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Kryon – Munich Germany – Akashic Workshop

Munich Germany – Akashic Workshop
Sunday – April 26, 2015
German language translation – Peter Herrmann



Channelling 1 – 27:26 Min

Channelling 2 – 18:26 Min

Channelling 3 – 15:52 Min

Munich1 Munich2 Munich4


Kryon – “The Battle Within” & “How Old are You?”

Bologna, Italy
Saturday- Sunday – April 18, 19, 2015
Kryon Channelling
Music by Robert Coxon


“Mini Channelling” – 12:55 minutes

“The Battle Within” – 35:01 minutes

“Mini Channelling” – 18:13 minutes

“How Old are You?” – 38:32 minutes

Kryon – “The Four Phases” & “Eruption”

Catania & Mt. Etna, Sicily, Italy
Wednesday April 15 and Thursday April 16, 2015
“The Four Phases” – Kryon Channelling in Catania
“Eruption” – Kryon Channelling on at Etna


“The Four Phases” – 22:45 minutes


“Eruption” – 15:59 minutes



Arcturian Energetic Weather Reports of 2015

Transmission form The Arcturians and Galactic Family

Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #1 LIVING IN THE NOW APRIL 10, 2015

Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #2 Constant Conscious Connection APRIL 12, 2015

Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #3 April 19, 2015

Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #4 – The Calm before the Storm April 25, 2015

Keep checking in to get all of the Arcturians energetic weather reports

Channeled by Suzanne Lie

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Kryon “Return of the Masters”

Istanbul, Turkey

Saturday- Sunday – April 11, 12, 2015

Kryon Channeling

Music by Robert Coxon



Saturday “Mini Channelling” – 10:11 minutes

Saturday “Unknown History” – 32:18 minutes

Sunday “Mini Channelling” 

Sunday “Mini Channelling” – 11:01 minutes

Sunday “Return of the Masters” – 30:43 minutes

Eureka – Heaven Letter April 6 2015


God said:

There is an expression: The Moment of Truth. This expression is another way to say: “Eureka!” Both Archimedes and you have had insights.

Something becomes clear to you that was not clear before. Insights can take many forms. Insight is an apt word. An insight is not an out-sight. You can read an encyclopedia or look up something on the web any day of the week. It is no big deal. You can ask all your friends what they think, and they will tell you with great assurance what they think. But an insight, even an insight in a small pond, can be revolutionary. We can say that you grow by steps of insights.

And from where do insights come? From where does bright light come? Insights and light come from Me – what is referred to as Me as though you and I were two instead of One. We can more logistically say that the insights you intercept are from your Higher Self. And what is your Higher Self but Our Oneness designated as your Higher Self? Therefore, the Higher Self earmarked as your Spiritual Self is a picture of Mine that you pick up. Within every so-called personage on Earth am I.

I think it’s a good idea to remind you, the seeming you, that you are in Truth the God your intellect refers to as Above, and so your intellect separates yourself from its Very Self.

Now to get back to insights you have. Insights are often regarding yourself. Insights also spark creativity. There are levels of insight, yet We won’t analyze the levels. There are a multitude of insights that have nothing to do with the mind. The mind of a great artist is not where the great artist’s creativity lies. A composer does not intellectually decide a certain refrain. It comes to him, and it resounds within him.

I am affirming that there are levels deeper than the intellect. In the world, the intellect may be noted more than Higher Resonance and Revelations. The intellect is more easily noted. The intellect asserts itself right in front of you. It may even lead you by the nose.

We are talking now of a land beyond where the intellect can go. There is no figuring out this land I point to. This land is what it is. We can say that it is Being. From your very Being come insights. Insights overtake. Of course. Creativity has to bypass the intellect, or Creativity would not be creative. Creativity isn’t thought out. A creative idea pops into the mind, yet it is from a far deeper level wherein the spurt of Creativity bursts.

Creativity is like a great splash of color. Creativity is exciting. Creativity is mind-boggling. The mind cannot get its arms around Creativity. For the mind, Creativity is like crossing the sea. The intellect has to make arrangements in order to travel from sea to sea whereas Creativity is like Superman and can cross the Seven Seas in one bound.

The human mind has been trained to limit itself. That’s why you shake your head from side to side and say No so often. It is really ego within you that has trained you to close down rather than open up. Ego will do everything to keep you from being embarrassed in the event you make a fool of yourself. Of course, ego protects itself at any cost that you might incur. Ego pits itself against any incentives that could break boundaries. Ego is like a battering ram against your moving out of his jurisdiction. Ego is not a big-visioned thinker. Not at all. Ego wants to keep you right where you are. Ego will take every means at its disposal to keep you back from moving forward. He likes to keep you in a play-pen. Ego would like to keep you out of sight of insights that could give you freedom from ego’s possession.

You have a Higher Self. Let Your Higher Self speak.

If you liked the audio I added here is the full song.

“The OLD SOUL” – Kryon Channelling

Bali – Indonesia

Sunday March 29, 2015

“The OLD SOUL” – Kryon Channeling

Meditation by Jenny Cheong and Kim Saw

“Mini Channelling” 

“Mini Channelling” 14:31 minutes


“The OLD SOUL” 37:23 minutes

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