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 KRYON CHANNELLINGS – Saturday March 21, 2015



ULURU CHOIR DAY Audio – 48:55 minutes







TUES – THURS – MARCH 24-25-26, 2015

Day One Mini Video

Day one Mini Audio – 7:27 minutes

Day one Main Video

Day one Main Audio – 22:05 minutes

Day two Mini

Day two Mini Audio – 23:47 minutes

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Day two Main Audio – 21:23 minutes


  PEGGY & LEE Audio –  14:14 minutes


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CHANNELING AT THE ROCK Audio – 11:31 minutes

The Story of My Kundalini Awakening – Videos

My Kundalini Awakening – Part 1 Preparation

If you would rather read about it, just click HERE I hope you enjoy it.

My Kundalini Awakening – Part 2 The Awakening

My Kundalini Awakening – Part 3 The Return

After my awakening I had a hard time connecting with reality, I felt extremely disconnected. I tell my story, so others going through this can understand what is happening, so they don’t have as much trouble as I did when I returned.

I hope you enjoy my story and share it with someone you know that might benefit from it. Thank you so much for your interest.

Jamie – @Jamie_Hendon & Shannon – @CrochetShay Forever 🙂


UPDATE May 3, 2015  I finally found the Lake and when reading the message where I found the lake was Believable NOW!!!

Wisdom from the Pleiadians about Love & The Higher Self of Sex

A message from the Pleiadians


Channeled by Lia Shapiro

Comes the awakening, Pleiadians


An Equinox update March 20, 2015 Aisha North

An Equinox update March 20, 2015 Aisha North


The Play of Life II Heaven Letter

The Play of Life II Heaven Letter #5229 March 20, 2015

Transcribed by:

Astral DNA Activation

This is my response to the recent AwakeningOurTruth Blog post regarding the Astral Vortex being our DNA. I had a recent conscious astral projection last December that gives another perspective and I believe also verifies that thought.

I laid down and focused on the back of my eyelids, watching the array of hypnagogic colors and lights. Soon after, as is usual, I began to hear various random sounds and voices, and as I focused on them, a rushing wind began roaring in my consciousness… then came the tunnel.

As the vibrations set in, I was being drawn into the tunnel and I was able to manipulate the perceived vibrations to speed them up simply by willing them. It was really no more difficult than imagining the sound revving up as a child does with a toy car. As the vibration sped up, so did the tunnel travel.

A few moments into the tunnel and began to have images overlay in front of my vision of this tunnel. I saw an eerie skull-like face, but have experienced creepy things in astral projection and lucid dreaming before, so I wasn’t bothered by it. I just ignored it and it disappeared. Another came and went after ignoring it also.

Then another face came in and changed into a bluish, shiny human face. This is when the vibrations intensified. The wave form of the vibrations became visible to me in the form of two blue, vertical sine waves that were separate, but slowly merged into a dancing, vibrating DNA strand. I intuited that the face and DNA were mine since they matched my vibrational rate.

The tunnel was rushing so blindingly fast now. Colors streaking by at light speed! When the tunnel experience was over, it stopped so abruptly, that I was ejected from the tunnel and the instantaneous deceleration caused me to flip over. Out of the corner of my eye as I was tumbling, I saw a glint of a bluish planet. Maybe earth, maybe not. It was brief and didn’t matter, because I was now in the VOID. Trying to adjust myself, all was now blank, dark and quiet. Gathering my bearings, I began to shift perception.

Soon I was floating through a dense purple cloud-like world of shifting colors. All I could perceive was the colors. No objects, no sounds, no thoughts other than my own, and no entities. I called out to my higher self, to my God-Self and the purple haze of a world began changing subtly.

I saw a new dimensional plane opening above me. A bolt of warm, creamy white/tan lightning shot out from the portal as I reached for it. The lightning also had the motif of a DNA strand, not just a single bolt of earthly lightning. There were multiple “bolts” that were moving, very similar to the DNA strand I had experienced earlier.

As I became engulfed in this lightning ray, the experience began to shift and fade. I saw the fading sight of a beautiful city in the same creamy color as the lightning ray and people dressed in the same color coming toward me. It felt like a type of “heaven”, perhaps I stumbled upon some kind of shared reality of religion, but it was foreign to me. It didn’t feel like I belonged there, however, I didn’t feel like they were hostile to me, either.

Everything faded from my view and the experience ended there.

If you’re into non-physical reality experiences such as: astral projection, lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, etc. Be sure to follow me on twitter @cosmiclo7us. I love meeting and talking with others who have similar experiences and open minds on what this journey called “life” really is.

As always, thank you Jamie for your wonderful community, and for allowing me to share this bit of DNA synchronicity.

Kryon – “Loading the Dice”

“Loading the Dice” – Kryon Channelling

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Saturday – March 14, 2015

Mini Channeling – 12:13 minutes

“Loading The Dice” – 31:51 minutes

Mini Channeling – 12:13 minutes

“Loading The Dice” – 31:51 minutes

Acceleration 101


I like driving fast. Do you? There is something exhilarating about accelerating. Maybe it’s the thrill of letting go, of yielding to the unknown and trusting intuition versus the limiting, logical mind. In that space of letting go, we experience a deep sense of connection with ourselves and the energy around us. We’re present. We’re aware. We’re alive.

Does it feel to you that time moves faster now than it did before? The days, weeks, months, and years seem to zip past us. Perhaps this acceleration is on the quantum level, the spiritual level. We attribute it to time because we have no other point of reference. What if we’re in an invisible vehicle that’s accelerating and our current scientific instruments don’t know how to measure this force? Just because we can’t measure it, doesn’t mean this acceleration isn’t happening and isn’t real. In fact, scientists acknowledge that the universe’s expansion is accelerating, although they can’t explain it.

Everything in the universe is vibrating at some speed. We live in an ocean of motion. See, we’re all just a party of moving particles… an energetic dance of quarks and other subatomic particles that are in constant vibration. The faster the vibration, the higher the frequency.

Let’s say we’re all humming along at some given frequency. This frequency determines the possible range of our experience. For instance, our physical eyes can only see a small fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our ears can only hear a limited range of frequencies. Just because our senses can’t detect the out-of-range frequencies doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Of course they do.

If nature wanted us to fundamentally evolve, the way to do that would be to raise our vibration and increase our frequency. By doing this, we’d have a new level of awareness, a higher level of consciousness. Sound crazy? Just look around and notice the movement towards meditation, intuition, and spirituality. There is a reason this awakening is happening. Just as heating water increases vibration and transforms it from liquid to steam, we, too, are in the midst of a major shift that has the potential to change our form. I’m not saying we’re going to vaporize, I’m just saying we’ll transform in some way to a new density (energetic order) as a result of a higher vibration.

Across many of the ancient texts and traditions, there is a common thread that the universe experiences energetic cycles corresponding with an evolution of consciousness. Right now, we’re shifting out of the 3rd density, characterized by the ego-based, dualistic paradigm. This is associated with the 3rd chakra located at the solar plexus. Look at our society and you will see we act out of fear and scarcity, constantly focused on our own needs. How is this working for us as a society and as a world? We have become so driven by the logical mind that we’ve neglected the intuitive side. Instead of using the mind as a tool, we’ve become tools of the mind. We’ve lost the connection to our divine self, the observer who sees the seeing. We are at a critical point where we must balance the male logical and female intuitive energies – the yin and yang – at the individual and collective levels.

So in this current state of energetic acceleration, our frequency is increasing towards the 4th density. This next density is associated with the 4th chakra, the heart. It is characterized by unconditional love, compassion, and unity. At this frequency, the illusion of “me versus you” separation dissolves. We embrace the notion that we are all one. We recognize each of us as fractals of one initial particle that originated the universe. We are all a part of a single consciousness learning about itself. We are the universe making love to itself.

In this time of crisis and chaos, nature is providing us with the climate for reordering at a higher level of consciousness, a greater frequency. This disorder is ordered. It is here to serve our evolution. So be with the exhilaration of acceleration, recognizing it as the divine cycle of energetic expansion. Stick your head out of the window and enjoy the ride. We’re going to a beautiful place, my friends.

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Thank you so much Darshana for letting me share your beautiful words



Kryon – The Weather

Dallas, Texas

Sunday – March 1, 2015

“The Weather” – Kryon Channelling

“Mini Channelling” 9:55 minutes

“The Weather” 20:12 minutes

Kryon – Congratulations

“Congratulations” – Kryon Channelling

Saturday – February 28, 2015

Miami, Florida

“Mini Channelling” 11:31 minutes

“Congratulations” 38.5 minutes

Everything and No Thing Expanding and Contracting

An Image of all that ever was and Is


Spreading infinitely in every possible direction.


Blending and Mixing in every possible configuration.


Twisting together, creating a beautiful vortex then separating into every possibility.


Then separating again and again.


Creating a Universe

Slogan Great Wall closer view millenium

That Universe is you filled with endless possibilities.


For one main purpose.


It asks you


as both of you come closer


And in a split second, you decide you want to know, so you both turn around


“The Meeting”


You can’t grasp the situation yet, but deep down you know. It all rushes back to you.


You have been separated for so long, you both reach to hold each other


 God absorbs all of your past pain, Love fills your Soul as you become One

Slogan Great Wall the known universe

The contraction has begun, Ascension is the returning home.


It may take a very long time but at least we now know, We are Love.


 The contraction and expansion are actually happening at the same time now, reversed and  going in opposite directions.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all. It is quite an amazing time. The possibilities are endless.


Duality is over, now it seems I have shifted into Tri-ality

A mix of duality with the knowledge of God. Serving the interest of all 3. Is this the beginning of 5D


 Namaste and I Love

Jamie Hendon

P.s. my awakening may very from yours

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