Dragon & The Light

Last nights visions: I’m looking out into space. I can not see the ground, the stars look magnificent, so full of life and color. Off in the distance is this dragon standing next to this 3 ft. tall urn with a round lid and a ball handle on it.


It feels as if the dragon is protecting it. The large but friendly dragon calls me to come closer.  There isn’t any fear as I walk towards the dragon. He reaches down and carefully opens the lid to the urn and as he does this light comes pouring out. He reaches inside and pulls out this ball of light.


Then he holds the ball of light towards the sky, it begins floating away. I was in awe, I really didn’t know what he was doing but it seemed as if he was protecting the soul that was growing in the ball. I change perspective; I am now the ball of light that is floating in front of the dragon. I thank the dragon for keeping me safe during my evolution into this incredible ball of light. My perspective changes back to the one standing in front of the dragon and another urn …the dragon looks into the urn and begins to smile. It seems surreal and very soothing; he continues to smile and looks me straight in the eyes as he reaches back into the urn and pulls out another ball of light. He lifts the ball of light into the sky and the ball does not float away. He looks at the ball of light and his smile fades he looks back at me, then this unimaginable ache comes over me as he lifts the ball of light and throws it in his mouth and begins feeding on it. The dragon starts to become violent smashing everything in sight; the urge to feed has over taken him.


He starts flying towards the first ball of light that floats away. My perspective changes back to the floating ball of light and I see the dragon is coming for me. I’m so surprised that there isn’t any fear as the dragon starts spewing this blue-white fire from his mouth, flying faster and faster towards me. I begin communicating with the dragon, I say, “you are not going to eat me, I’m not sure why you even try.” And the dragon opens his mouth and like a giant crocodile he slams his mouth shut down onto the floating ball of light that was me. I feel as if I am laughing because I know the dragon can’t harm me. I quickly disperse my light making it impossible for the dragon to have another taste of any piece of me. I feel disappointment for the dragon as he could not control his urge. The dragon has become irritated with his situation and begins flying back to the urn and places the lid back on. As light energy I float down to the dragon and ask, “why can’t you contain yourself”?  My perspective changes back to the dragon as I see his entire past in the blink of an eye. The dragon used to be a snake and gradually evolved, growing legs and wings, only feeding on fear. He’s been very sad and lonely and wanted more. And in that instant I became All: The dragon, the observer, the ball of light, and the creator of the ball.


What I take from this vision: There is some kind of agreement, The Dragon is the protector of us while we are here, but has become hungry for more power and is more violent. We are here to evolve, to grow, to become the light. If we do not evolve fast enough we will be consumed back into the darkness.  This is a little different than my usual visions because there was no time frame for evolving before, when the dragon holds up the ball of light there seems to be a decision if it has evolved enough to fly away or be consumed back into the darkness “reincarnation.”  This seemed to be the message on this night.

Please leave us a comment with your take is on this, any input is welcome…

Kryon goes into this a little in this video.

We met Joanna Ross from Universal Unity in Sedona for the 11-11 Gateway this year!

We had so much fun, Joanna booked us for a return visit for 2017

We’re also planning a trip to Tampa, FL in June of 2017!

We would love to meet you at one of our events 🙂


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Bouncing water

Scientists Develop Hydrophobic Metal That Causes Water to Bounce

Researchers at the University of Rochester’s Institute of Optics led by professor Chunlei Guo have developed a new type of hydrophobic surface that is so highly water repellent, it causes water droplets to bounce off like magic. Unlike earlier hydrophobic surfaces that rely on temporary (and slowly degrading) chemical coatings such as Teflon, this new super-hydrophobic surface is created by etching microscopic structures into metal with the help of lasers. Potential applications include airplane wings that resist icing, a whole new type of rust proofing, or even a toilet that wouldn’t require water. Watch the video above to see the surface in action, and you can read Guo’s research paper here. (via Sploid)




Kundalini Awakening

Looking Outward?



I hear a multitude of you saying, “What now, what next, where do I go?” The answer has always been, “go within.” If you are constantly looking outward to change, fix or otherwise offer advice to someone else, you are not tending your own spiritual garden. ~ Creator


 Do you know why, the universe conspires to make things happen when you make a decision?


The Astral Planes and Other Worlds Of Spirit


The spirit realms are generally described as dimensions or planes distinguishable by the different densities and vibratory rates (or frequencies) of the substances they contain, and the various dimensions are said to interpenetrate, existing in the same space. Different people have divided these infinite realms into different numbers of vibratory regions (often seven, nine or twelve), and various names have been used by different people to differentiate among these regions. For most of us living in the physical world and preoccupied by its material comforts, those are heady concepts. So it may be easier to visualize the spiritual planes aligned concentrically.

The physical plane ( the world around us, our conscious reality) is composed of comparatively dense, slowly vibrating matter.

The astral planes are generally divided into the lower, middle, and higher, although each division actually contains many, many divisions of varying vibratory rates. After we have shed our physical body, most of us reportedly “wake up” in our astral body living in the specific astral plane in which substance is vibrating at the same rate as the substance of our astral body. This is sometimes called our home frequency.

During our lives on Earth and beyond we determine our vibratory rate by out thoughts, attitudes and spiritual understanding. Fear and resentment produce low vibrations, while love produces very high vibrations, while orthodox closed – mindedness (whether religious, scientific or political) produces low vibrations. Attachments to worldly things creates low vibrations, while calm detachment in the Eastern tradition produces high vibrations.

The lower astral planes are described as a dark, dismal world reminiscent of the Christian purgatory or hell. Some people of low vibration thoughts and attitudes, after dying, are pulled toward and trapped near the physical plane in a state of confusion. There being no gravity nor sense of time nor space in the worlds of spirit, they might reside here for years or for centuries of Earth time, not even aware that they have died, yet totally bewildered, creating problems of Earth in many ways. Some 20-30 percent of people go here when they die.

The middle astral planes are a pleasant realm where 60-70 percent of us wake up to be rehabilitated after our earthly education in “school of head knocks.”

The higher astral planes are a wonderful realm called Heaven by Christians, the Summerland by spiritualists. About ten percent if us will wind up here after we die.

The mental causal planes are a realm of divine inspiration free of earthly desires and conflict. The beings in these dissensions cause many of the artistic and technical breakthroughs on Earth by sending silent messages to its inhabitants.

The celestial planes, beyond the comprehension of most people, are said to be the home of the Christian God, the Buddha, and other great beings.


The Mid-Astral Planes

We’ll focus now on the mid-Astral planes because that is where the most of us will go after we die and because it is from that region that all ITC images and messages are sent to Earth. This pleasant realm is a buffer zone between Heaven and Earth, a place for worn-out souls fresh out of the school of hard knocks here on Earth to rest and recuperate before moving on toward higher spiritual realities.

The astral planes are much like Earth, though more mental, less physical. In the spirit worlds thoughts create reality, so as thousands of people leave Earth and enter the astral planes, the worlds in those subtler planes take on an Earth-like appearance. Researchers in many countries report messages from “the other side” describing concert halls, museums, hospitals, schools and homes much like those on Earth — but often much more magnificent — all set in landscapes of trees, flowers, mountains, meadows and rivers that. again, are like the landscapes here but much more lovely and breathtaking.

While the ultimate destiny of every soul lies in the “higher” or subtler planes in and beyond the celestial frequencies, a typical lifetime on Earth as a non-spiritual or moderately spiritual person drags our soul down to low frequencies. After we die, our Earthified soul would feel as out of place in the higher realms as the proverbial bull in a china shop. The astral planes provide a buffer zone between a dense Earth plane rife with deception, fear and violence, and the higher, subtle realms of pure love, Light and wisdom. The astral planes provide very pleasant surroundings for resting up before moving on.

Not everyone moves on right away, however. Some departed souls like the astral planes so well that they choose to stay for centuries. Others reportedly return to Earth for one reason or another to experience another lifetime in a new body.

It has long been known that a new arrival in the spirit worlds, after a life on Earth with a typical western spiritual education, is initially lost and bewildered by the almost unimaginable series of new and strange experiences. Often there is an overriding sadness regarding the loved ones left behind such grief is completely natural — on both sides of the veil — but the new arrival must get on with the business of starting a new life. Excessive and prolonged grief by family members presents a tie that tends to hinder the new arrival from concentrating on the job of starting a whole new life. It literally pulls the spirit of the newly deceased into low frequencies near the Earth and holds it there.

Life can be quite varied, depending on where in the spirit worlds one winds up. Here are a few scenarios by those who have made the transition and reported back through ITC equipment in Luxembourg.

Here in the mid-Astral planes there are a great variety of people-in-spirit. Some still sit around the campfire as they used to do in their (primitive) earth life. Others meet in modern halls of congress surrounded by technical equipment. They give lectures about life after physical death. Still others do not even know that they have died.

Some residents have been living for over a century. Some live in castles, fortresses or beautiful mansions, others in tents or teepees – whatever makes them comfortable.

New arrivals have the opportunity to get to know people-in-spirit of all ages of human history and to meet unfamiliar, intelligent beings of non earthly origin. How readily a newcomer can accept the many new and unusual things, is one fastor, determining how quickly he or she may move on to the subtler dimensions.

There is no real need to eat, as we breathe in our nourishment. The astral body absorbs everything it needs for its health and well-being from its surroundings. There is no need for sex, of course, as there is no pregnancy in spirit. Still, sex as well as eating can be enjoyed in the astral planes by those who made it a major part of their lives while on Earth. Eventually there will be more important things to do.

Astral worlds are typically clean, pure and well organized. All planets are inhabited and have ample lakes, rivers, and oscans. There are no pests or predators. Climate is always spring like with occasional prezipitation in the form of glowing snowflakes or multicoloured, shiny raindrops.

Worlds in the middle astral planes are shared by new arrivals from Earth, goblins, animals, fish, nature spirits, giants and spirit beings. The environment glistens.

New arrivals are usually drawn to an astral family of people with whom they are compatible spiritually – and mentally. Adults can materialize babies using their willpower to bring shape to condensed living forms provided by higher beings for that purpose.

In the astral planes we suddenly find ourselves without the physical body that needs to be fed, clothed, shellered, exercised and rested everyday with several hours of sleep. Suddenly we have true freedom. The astral body is impervious to temperature and wind. When the body is cut or hurt it is healed instantly at will.


The Home Of Timestream

The TimeStream sending station is lovated on a planet called Marduk with three suns, so it is never completely dark. It orbits one sun and receives light from two other nearby stars. TimeStream sits alongside the River of Eternity, the only river on the planet. The River of Eternity flows 100 million kilometres across the entire planet the deepest spot in the river being 17,000 meters, the widest spot 3,700 meters.

Also along the River are comfortably furnished houses. Children arriving on the astral planes are nurtured by loved ones who already live there. The children grow and develop to age 25-30. Residents come from several planets and include gnomes, giants, dwarfs. About 60 billion humanoids live there. There are animal species unknown on Earth, including brightly coloured birds and butterflies. The temperature is very mild People arrive there with the same psychological and emotional nature they had when they died, although shortcomings and imbalances can be overcome through rapid learning.

The planet with its Riverine communities was created by human minds, yet is as much a reality to its spiritual residents as our Earth is to us. Vegetation ranges from microscopic algae to giant trees. Many buildings are made of wood.

Inhabitants of the mid-Astral planes are assisted by higher beings in creating landscapes they are familiar with. While this reality may seem a bit “fabricated” to us, Swejen Salter is quick to point out that everything in the astral planes can be seen and touched by people in astral bodies, just as physical things are fully experienced in our material world. Also, Eastern mystics have pointed out for centuries that the “solid” world of our day-to-day reality is completely “fabricated” and illusory as well. The only true reality is in the godhead, cosmic Source, according to the masters of all time-proven religions.


Moving on up

As people move upward (or inward) from the middle to the higher planes. their astral bodies become lighter, subtler, and of higher-frequency substance. When they reach the rapid vibrations of the mental-causal planes, their astral bodies disappear. The mental body is not really a body at all and can be described as a glowing mass of energy.

Some people who advance into the mental-causal planes lose their interest in the affairs of Earth and move onto bigger realities. Other people return frequently to the astral planes, donning astral bodies as they descend, so that they can be involved in earthly  projects such as ITC.

Sharpest View of the Andromeda Galaxy, Ever

Sharpest View of the Andromeda Galaxy, Ever.
The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured the sharpest and biggest image ever taken of the Andromeda galaxy — a whopping 69,536 x 22,230 pixels. The enormous image is the biggest Hubble image ever released and shows over 100 million stars and thousands of star clusters embedded in a section of the galaxy’s pancake-shaped disc stretching across over 40,000 light-years.



Sharpest ever view of the Andromeda Galaxytumblr_nhqaff3trC1s9x3i1o2_1280tumblr_nhqaff3trC1s9x3i1o3_1280tumblr_nhqaff3trC1s9x3i1o4_1280tumblr_nhqaff3trC1s9x3i1o5_1280tumblr_nhqaff3trC1s9x3i1o6_1280 (1)


Closer to Home

“We inhabit a universe where atoms are made in the centers of stars; where each second a thousand suns are born; where life is sparked by sunlight and lightning in the airs and waters of youthful planets; where the raw material for biological evolution is sometimes made by the explosion of a star halfway across the Milky Way; where a thing as beautiful as a galaxy is formed a hundred billion times – a Cosmos of quasars and quarks, snowflakes and fireflies, where there may be black holes and other universe and extraterrestrial civilizations whose radio messages are at this moment reaching the Earth.”
The Intro To The Sci-Fi Movie Contact


The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken

The Lightworker’s Handbook Lesson 5 – The System of God – Part Two

K-HandbooklogoLive Kryon Channelling
Granada, Spain August 19, 2007
“The System – Part 2”
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon
The information below is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits sale in any form except by the publisher.


This live channelling was Given in Granada, Spain
August 19, 2007

This channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Many times the foreign meetings contain very basic information from Kryon, but much is emotionally transmitted, which the printed page just can’t reveal.

The live channelling features a back and forth translation process from English to Spanish and is very awkward when read from the original transcript. It creates many short sentences in English and is fragmented (since you can’t hear the translator). So to facilitate better reading and increased understanding, editing has been done to make it flow better. In addition, it has been expanded by Kryon to include the clarity that is only present during a live event. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Granada, Spain, August 19, 2007, as the second part of two messages.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The door opens quickly with my partner, and the reason is that I never leave. He has become so used to the energy of Kryon that I’m always on the other side of the door. Perhaps this is difficult for you to imagine, but it’s no different than speaking to your Higher-Self. We have always invited humanity to channel in many ways. You may call it whatever you choose, but when you look at the great art of the planet, can you doubt that it was from God? It was channelled! When you listen to the greatest music of your planet, do you understand that it came flowing through the pipeline? This energy is always available, always part of the system.

For you, it has been one full day since I last spoke, since the last communication. But for me, it was just a moment ago. So now we continue the teaching on this second day. In review, what we were speaking of was the system. We told you it is a confusing place, that interdimensionality you call the other side of the veil. We told you that it isn’t a place at all but rather an interdimensional state of energy, one that you can put yourself into any time you choose. But because of your 3D experience, you want it to be a place. It’s what your reality wants to see. But if you remember the teaching, you will now understand that this interdimensional energy is always around you. And when you put yourself in that space, it often looks chaotic and confusing. When a situation exists when you are in that state, you cannot make sense of what is going on.

Now let me start drawing the logic for you that seems to be missing. In that space that is interdimensional lays all the potentials of you. These are the potentials of what you will do, who you will meet, and what is your purpose in life. The reason these things look confusing is because none of them have been manifested yet. So in this latticework of energy are all of the potentials of your life, plus the others around you. The logic is this: When you go to that place on purpose, when you engage that interdimensional energy, you are then drawing lines of energy that “look for and find” the potentials you’re asking for. And whereas you might think that it does not make sense, there are others who are doing the same thing. And where these lines meet is the synchronicity. I don’t expect you to understand this, for it is in an interdimensional language. But I say it anyway so that those of you who are in that state of meditative reading will have it shown to you.

Yesterday, we told you that this day would be a practical day where we get to talk about Humans and the system, and so we will. We’re going to start by giving you six postulates. We hesitate to say rules, so we’ll say they are helping hints. These are hints to help you manifest and work with the system. By manifesting the system, we mean to actually get in touch with it and use it. At no time will we ask you to understand it. You have heard so many times the phrase, “God works in mysterious ways.” Well, it’s only mysterious to a 3D creature! There is actually great logic and purpose within it. It’s not mysterious at all. Some of these postulates may sound familiar, for we have used some of them before in other lessons. However, this is the first time we have put them together in this form.

The first postulate is the most important one: Make no assumptions about anything. This means you have to throw away your three-dimensional concept of how things work when it comes to you and Spirit. When it comes to working the system, make no assumptions about anything. This is the hardest thing a Human Being can do! Even in profound meditation, Humans make assumptions. They sit and they open that door and they try to figure out where the voices are coming from. Right away we say again, “Don’t try to understand it.” Instead, we say, “Simply use it.” When you ask to be shown your path, do not assume you know what it will be. Do not assume you know how it will be shown! Assume nothing and move forward and be surprised.

Number two: See yourself as part of the chaos. You do not stand alone as a three-dimensional creature that suddenly is placed into this soup of potentials. Instead, you are one of the potentials in the soup. So we’re asking you to claim that you are part of the system. Sometimes we say, own this, and make it part of you. Some say, “Well, that sounds pretty easy. I’ll do that.” It’s not easy, for you always see yourself apart from God. You say, “I am here, God is there. I’m trying to get to God.” We’re saying instead that you must see yourself as part of God, and therefore, part of the system.

Then, number three: Don’t be afraid to step into it. You do this in many ways. We have told you for many years that the best thing a Human could ever ask is, “God, tell me what it is I need to know.” This is you, stepping into the system. It’s the activator of crossing over into the seeming chaos. It’s an acknowledgement that you are ready for something you can do, even without understanding what it is.

So the first three postulates are all about you. Making no assumptions, owning the system, and stepping into it sound like easy things. But understand that most Human Beings don’t do it this way, and have trouble with all of them. Again, the concept of God is that you are apart, separate entities, and not together with God. There you sit on Earth believing the teachings that the energy of Spirit is separate and apart from a Human. However, if you’re going to use the system each day of your life, you must place yourself within it. This doesn’t make sense with anything you have been taught, but it must now become your reality. Therefore, self-worth is going to come into play, isn’t it? For the Human who feels they are worthless will never be able to come to grips with the fact that they are a part of God.

The next, number four, is this: Trust and follow your first instincts. This rule is to trust and follow your first intuitions. How many times have you had a situation where you said, “Oh, if I had only done what I had first thought?” This is actually part of the system, and that’s the way it occurs to you. It is often the very first instinct you will have about a situation. Some call it intuition, but it’s much more than that.

Some of you must learn to do this, for many of you are not used to what the first instinct even feels like. So part of the system is beginning to understand what intuition and instinct looks and feels like. “Well, Kryon, how do we do that?” How about asking for it? “Dear Spirit, let me recognize the signs when I feel them and hear them, and realize what they are.” The promise is you’ll always get them, but how bright they appear in your mind is up to you. There are certain Human Beings who actually suppress their instincts. They don’t like them and they get in the way of their logic. Many do not think with their hearts at all, and only with their brains. But quite often the first instinct is a “heart connection” process.

The next one, number five, is so misunderstood. Gone are the days when the Human Being sits and waits for God to do something. The system is all around you. It’s ready to facilitate your needs, but if you never open the door, nothing is ever going to happen. Yet Humans continue to pray. “I want the healing so bad,” they say. “I want these things so much! I’d like a partner in my life. I’d like to know what I’m supposed to do with my life.” So they spend all the time in prayer and meditation every day, asking, never leaving the house, constantly in prayer. That’s a great way to meet someone, isn’t it?

You’ve got to step out and push upon the doors. So here is what number five is: There must be action on your part. And it comes in many forms and honors whatever your culture supports. But in general, it means leaving the house and going places where you can interact with the potentials of the synchronicity. No matter what you’re looking for, it will involve the system of humanity. Therefore, you can’t sit in one room alone and expect answers.

Many say, “Dear Spirit, show me what it is I’m supposed to know.” Then they sit there and nothing happens… and nothing happens… and nothing happens. So in desperation, they get up and go to the esoteric bookstore. They’re walking along in the aisle and a book falls on their head! God just spoke! Then they often say, “This is the book I’ve been looking for. What a revelation for me. Thank you, God.” And this is how it works. You’ve got to get up and go, and when you go, number six, the big one: Expect synchronicity.

Synchronicity is defined as energies that align with purpose. These situations look like accidents, but they are not. Listen. This is the key. You have heard there are no accidents, but there are those outside of your belief system who say, “That’s crazy. That’s not right.” Synchronicity looks and appears like coincidence. It often looks like an accident, but it is not. It is you at the right time, at the right place, with the potentials aligned that you asked for. But if you’re going to have synchronicity and aligned potentials, you’ve got to be there to experience them, don’t you? So you’ve got to take some action, and whether it’s a phone call, or it’s an electronic communication, or whether it’s you with your body, you’ve got to put yourself in places where the synchronicity and the system can work. And I say it for those in these rooms and those who are hearing and reading now. There are those of you who still will not do this, for you believe there’s some kind of sacredness in staying put and just praying. Instead, try to understand the balance of things. There is a time for asking, and a time for receiving. They are done in separate places! If you spend all your time in the asking place, no receiving will occur.

Those are the postulates. Now I’m going to give you some practical things using these postulates. We’re going to discuss some situations and show you how Spirit works. Some of you know these things, but perhaps you’ve never put it together.

The first one, the most difficult for Human Beings, is timing. Yesterday we said that your clock is not God’s clock. We also told you that it’s impossible to apply a 3D time frame to an interdimensional potential. It’s frustrating to Humanity that God delivers things not when you ask for them, but only when you need them. You see, to us it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to give you an answer to put in your pocket. Because when you get to the place where you thought you’d need it, and pull it out of your pocket, it’s the wrong answer! Instead, it must meet the scenario of the synchronicity and the energy of the moment.

Let me tell you about a specific Human Being. He thought he was using the system and doing his best. Actually, he really didn’t understand how it worked, and had made some assumptions. This Human Being had a task at hand. He was a very gentle man, and he worked as a boss at a factory. He was in charge of many workers and was a good supervisor, for he loved his employees, knew their families, and respected all of them. He was about to have a challenge, however, since he was going to have to lay off one of the employees. Instructions had come from his superior that he had to cut back the work force by one man. Therefore, one of the men under his supervision had to be terminated from his job.

Now, here is a common, practical attribute of life. You’re walking into a situation and you want to know how to handle it. It’s a good request, is it not? It’s an honorable request of God. “Dear Spirit, I know this man, I love this man, I know his family. Please give me guidance. What am I going to say? How shall I handle this for him? What’s the best way? I’m anxious about it.” And being a spiritual man, he went on his knees and he asked. He’d made an appointment with the employee, and he knew he had to do this deed within three days. But he received no answer at all. He received no intuition, which is what he depended on. He had no instinct. Instead, it seemed like God was on vacation, and it wasn’t even August. No answer.

The second day, he went on his knees again. “I know I’ve been listening, but I’m receiving nothing at all. And I’ve got to know because I have an appointment tomorrow. Dear Spirit, give me the information so I will be able to do this in an honorable way. How is the best way to approach this?”Nothing. No answer at all.

Now here is where the Human Being becomes frustrated. “Well, I’m stuck. God is not listening. God doesn’t care about me. I’ve got something important coming up and I’ve been praying and there’s just no answer at all.” That’s where some Humans give up. Ah, but they don’t know about the system! If you ever get no answers at all, what do you think is going on? I’ll tell you that in the system – the place you call “chaos” – there are many things happening. There is no 3D answer except one: Be still. Be still, my family and trust in Spirit.

The third day came. The employee came into his office and sat down. Still no answer, and the supervisor was sweating. Here it was, within seconds of having to do this deed, and there’s no answer, no guidance except to be still. Finally, he looked at the man in the chair. He was smiling, as he always did. The supervisor thought about the man’s children and his heart hurt. The job meant so much to the man! He stalled and offered him some coffee. Then they sat down and the supervisor gathered his thoughts.

But before he could speak, the employee spoke first.

“I’m so glad you called me into the office. I don’t know how to tell you this but I have found a better job. I’m so sorry. I know we are friends and you count on me, but I’m going to have to leave the factory. It will make a big difference to my family.”

The supervisor smiled and then he knew – the answer was not in how he was supposed to prepare this man, it was how to prepare himself!

That’s how it works. That’s called synchronicity, yet you cannot begin to understand what appears to be chaos or chance. There’d be a temptation for that Human Being to say, “What a coincidence,”not giving any credit to God or himself. But the reality is that it was in the system all along.

Make no assumptions about timing. We’ve told you this from the beginning. When Humans Beings ask for something, they feel they’ve purchased a ticket for a train. Then they tap their toe, expecting the train to come with God in it. It doesn’t work that way. It’s not a ticket at all. It’s a request for synchronicity without any assumptions of timing.

We could say the same thing about the delivery of answers. This is the other thing that Human Beings do. They ask for something and they expect a complete answer. That’s what you get in 3D, isn’t it? When you go to the store and purchase an automobile, you get the whole thing, don’t you? Isn’t that what would be expected? You’d probably object if they only gave you the tires today and the vehicle tomorrow. But that’s the way synchronicity works – piecemeal. What we are saying is that many times the answers come in pieces. And you’re required to connect them together for the whole thing. Don’t make any assumptions of how the answer is going to get to you, or that it’s going to be complete or incomplete, or even where it’s going to come from.

“Kryon, what is my path? What am I supposed to be doing? I want to know my purpose in life.” We hear this so often. Oh, dear Human Beings, the very question is so 3D of you! You’ve made up your mind you have one path. How singular! Is that all you do, one thing? You are supposed to come into the planet and do one thing? You’re spending your life asking Spirit, “What is the one thing I’m supposed to do? I’m really looking for it. I don’t know what it is yet.” It’s like you were going to find some prize on the road that has your name on it. Then you would work it for the rest of your life. Oh, dear Human Beings. You have no idea of who you are. Your potentials are so complex.

We have said this before to you, but you now need to hear it in the context of this teaching. The sacred path that you have in your DNA is for today. And the irony is that you may very well be on it! You may be doing it, participating in it, while at the same time you make assumptions of what it’s supposed to be, so you’re sitting on the floor, crying out to God, “What is my path?” The system needs anchors of light. Where do you live? Where do you work? Is it difficult there? Maybe that’s your path – to be in a difficult place holding the light. Much light should be in the areas where it is tough, to create sacredness where there is darkness, to hold joy and be the only person in the area to do it, because that’s what you’re good at. And all the while, you say, “I am doing nothing for anyone. I’ve got to know my path… got to know my path.” Yet the Human is frustrated, never understanding the path is what they are already doing so well, and tomorrow, it may change!

Every day of your life, you hold a place for the light for God to come in and shine. It’s often in the places where there is no one else but you who holds light. Did you ever think of that? There are as many paths as there are days in the year. That is synchronicity. What is your passion? If you follow it, that’s where your path will lead.

Your “path” is changeable and not one “thing.” Yet many times, Humans make up their minds they will be one thing. “I’m going to be a healer,” they say and they think that that’s what God wants. They’ve got it all figured out. They’ve made an assumption, however – a singular one, like they had some kind of meeting with God and God agrees! Unknown to them, they did this agreement all by themselves. God wasn’t even there. And then when they hit obstacles, they say, “How can this be? I’m supposed to be a healer.” They made the assumption that what they “see” is, therefore, their path. There is no synchronicity in that. They’re not part of the system, you see? They’re not following the system. Instead, they’re plowing a trough of their own vision in three dimensions. Sometimes this is difficult to explain to 3D creatures who work every day in that reality, to “feel” the difference between what you have visualized for yourself and what the system instead has for you.

So the next question would be, what is the voice of God? “Dear Spirit, I’ve been waiting for answers. I need specifics.” Then the Humans will think they’re going to hear something in their brains. Perhaps somehow it will be written on the wall! I will tell you again – the reason we tell you to follow your first instinct is that the vehicle for communication is intuition. This intuition is a product of synchronicity. It’s a very real way of God, the system, communicating with humanity. Humans don’t like it because it appears as though they thought of it, so it isn’t from God. After all, they’ve waited for an answer from God, not themselves.

Some of you get a thought in your brain and you say, “Well, I just thought that myself. It can’t be God.” That’s exactly who it is! But that’s you using the synchronicity because you gave intention to step into it. Don’t you deserve to receive these messages in that way? Aren’t you sacred? Intuition is the way. That’s how it works. But again, the assumption is that God is big and you are small. Therefore, what you think personally is not what God is telling you (you think). Get used to intuition being the answer. When my partner began this process of channeling, even though he had opened the door for Kryon, even though he received messages, he didn’t believe it. Even with validation from those who knew the truth, in his intellectual mind he said, “I’m making it up.” This is because when you channel it feels like it involves the Human brain. Well, it does! It has to. It involves all of your DNA, your emotional state, and your intellect – all connected to source.

He finally let go and realized the channel was also using his own sacredness. That’s when it got clearer. Trust your intuition, for those are the words of God. Some have even said it is messages from what many have called The Holy Spirit. This is another way of saying the Higher-Self. Many belief systems have different names for the same energy, but it’s always about how you receive the messages. You see, you’re part of the system.

There have also been many questions about business. I told you this message would be practical, so I’ll give you two examples. Here is advice for those who are trying to co-create jobs so they can help develop the abundance needed within a society, to be able to live. First, dear one, God is not in the dark. God knows the society that you live in. Spirit understands that you need abundance in order to stay in the place you are, to purchase the food, for the transportation and more. God is not against money! As soon as you understand that, you’ll be far more peaceful. In fact, it is up to you to manifest, through synchronicity, the abundance you need to live. In other words, money is part of the system. It’s as divine as any other part of your path when you treat it spiritually.

Did anybody ever tell you that Spirit wanted you to suffer a little? Perhaps you’re supposed to walk to work with no vehicle? Maybe you shouldn’t eat? Perhaps you should stay out in the cold for awhile because you can’t find a home? What kind of Lightworker is that? When others look at you, do they say, “I’d like to be just like him – destitute, unhappy, hungry, cold.” That doesn’t make sense, does it? No. It’s just the opposite. Spirit wants you in abundance, and abundance is defined as sustenance for each day at a time, in joy. How can you hold the light if you are in survival mode?

What is your source for abundance? Do you worry about it, or do you consider it part of the system? Do you give it to Spirit or do you sequester it because you don’t think God understands money? Blessed is the Human Being who integrates everything in their society and themselves and understand that it is divine. For these are the Lightworkers who are healthy, balanced and mobile. They are the ones who make a difference on the planet. That’s business.

Money is only a challenging energy when it is horded or the source of worry, or not within your control. That’s when it becomes a god unto itself, and takes on the challenging energy assigned to it. The invitation is to see it as simply another thing in your toolbox – like love and compassion and joy. Fear of not having it will create its absence.

Another part of business has to do with partnering with someone in an endeavor. You’d better use the system that I’ve just given you, which is synchronicity and potentials. The advice is to find somebody who spiritually loves you. This partnership will last as long as you choose, and there will never be betrayal. Surround yourself with those who love your heart, and the partnerships will endure. And I’m speaking of financial things and business. I’m speaking of whatever you do in your society that is commercial. “Oh, that’s odd. Kryon is talking about commercial things.” Yes, I am. If you live in the society, it’s part of you. If you live in the culture, it’s part of you. So why not use the divine tools you have to make it work as part of you? There is no separation of commercial things and spiritual things to God. They are all part of your walk from day to day, and are seen as part of the energy of your time on Earth. Those who wish to separate them and call some sacred and some less sacred are not considering the “wholeness” of your task on the planet. For again I say that in order to hold the energy of light on this planet, you must see everything you do as sacred, and everywhere you walk as part of the system of God.

Relationships are difficult. And again, there is the assumption of “the one for you.” But it may not be that way. It may be many relationships over a period of time that synchronistically put themselves together with you for a purpose that only becomes obvious later. Let me reveal some things about relationship – a revelation about romance. Many of you have your partners existing in your lives. Others do not. So this is for those who do not and also for the wisdom of those who do, so they can teach their children about the system.

Have you ever wondered why it is that you are so individually different about those who you choose? For those looking for a partner, you have an idea of what is acceptable and what is not. Where do these attributes come from, for each of you are so different from each other? Now I’m going to reveal something: In the system, there are synchronicities and potentials of the partner who might be out there. So within your own consciousness, you are given the desires that are meant to match the synchronicities of those who are out there, and therefore, the setup is complete. That’s who you’re looking for, and that’s why. And all of you are so different, but that’s where the desire for special attributes comes from. It’s not just personal choice. It’s instinct! There is a potential out there that looks just like the one you are imagining. And I mean in all ways – what their heart looks like, what their consciousness looks like, all things. How’s it make you feel? It’s not just how you feel about what you want. Your personal choices have been placed there because you asked for this.

Let me tell you about Mary. Mary makes assumptions, just like everyone else. She’s a Lightworker and she’s single and she’s looking for a partner. So Mary prayed to God, “I want a partner. I can just visualize him: He’s got these big brown eyes, his eyebrows are a little bushy, and he’s got a beard. I like men with hair.” Pretty specific, wasn’t it? Mary knew, however, that she was watching for a man who looked like this. “God bring me this man. I’ll be patient. I’ll wait. Bring in a man like this.”

Indeed, a man showed up in her life and he said, “I’ve been watching you. We’re having a family dance… a get-together. It’s a festival for our family, and we do it once a year. I don’t know how to ask you this, but would you come to the dance with me?” Well, this man didn’t have bushy eyebrows, no big brown eyes. He wasn’t her type at all. He didn’t have a beard either. Normally, Mary would just say no. After all, she knew who she was looking for. She’d say no because that wasn’t what she felt God would bring her. But somewhere Mary had heard the information – Make no assumptions about anything. She thought very hard about this, but she did not want to lead this man on. She did not want to give him hope that she would be a partner. She didn’t want to say yes because of this, but then she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

So Mary made a decision to go. “All right, it can’t hurt. I’ll go to the dance,” she said, “Yes, I’ll go.”

They arrived at the family gathering and the man who asked her was suddenly very shy. “Mary, I have not been honest with you,” he said. “Please forgive me. But I have an extremely shy brother who really wanted you here so he could meet you.” Mary looked around and there was this man, with dark blue eyes, bushy eyebrows, and a beard! Mary smiled and thought to herself, “I got everything right but the eyes. I’ll take him!” Indeed, it was him! Do you get the point? You can’t make the normal singular assumptions you are prone to make. Also, you’re not always 100 percent correct in what you see, either, but you’re close enough to know when it’s right.

In a 3D decision, Mary could have said, “No,” to the man. She could have thought to herself, “I’m waiting for the right guy.” But she honored synchronicity. Those who try to figure it all out in 3D don’t know about the system, you see? They really don’t understand the synchronicity. Dear ones, don’t try to understand it. Just use it. Watch for the invitations and take them, knowing that there is not some simple, singular path that is going to be given. Many Humans are needed to lead you to the potentials of the final goal, but not unless you allow yourself the flexibility to go when you should go. Let your intuition serve you in these things. We’re almost finished.

Co-creation is one of the hardest things to explain. We can give you many stories, but the rules are the same, and the first one is “make no assumptions.” There is the man who is trying to co-create a car for himself. He could not go to the car store, for he could not afford a new one. He couldn’t even afford a used one at the places where they sell those. He needed a miracle. “God, give me a car. I need it to go to work. I need to manifest a vehicle.” Listen to this, for many of you have been exactly in this situation before. Practical information: Here’s how the system works.

He had a friend who said, “I don’t know about a car, but I’ve got a guy who can give you a ride to work.” And that’s where most Human Beings would say, “Well, no, I don’t need a ride. I need a car. I’ll be wasting time if I just get a ride. I need to go find a car.” But this Human Being knew about the system and about synchronicity. So he took the opportunity and he took the ride to work. When he struck up a conversation with the man who was giving the ride, the man said, “Did you know this car is for sale?” You know the rest of the story. Of course, he bought the driver’s car! This is how Spirit works. Outside the box of logic, within something that looks like chaos, is a beautiful answer. This is the way the strands of the lattice connect the potentials of energy. And for a Human Being to use it, all they have to do is understand they are a part of it and begin to manifest it. But to most Human Beings, it looks illogical and even foolish. It doesn’t seem right that there could be accidental answers that you can plan on. You see, there’s a system, and it’s ready to manifest for you. Oh, there’ll be challenges and there’ll be learning. Isn’t that the way everything is? But the answers to so many of your co-creative efforts are already floating there in the system, if you allow it to work for you.

We’re about to close and leave this place. It’s no accident that we sit in Spain, for the synchronicity is clear. Those who you’ve met this weekend are part of what my partner calls The Team of Kryon, and they are here through synchronicity. It’s not a coincidence. It’s also not an accident that you’re in the chair, listening to this. So, how about that healing? Are we ready yet? Are you starting to understand yet? Perhaps you didn’t just come to get a healing from Kryon. Perhaps there’s someone here you’re supposed to meet who has an answer? You came for one reason, but you leave realizing another. Did you go out of your way to meet someone you don’t know today? It’s not too late. But you have the concept now that perhaps in this group many have come synchronistically to meet others. Perhaps they have the answer to help you on your current path. Did you take advantage of it, or not? This is Human free choice. But I’ll tell you, the system is grand, and it’s at work right here. Blessed is the one who has come for the healing, for it is given. And you will know it, dear one, for it is an awakening in your old soul, a realization that says, “Indeed, I am divine.” And you’ve realized it surrounded by family who love you. That’s the message of Kryon.

Leave this place changed, differently than you came in. Understand that this place is not where Kryon is. It’s not where Spirit is. It’s not where your lineage is. Your spiritual lineage is wherever you are on the planet, available at any time, anywhere. Kryon is like that and Spirit is like that. It’s the family who you’ve called on today. That is the way it works, dear Human Beings.

And so it is that the team leaves this place. Did you feel the love of one Human for another? Did you feel it cutting through cultural understanding and language? Because that is the purpose of the meeting, to bring you to a place where you realize that what you all have in common is that you are all part of the family of God. It’s hard to leave. These are times when you allow Kryon into your 3D reality for just a moment. And it’s beautiful for us.

And so it is.


Lesson 1 

Kryon in Granada, Spain – Sunday – Aug 19, 2007



The Lightworker’s Handbook Lesson 4 – The System Part One – Understanding Who You Are


Live Kryon Channelling
Granada, Spain
August 18, 2007
“The System – Part 1”

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon
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This live channelling was Given in Granada, Spain
August 18, 2007
 This channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Many times the foreign meetings contain very basic information from Kryon, but much is emotionally transmitted, which the printed page just can’t reveal.The live channelling features a back and forth translation process from English to Spanish and is very awkward when read from the original transcript. It creates many short sentences in English and is fragmented (since you can’t hear the translator). So to facilitate better reading and increased understanding, editing has been done to make it flow better. In addition, it has been expanded by Kryon to include the clarity that is only present during a live event. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Granada, Spain, August 18, 2007.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This is a safe place, and even before we start the teaching I wish to announce that this is a safe, safe place. Should you choose to open your heart this day, no negative thing will come attach to you. You sit with family, so let the energy of this place pour into you, so that you will be given a dispensation of understanding. For what we wish to do is complex. I have instructed my partner that this is to be transcribed and that these two days together will encompass one teaching. This will be an advanced teaching for an advanced group, given in front of Lightworkers who are ready to hear these things. It is true that it will be core information, but it is advanced core information. For we are starting to create the series about the system and how it works.

The most misunderstood attribute of God is how a Human Being works with Spirit. This is the crux of frustration, and so often Lightworkers feels stuck. They don’t understand the communication system or what to do next. They truly don’t even know who they are! There they sit waiting for something invisible from a place that they question. The system of God is like that, you know? The system is incompatible with you since you are in 3D. So here’s what we wish to do. In this first session, which is this day, we wish to speak of the physics of the system – the confusion. We will explain what it is. In the next session, tomorrow, we will explain how you work with the system and give examples. These, therefore, are two separate teachings that should be considered as one. The system of God – complex, it is.

The System of God

Let us start at the beginning. According to those Humans who keep track of these things, 85 percent or more of this planet belongs to some kind of belief system that searches for God – 85 percent. No matter where they are on the planet, they believe in God. It’s in many different ways, within many different organizations. It is overwhelming, is it not, that there is indeed something more than yourself on the planet? So you might say that there is evidence that the entire planet, or most of it, is involved in the search for God in their own way.

So right there, a big question is, “Why would you care?” Are you in fear of God? No. Humans do not search for God in fear. The Human Being wants to find what it’s about. It’s intuitive Human behavior. As soon as a Human is able to do so, they go on the search. Blessed is the Human Being who searches for God in their own way. Even if they find themselves in a building, singing songs or worshipping with doctrines that are man-made. Indeed, their art and their compassion is the search for God. Let there be no judgment of your brothers and your sisters for this, for they have the love of God just like you.

Then there is the rest of you – the ones who would find yourself in a place like this, an esoteric place, looking into yourselves saying, “There has to be more than a doctrine.” The thing that makes this difficult is that you are going on a journey outside of your dimensionality – outside of your reality – and your understanding and the comfort zone that is your 3D.

So the first questions you will ask are these: “Who am I? Who am I in the scheme of the Universe? What is it I am supposed to do? And how am I supposed to do it? Where do I start?” These are valid questions, but each one of them is difficult. For the answer to all of them is not an answer that you can discern with logic, but you want to. For you are three-dimensional creatures and expect your reality to be God’s reality. However, the truth is that you about to go on an interdimensional search for a piece of yourself. Therefore, none of these questions are actually answerable to your satisfaction, and there lies the frustration of so many of you… looking for God in a 3D setting.

There are several ways I can set the stage here, so within this message, we’re going to feature a little creature. It’s going to be an ant, and this ant has been given a task. All of the other ants want this ant to go and find the face of God, and intuitively they know that the face of God is in a place. So the ant goes and begins its journey. It finds itself on a giant painting, one that is as large as a wall. Indeed, the painting is the face of God, and it’s beautiful. The colors are vibrant, the face is joyful, it’s so real you could almost climb into it… but the ant has no idea of any of it. All the ant knows as it goes from footstep to footstep is that there’s a lot of color at its feet. And no matter how much the ant journeys on the picture, the ant has no idea what the face of God looks like. The ant is too small to see the overview and will continue to perceive only the pieces of a puzzle.

So it goes back and reports to the other ants, “I walked and I walked. I touched the face of God, but it’s just a color. But if you walk long enough, the color changes and it’s another color.” Therefore, the reality of the face of God to these ants is that it is a constant, changing color. There’s no way for the ant to see the larger picture, is there? Humanity is similar, for humanity encompasses God as part of the three-dimensional scene of humanity, and it make assumptions. Here is an important one: God is not in your time frame. “Kryon, really! We know better than that. We know that God is timeless. We know what you’ve been teaching for years.” So I say to you, then why don’t you act like you understand it? For when you ask for something, you’re so disappointed when it does not happen in your timeframe! Many of you tap your foot, waiting for the delivery of the package that you ordered from God. You think God’s clock is your clock, don’t you? But it is not. So if it is not, what are you going to do with this knowledge? How will you ever make sense of this? We’ll talk of that tomorrow.

You even think God looks like you! We have said this before. Humans have painted the picture of God as a Human. Angels are the most sacred beings imaginable, who come and go in their miraculous interdimensional form, yet you paint them in 2D! You give them skin and wings, give them a name and say, “This is an angel, and it looks like God.” No, it doesn’t – it looks like you!

Then there are Lightworkers who say, “Well, we know better than that. We know that God doesn’t look like Human Beings do.” Oh, really? Then show me the painting of what you think God looks like. There are very few, because you cannot paint an interdimensional being. You think God is linear. The way you treat the whole process of the system, you say, ” I am sick; I go to a place where I will be healed; I will get it, then I will leave.” Oh, how linear of you. Do you not understand that you must swim in the energy with Spirit? Do you not understand that instead of that linearness, you must reach out and touch the face of God? What about this? “I have within myself the healing that I might need if I get sick. It will restore my sickness before I manifest it, so therefore, I will never get sick.” So you might say, “What? That doesn’t make sense. Help us with this, Kryon!”Indeed, I’ll do my best. But you’ve got to throw away the idea that God is like you, living in 3D like you. Your reality is not God’s reality.

Where is God?

Here you sit and ask, “Where is God?” I have the answer, and it’s, “No.” There is no place for God. It’s an impossible question. And you say, “Well, there must be an answer to where is God! We’ve heard that God resides in heaven. There are streets paved with gold and that there are mansions there.” Or, perhaps, you think esoterically that God lives in what you’ve called the great central sun? Well, none of those things would be correct. For the first one is simply a replication of a 3D city idea of yours. The second expression, the great central sun, is a metaphor for a place. It’s a metaphor for the center of every single atom that exists. God is not in a place, since the concept of a “place” cannot exist in a quantum state.

Here is another example of the absence of “where.” Psychics of your planet will go out and they will try to contact the dead, for the Human brain says, “These Humans are gone.” This is because in linear time, the soul’s energy has ceased to exist. Humans believe that that soul energy has gone somewhere… to a place. Therefore, the psychic using their three-dimensional perception goes to that place and they bring in “the soul’s energy of the departed one.” They get a message and bring it back, and everyone is excited and impressed. Let me tell you what has really happened. The departed didn’t go anywhere! For the soul energy is now in an interdimensional space, where there is no past or future. There’s no time on the other side of the veil. How can you have a past when there is no time? We have discussed before that every soul energy on this planet leaves a residual on Earth. It gets more complicated and I’ll tell you about this in a moment. But think for a moment – your lifetime, right now, is being imprinted onto the crystalline grid of the planet forever. Forever! It has to be that way for the vibration of the earth is the culmination, the sum of all of the entities upon it. When your physical body leaves, your departure does not diminish the crystalline grid, for the energy that you have today is imprinted and it stays here. When the psychic goes out to contact the one who’s departed, they’re simply talking to the residual in the grid. They’re not talking to a departed soul somewhere else. Instead, they are talking to the soul energy that remained here.

But because the psychic is based in 3D, the psychic says, “Yes, but I went somewhere else.” The concept of the future or the past does not exist on the other side of the veil. Even the expression “other side of the veil” is incorrect. Do you know where you go, where you go when you meditate? You touch the sacred lattice that is always present. You journey into the center of atomic structure. You become in a quantum state with the Universe and you touch the face of God. This is advanced information for it tries the very fabric of your logic.

Then there are those who say, “God is in charge,” not understanding at all how the system works. These are the ones who say God is in charge of everything that goes on in the planet, again, not understanding the system. Let me ask you something. Does it really look like God is in charge of anything? For most Humans, the system of spiritual reality must have a hierarchy of power and God must be at the top. However, the real system is this: God is in charge of nothing! Instead, it’s the Human Beings who are making the difference – who find God in themselves, and who awaken with light, who let this God-light show through them. Therefore, it is the Human Being who is in charge of this planet! The more of you open this door and understand this system, the more light on this planet there will be.

There is dimensional confusion everywhere. You’ll ask for prophecy and the prophet will travel to the other side of the veil to see what the future holds for Earth. And what he sees is chaos! Things are always changing to 3D eyes who look into the interdimensional void. There is no three-dimensional perception logic there, and it looks like nonsense. Yet the prophet has to make some sense of it, doesn’t he? So let us add this part of the puzzle for the ant: Suddenly, the ant is on the giant picture again, only the face of God keeps changing. Then the ant comes back and tells the other ants, “It’s even more confusing than I thought! I was sitting there minding my own business and the colors then started to change beneath my feet!” The other ants don’t understand that.

Now, let’s add another dimensionality to this “face of God” painting. Let us make it a three-dimensional painting, not a two-dimensional painting. Suddenly, the ant is now climbing hills of color that are always changing! The ant says, “This face of God is very confusing, for now there are mountains of changing color, but still no face of God.” The problem is the same as I have discussed before. When you go to an interdimensional state, there is nothing you will observe that looks like what you want to see, or have been trained to see in your life’s experience. Therefore, there is no logic or clear perception. So you make decisions in three dimensions based upon what your life experience is, but none of those decisions are accurate, for they only reflect your reality, not God’s.

In that interdimensional state is the future of the planet, represented by every possible potential that exists. Imagine the chaos, the seeming chaos of future potentials created by the decisions of every Human Being on the planet. Everything you might do…  represented in one place! Yet, it’s not a place. I told you this would be advanced. What I’m doing is preparing you to understand how the system works with you, and the great beauty of it. Oh, it’s beautiful! You see, it’s only chaos to you. It’s beautiful with lovely strands of order for us. And I haven’t even begun to get to the confusing part yet.


Oh, I guess I ought to tell you. Who are you? Well, a piece of you exists in three dimension and you call it a Human. That’s a piece of you. That’s not all of you, just the part you think is you, for this piece is perceived as whole and complete by you in 3D. This is the piece that wakes up in the morning and looks in the mirror and sees that they are another day older. This is the piece that’s always searching for God on the painting, like the ant, but never seeing the big picture, or the big issue.

Let me tell you a little about who are you [and more about this in a channelling to come]. When you come into this planet, there is an energy deposited into the Akashic Record. There is a set-up that begins with the Crystalline Grid so that everything you do becomes part of Gaia. There is also a wonderful part of you that you have called the Higher-Self. This is the spiritual parent of your soul. So already, I’ve described three parts yet you’re only aware of one… the one in the mirror. Oh, it gets even more complicated than that. Every time you come into this planet featuring another physical expression, you have the same Higher-Self soul parent. Let me explain. Your Higher-Self knows all about who you’ve been… your planetary 3D history. Because this part of you was here for all of them! Oh, it gets even more complicated – in this interdimensional system of potentials, there are pieces and parts of you also on the other side of the veil, helping you. There has to be. Think about it. This explains the system of co-creation. How can you co-create on this planet when there’s only one piece of you? Don’t you understand if you’re part of the engine of the way things work, you have to be many parts of the engine of reality? You cannot be one part asking the other parts to help you. You see, that’s an old doctrine and wouldn’t co-create anything. You are multiple energies working together to create synchronicity.

Now, let us apply that to the ant again. The ant goes onto the picture, the colors are changing, the topography continues to change and the ant is frustrated. He’s given up now, for he’s seen too much for it to make sense. He’s met himself! He now says, “Not only is this face of God unusual, changing and moving, but everywhere I have gone, I met myself! Somehow, I’m on the face of God.” Indeed! That’s the system.

Now, there really is some order in this, but I’m not done giving you the confusing parts. Not only are there pieces and parts of you in this interdimensional soup of chaos, but then there is the issue of who you used to be on Earth. What you call the Akashic Record is the record of your past lives. It’s in 3D, just like you are. I have Lemurians here and they understand what I’m speaking of. How many times have you been on the earth, Lemurian? Shaman, and you find yourself sitting in the chair as a healer today. So interested, are you, in the energy of the healing of the lattice! And how many times on Earth do you think it took you to get to that place? Fifty times? A hundred times? More? And if I could introduce you to who you used to be, how would you feel? And which one of the yous that you think was past do you wish to be?

Well, I have more confusing news… something we have been teaching now for some years: There is no such thing as a past life! Instead, they are “now” lives, for I just told you that all of those expressions go into the Crystalline Grid, did I not? That means when you arrive on this planet (whoever you are) in an interdimensional state, all of those lives are active on the grid. And the way the system works is that they all flow right into your DNA when you get here! Inside you is every creature that you claim to have been. It’s what makes you so different from one another.

Blessed is the Human Being who allows his heart to open and the Akash to spill out and for him see the work these lives have done together with the current one. He sees the old souls and the lineage of their past. He sees soul mates because their imprint is here forever. The system is beautiful, but to you, it looks confusing.

Tomorrow we’re going to tell you how to make some sense of this. Therefore, these two channellings should be listened to as a pair. You are magnificent on this planet. I’ve just given you information that every single time you’ve come here, you leave something behind. I told you that there’s multiple parts of you on the other side of that veil you call interdimensionality.

Some of you keenly feel it and you say, “Well, these other parts of me are my guides while I’m here.” You are right! Some of you are very tuned into this. You say, “The angels are with me.” Right again, but I have news for you: YOU are with you! That’s why contact with Spirit feels so good, understand? It’s a reunion of sorts if you let it be. Yet, there would be those who say, “I don’t like that. I don’t like the idea of ‘me with me.’ I want something bigger; I want someone very important and grand with me.” Oh, it is someone important! Piece of God that you are; eternal being that you are; advanced creature of God that you are, this energy demands that you understand many of these confusing things about your multiple Magnificent Being.

Gone are those innocent days, where you come into a building like this and hope God does something for you. It’s better than that! Now you come into a building and you find your own mastery – realizing who the family is, who the manifestor really is, and you start the training of self-realization. The system exists for you, and it’s beautiful… filled with songs. “Songs” is the only word I can use. When you enjoy music on this earth, it often fills your heart. You think it’s just here on this side, don’t you? Well, think again! Oh, I’ve got music for you, and when you see me again, the tunes will play; the choirs will sing, and you will burst forth in light singing about the face of God, which you are part of. You won’t be able to help it, you know? You will sing with joy and be filled with joy. The love of God is not filled with rules. That’s the message of Kryon. The love of God is filled with unity and compassion.

I am Kryon and I have spoken through my partner for 18 years. And I have never, ever told any Human that I am the only source that they should listen to, for there are pieces of God everywhere. There are those who are coming through in Human channels so many places with profound information, male and female. Put the information together. Unify these messages and receive a larger message. Don’t put walls around each one, saying, “Don’t go see the other one.” Listen. If any channeller ever tells you that – ever tells you that – walk away! For that is not God speaking. God is you, family, and it’s open to everyone and you need each other in this way. This has always been my message and it always will be.

It would be a good time for a healing, wouldn’t it? So who is it that’s going to start understanding who they are? What if you were the one to heal yourself tonight? Is that too grand? Would you allow it? Do you really have to ask God for it? Does it make you feel better to ask Kryon for it? Because I don’t have your healing. I have the answer, but I don’t have the healing. Understand? Can you go inside and start to see your majesty?

“It’s too hard, Kryon, just too hard. I would rather come to a place and sit there and be healed by a higher power.” Indeed you would! This is the answer, which humanity does not understand. Healing is part of the system of God that you as Humans create. This sacred system is part of you and is ready to give you the healing that you came for. So claim your mastery. Understand that you are a part of this earth and this system.


All I can do is invite you to see this light. I cannot personally touch your heart. I cannot make your brain think a way that is different that you wish it to think.

It’s a safe place here, you know? Yes, there are angels here – beautiful ones. They don’t have skin and wings like you, and they have names that are sung in light. They contain pieces and parts of what you call your lineage. Some of them represent those who you have loved and lost on this planet. They are here. Do you really doubt that? I invite you to smell them. You know what they are like, since you’ve spent years with them. So you know their essence. Let their individual essences waft over you. Listen to the emotion of their hearts with yours. For if it is true what I told you today, then you walk with them every day in an interdimensional space. Do you believe?

Let them look at you now and say, “Well done, my child. Proud of you, we are.” We would not say these things if they were not so. Is it too grand for you? Well, there’s more. It continues tomorrow..

And so it is.




Kryon in Granada, Spain – Saturday – Aug 18, 2007




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