Awakening Our Truth

September soul tribe gathering


Good morning dear lighted ones,
The brilliance, the genius, the eternal potential, essence, the vastness within;
Are you ready to return to a deeper inner knowing?
Are you ready to relax, surrender, and let go of what was?
Sitting within a moment of ‘pure intent’ ~ a vibration in which at its core; KNOWS you are threaded with Source.

There is a core particle, a core essence, a core vibration that is ALIVE and ready for you to activate this ‘purity’ that IS the catalyst to your entwinement with the ALL.


Intent, invocation, prayer, and purity of this ‘action’ is the flow of this eternal indescribable truth ~ you are threaded with Source; the ALL. We will take this one step further; what if our children knew of this, offered this for playful musing, what if our children began to explore such profound truths and their place within this at the earliest of ages?

A seed, a spark, a Divine eternal essence of Source; YOU ARE.
What limitations are you ready to transmute, transform, and let go of?

How profound you are.
You are threaded within the genius of Source.
And so it is,
Blessings and great joy in this essence of loving truth,

In new beginnings, there are new stories and possibilities spiralling within a quantum field awaiting our co-creative intent and excitement to bring forth in manifestation.

Are you excited about the transformation upon our beloved Gaia? If you feel excited to be a part of this wave of light, wave of new crystalline potentials for our children, the sacred gathering of our soul family and peaceable life? We are joyfully musing, creating with light, intent, and grace in alignment with the Creator, Gaia, our future generations of cosmic birthing; if you feel the joy within to reach out, to donate, to be entangled within a new journey of co-creation, we are here and are so eternally grateful for our dancing within the Heavenly light of the greater good.

All resources, all video’s, audio’s, and healing wisdom centre materials are paid for, available because of our opening to the abundance of our hearts.

For those that feel the excitement and joy of sharing in our light and helping us share our light; ~ Donation Gifting *



For those that so desire to entangle, dance, and join our sacred soul tribe in celebration and joy.

This Divine sacred gathering will include an MP3 recording of the event, sacred soul sharing, Q&A, and the Divine empowerment and inspiration within the sacred chambers and teams that we co-create within all moments.

September soul tribe gathering, in light, in love, belonging. Arise dear ones, Arise



Sacred Tea with Joanna

This is an ‘in-person’ session ~ Come and join Joanna for a sacred afternoon of high vibrational entanglement, social communion as you sip a lovely cup of tea or coffee while you gaze upon the joys and graceful offerings of Gaia’s beauty and splendour at the Diamond Heart Sanctuary.


Current Updates & Ascension Unfolding’s with ULWHC

~ Japan dates are coming! Stay Tuned! 
Be sure to join us for another profound sacred gathering; Our October tour
to Japan will be posted soon!

~ Joanna is off to Mt Shasta on a personal alignment retreat, sacred atonement and inner planes working with a myriad of Universal groups, councils, and others anchoring in heightened potentials and intentions of a new eternal, infinite, Christed light excitement.

~ Listen to KCOR this weekend before Joanna heads to Northern California to
another sacred site location and hear all about the Divine wisdoms, insights, and Gaia speak when she returns. Joanna will explore in detail at the 08/08 event and in her return to Alberta.

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For those that so desire, here is our most recent KCOR archive when we dove deeply within the inspiration of cosmic, earthly, collective energetic story unfolding for humanity; And why we feel the way we feel, why we are moving through what we are moving through; ‘Healing the Heart of Family’
This very important topic will be ongoing as it is the core foundation of our human healing, our human transcension, and a world through which light will be what all children hold within, dance upon;


Sessions with Joanna

Did you know about our Private Healing Sessions? Our healing session offer Universal, Akashic, and Divine insights, wisdoms, and potentials to heal, to release, and transform density, beliefs, and patterns to arise within the birthright Christed potential within us all.

Joanna’s session evolve as she deepens within her mastery with Gaia, mastery within human ascension, and opening to her Divine Universal soulful skills and gifts and in doing so, her sessions evolve as she does. All personal readings and healings sessions include toning, recalibration with your celestial healing teams, master guides, Universal entities and energies assisting in our global human ascension. Toning, movement, light language will be a part of these exciting sessions of soulful and heartfelt loving transmutation to rediscover and remember the God Within. To hone one’s heart felt desires, excitements, and inner truth to shifting within and acting in unconditional trust that you are master and how may
you begin.


Learn more about Personal and Family Healing Sessions with Joanna

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Meditation ~ Sacred Soul Tribe

Join our sacred soul tribe, etheric chamber energies, councils and groups, as Joanna offers an example of how to open the pillar of light through breath, invoking soft and loving intentions within the Divine Inner Temple of Light, your multi-dimensional bodies, and begin the practices and honouring of your sacred temple, the profundity of breath, igniting God alignment, and intending to open within the infinite omni-presence, and how we are the masters of our reality experience in aligning within for greater balance, wellness, opening within our Christed joy in expression, to activate through these meditative practices, the journey with God within, and open your own Divine gifts of communication, joyful human expression that we are each here to tap into and explore and express.
* This is a soft and loving meditative alignment for those that so desire to tap into their centredness of joy, love, and Christed open potential and aligning within Divine presence of God. A Divine offering to explore your ‘ALLNESS’ and through breath, through soft and loving intention, one can align to a vast Christed potential, harmonizing with our new earthly grids at any moment.

Watch the Video Now

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