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Remember your are LOVE!

Christmas day, my birthday, is approaching rapidly, so

December 21, 2018 by John Smallman

Enormous changes are occurring all across the planet as the moment of your awakening approaches.  And that is reason for celebration.  Yes, there are many who are in pain, and many who are suffering, and a very effective way to assist and support them is to set the intention to send them love and healing.  For many of you that is the most effective thing you can do because you are not physically in their presence.  If you are in a position where you can be physically present for someone who is in pain and is suffering, and your intuitive guidance is to attend to them, then do so, even if you fear doing this.  Fear is of the ego, so tell it that you understand its concern and that you know that this is what you need and intend to do, and the fear will greatly decrease in intensity, or fall away altogether.

This is the season of giving, and while many of you will obviously engage in material gift-giving – and that is good – to give of yourselves, your presence, by communing with friends, family, and loved ones is the most important and perfect gift that you can possibly offer to anyone.  And, because intimate family relationships can be very stressful, set the intent very firmly to engage only lovingly, along with the intent to acknowledge any anger that arises without projecting it outwards.  If anger arises in the presence of others, then discretely, and as soon as possible, remove yourself to the bathroom or other suitable place where you can be alone for a few minutes to take a “time-out.”

There is no one who has not reacted angrily when their buttons were pushed, and who has not later had plenty of time to suffer the intense pain of enormous regret.  So, before visiting with people who you love and who can cause you stress or anger, take at least ten minutes in quiet meditation with the intent to be only loving whatever arises.  You will find this is an enormously effective way to ensure that when you arrive at their home, or greet them when they arrive at yours, that your warm greetings are then completely heartfelt, and because they will feel the peace of your welcoming presence it will dissolve any stress or anxiety that they may be feeling.

If someone “misbehaves” over the holidays, cut them some slack, because it is at times like this that most people’s insecurities or lack of self-worth arise most powerfully and are likely to drive them, from shame or fear, into saying or doing something offensive.  Remember you are LOVE!  And Love accepts without judgment, offering comfort, compassion, and heartfelt support.  If you have had experiences of very painful get togethers and are concerned that one of your get togethers this Christmas season could deteriorate into a painful blame game, then it is absolutely essential that you prepare yourselves in advance by taking that ten minute “time-out.”  You will find it very helpful, and it will bring some, possibly unexpected, peace and joy to meetings to which you were not completely looking forward.

This time of the year is a time for celebration, and most of you go to great efforts to make it so for your children or grandchildren, while clinging to grudges that you hold against various adults with whom you interact – spouses, parents, siblings, bosses, associates, etc.  So, this Christmas season, as you move rapidly towards awakening, be conscious of grudges and resentments to which have become attached or even addicted, and set the intent, as firmly and powerfully as you can, to forgive everyone you see as an enemy or as an untrustworthy friend or relative.  As Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

You have very frequently been reminded that you can only change yourselves, and this is absolutely true, but as you do so others will also change.  That is your mission on Earth at this time.  You chose to incarnate to assist in humanity’s great awakening, and when you made that choice you were fully aware that you had human lessons to learn, namely, to forgive unconditionally all who hurt or offended you and to offer them unconditional love.  That is what our heavenly Father does, always has done, and always will do.

AND, as you all well know because you have been told so often, and because deep within yourselves this divine truth is eternally present, you know that God created you like unto Himself.  There is no other way that He could create you.  This does not mean similar to himself.

You and God are One, and therefore you and every other sentient being are One.  There is only One.  Therefore to judge, blame, condemn, or shame another is in fact to do that to yourselves.

To awaken is to consciously know that you are Love, One with Source, and to live that divine truth joyfully in every moment regardless of what may arise.  The answer to every issue or problem, as you are always being reminded, is always LOVE!

And where can you find Love?  Nowhere but within your beautiful selves.  We are not talking here about beauty in form, but about beauty in the One, and that is, without exception, everyone of you.  Wherever you see or experience ugliness – in nature, in other humans, in behaviors, attitudes, thoughts, words, or actions – you are but seeing images of yourselves.  Unreal images that you constructed within the game that is the illusion, and with which you engage whenever you find yourselves in any kind of conflict.  All conflict is with yourself, because there is no one else!

So, this Christmas season, remember that.  Remember that you are One, and that you are the one or the many with whom you are in conflict, or with whom you are in love.  It is always your choice – conflict or Love.  And you know, consciously, that the only way forward is through Love.  The trouble is that you have been waiting for others to demonstrate this.  You did not want to be the first because you feared you would be making yourselves vulnerable, which you see as an invitation to pain and suffering, as others would choose to take advantage of you.

Well, some, a few, will take advantage of you.  However, the vast majority will be uplifted and inspired when they experience you as totally vulnerable and loving, and they will respond in like manner.  And you will discover that to be vulnerable is completely safe because in that state you will find that you have nothing that you are ashamed of, that you feel a need to hide.  You will find yourselves feeling freer than you have ever felt.

Love is free, and in Its vulnerability It is utterly invulnerable.  And that is who and what you are, always have been, and forever will be!

Wishing you a most glorious Christmas, your loving brother, Jesus.

Winter Solstice Global Ceremony

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In light and grand blessings of prosperity, peace, harmony, balance, and joy, 
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Greetings dear lighted ones,

We are entering into very special and profound energies, transformations, and Divine unfolding’s ~ we have talked about the energetic symbolic significance of these current, next 4 full moons; their entering at 0 degree’s and until April equinox, these will certainly be pivotal months to truly ‘let go’ of limitation, reset to a more pure self-loving grace, and offer compassion to all that cross your path.

These are very special and rare times upon our planet; we are so lucky and blessed to be here and catalyze love from a pure and open-heart perspective. There were so many that wanted to be a part of this earthly transformation but not all could partake. We are the chosen ones, and we say this profound honour and humility for the energy and truth that this carries. Truth in our power to ground, centre, anchor, and be the light keepers, the light warriors, earthly-Goddesses and crystalline workers of a higher knowing. Honour this dear ones. Honour the insistency to be peaceable, honour the ache that desires joy and gaiety when the rooms and energy feel dense. Honour your light and inner truth to be Divine dear ones, for this is your gift, this is the blessing of God within you to light the way for so many stuck in sleepy illusions of distrust and fear. 

In moments of family and friend socializing, speak from the heart and honour it in others. For there is a richness in our diversity that truly is unparalleled within our galaxy. Offer your kindness in abundance, offer your laughter in prosperity, and know that all those that stand before you, are your star brethren, your Heavenly sisters, and the cosmic Mother and Father mirroring to you how truly vast and quantum we all are to explore Source and loving grace within all realms of experience. Shine forth your inner joy dear ones, for this is the emanation of choosing ascension, of choosing Oneness, of choosing peace and a kind harmonic earthly potential.  

Never underestimate your power to ignite change; these are your blessed gifts to shine forth and allow the Universe to converge and bring you exactly what is needed, what is required, what is for your highest and best; The Universe, Source, your higher self, your teams, know what is needed, and what is Divinely in your heart will manifest within the purity in which you hold it. 

I am grateful for you dear human soul tribe, and I am so blessed to know you, to thread particles of Source love and light through the cosmos, and I know you all at the heart level; for we are quantum family and Heavenly children spreading potential for generations to live peacefully and joyfully as was intended.  I honour each of you, I value and treasure each of you, for your threads of love are felt, your thoughts and wishes, prayers, and communion are known, and we send loving joy of Heavenly Oneness to you in every offering.  You, us, we, them, they; are One, and I am love you dearly.

May your hearts be filled with loving self-acceptance, self-allowance, self-exploration, and self-joy, for it is truly time to stand boldly, choose in loving clarity, and honour the richness that we each hold for Creational evolution. In these profound inner remembrances, veils of density vanish within its loving alchemic power.  

Blessed be the softened pure heart that prays in loving honour of Creation, of life, of love, of Oneself as a bold creator within It; for this is truly the power of Heavenly grace transforming all reality as It lives through us in our surrender.

May our entire Creational family be blessed, feel and know the unconditional love that IS Source ~ 
May each of our hearts arise again and again.

For those that so desire; we are holding a Global Ceremony of Light ~ Winter Solstice Celebration & Invocation of our Human Oneness, our ascension journey and explorations on December 21, 2018 Friday at 5:55pm MST. The link to register for this meditation, sacred soul tribe communion, intention & activation; stepping into Divine Gardens of Love.  

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For those that so desire, here is our final podcast with KCOR Radio entitled ‘Gardens of Love’ where we explore the concepts and notions of our true potentials as we tap into the Universal etheric chambers for wisdom, insights, loving Arch Angelic lighted inspiring’s of our human journey into new dimensional arenas of play and co-creation.  The link is found here; ~~~

Please feel free to share our Divine light offerings and know that all of our previous 142 weekly ascension archived shows will still be available from our website for your listening and expansive journey of self-exploration as the God~being that you truly are. These podcasts include many deep and treasured sacred wisdoms of perceiving all that we are, all that we exist within, and what exists within us in new and expansive ways so that we are able to release density in all of its forms and step up within higher vibrational ways of becoming, behaving, and truly honouring our sacred path of exploring our infinite human potential.  

These podcasts also offer expansive new perspectives about our new roles as multi-dimensional parents, guardians, teachers, and ambassadors of an awakened human family in Oneness with all life and our Divine Planetary Mother Gaia. All of our teachings, sacred offerings are taken from the collective energies, ascension energies, and holographic perspective so that we are in keeping with the Christed alignments, timelines, and potentials for the grander planetary, galactic, and Universal ascension plans through Source Creator.  Enjoy with an open heart and know there are a myriad of multi-dimensional DNA, soulful activations held within every episode.

Our 2018 Archived podcasts are found here; ~~~

Happy Holidays dear ones, 
The Master Jesus that we celebrate this time of year emulated unconditional love, compassion, and the eternal nature and treasure of our Oneness; may this be resonant in all hearts this season. 

And so it is,
Blessings and graceful joy,
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Thank you to everyone sharing, supporting, and inspiring us in every week, in every way ~ ~ ~ we are ONE.You have been a profound part of our growth, our self-love journey with Source, and I value, honour, and cherish each of our threadings and dance.THANK YOU for your light and I am eternally grateful for threading, tuning in, and sharing in what has truly been profound human loving light. We have changed Creation because of our intent, our desires, our entanglement and I look forward to sharing much more in our new chapter of sacred human-Universal living, sacred temple teachings, and co-creations beyond what we know or have words for. 
I honour you all.We would love to have you join us in this special and final global soul tribe event; 
Blessings and graceful joy, 
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We are made of the essence of Source, particles of Source, loving design of Source; how magnificent are you dear ones?Creation honours you. 
New stories of human co-creation begin now. 
Blessings and sacred grace dear ones,~You have always been enough. 
You are dearly loved.
You are dearly supported. 
There is eternal love within you ~ 
Awaiting your acknowledgement of This.Blessings and graceful joy, 
You are enough. 
You are beautiful. 
You are magnificent.And this I know to be true. 
How may we dance.~JLR~ Latest Blog: Perfection of Your Heavenly Truth 
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Latest Message from Archangel Michael Developing Non-Attachment December 1, 2018.


December 1, 2018



Beloved masters, each advanced level of evolution and Ascension contain higher truths, along with new challenges and opportunities to attain Self-mastery. Self-discipline, heightened awareness and determination are required. However, the more you bring your ego-desire body under control, and allow your Higher Self to guide you, the easier the process will become.

As you expand your awareness, and begin to view life from a higher vantage point, your perspective changes. You no longer focus on the negative aspects or what is wrong in your life as you develop a positive outlook and focus on the good in others. You learn to appreciate the beauty of nature, and what is right with the world. Gradually, you also develop a sense of wonder and thanksgiving for the many miracles that manifest for you and those around you.

One of the most difficult things to accomplish is to let go of old outmoded, preconceived thought patterns and habits. Ingrained habits, traditional rules and standards, as well as social, racial, and religious influences of the past are only some of the shackles you must release as you strive to become an “en-Lighten-ed, free Spirit” within a newly emerging reality.

Humanity as a whole, as well as individually, is still trapped in half-truths and concepts that originated many thousands of years ago. Each of you is a composite of all your experiences, not just past lives, but experiences you have had from the time you first externalized into an individualized conscious Facet of the Creator. Many of these limiting thought patterns have no place in your new world of expanded consciousness. It is vitally important that you release these negative influences, if you are to continue your forward momentum upon the spiral of Ascension into the higher realms of Light and Self-mastery.

It is time to take an inventory, dear hearts. Review what you have released during the last few years of your time. What outmoded ideas, habits, and responsibilities have you released and what has replaced them? What do you still need to release, or transmute into a higher form? What is limiting your spiritual growth, and no longer serves your greatest good?

** Have you learned that you are no longer a victim of fate, and that you are in control of your own destiny? What are you doing with your newly found power?

There is no one or no thing out there doing anything to you or for you unless you allow it. You have been gifted with all the tools of Creation, and you are entitled to all the beauty, bounty and opulence of this Universe – it is your Divine birthright. We can assist you, guide and inspire you; however, you are the composer and builder of your world and the reality in which you exist. Each and every day you are projecting thought forms, feelings and intention, which will influence and construct your reality of tomorrow. If you do not like what you have created, and what you are experiencing at the moment, change your attitude and your thought patterns to a higher frequency, and then watch your world change for the better. Remember, as you acquire skills in focusing your thoughts, and you practice deliberate, step-by-step action, your power to create will accelerate exponentially – both positively and negatively.

** Are you becoming more comfortable as a cocreator of your life’s experiences? Are you now willing to take credit and responsibility for both the positive and negative experiences in your life?

You can monitor and determine what kind of thought forms you are radiating forth out into the world by the people you draw into your awareness. Are you experiencing a lot of negative feedback or interaction with those around you? Are you still allowing people to take advantage of you in order to feel worthy?

When you do things for others, how often do you feel harmonious and loving afterward? How often do you feel resentful or exploited? It would be better to not do something for another person, than to do it for the wrong reason.

** Remember, it is also the vibrational patterns that you are projecting that determine the “rightness” of action, not just the action itself.

In the process of returning to balance and harmony, there must be a balance in ALL things. There is an energy exchange in every thought you have, and in everything you do. If you constantly give to another person without receiving some kind of positive energy exchange in return – an imbalance develops, which soon manifests as resentment or guilt, and often a sense of superiority or inferiority. It becomes impossible to radiate unconditional love to another person under such conditions.

** Have you gone through the process of releasing everything and everyone in your world to its or their greatest good? This is one of the major challenges you must experience during your journey toward Self-mastery.

This does not that mean that you will have to give up anything or anyone, but you may be tested to see if you truly mean what you say. Holding on to people or things, and resisting change are the major cause of human pain and suffering.

In truth, you do not own anything, and you certainly cannot own anyone. All you are assured of is a moment in time, or the present now moment.  Everything and everyone in your life could disappear from sight in a flash – including you.

We do not wish to make you fearful; however, what we are trying to instill in your consciousness is that everything in your reality of today is transitory. What are you holding on to that still brings you pain or discomfort?  What lessons are still to be learned from the discomfort these things instill in you?  Isn’t it time to let go of the suffering, and to claim ease and grace?

** Do you own your possessions or do they own you?

Are you so deeply in debt or so obligated to others that you have no time to enjoy life? Do you spend all your time taking care of, cleaning, fixing or striving to pay for your possessions? Remember, we have tried to impress upon you, things do not make you happy. Most often, they only bring a moment’s satisfaction, and then you are looking for something or someone else to satisfy the urges of your ego-desire body. Happiness, joy and satisfaction come from within. What you are yearning for is a quality of life, or a state of Being.

How long has it been since you took a walk in nature, since you took time to gaze at the stars or the beautiful cloud formations in the sky? Can you remember the last time you walked barefoot in the grass, and attuned to the heartbeat of Mother Earth? How long has it been since you sat quietly and listened to the birds sing – or watched the people around you, as you endeavored to sense what they were feeling, or the frequency patterns they were emanating?

In your fast-paced existence, isn’t it time to slow down and experience the perfection of the moment? In doing so, you are creating more perfect moments, instead of a more frenetic lifestyle, which has become the norm for so many people in today’s world.

** Do you constantly have to be entertained or have outside stimulation to keep from being bored with your life situation?

** What can you let go of in order to simplify your life, and to make your everyday experiences more enjoyable?

** How often do you spend time in solitude, enjoying your own thoughts, and the whispers of your Soul-self?

** Do you always have to have music, the television or some outside distraction to keep from tuning in to your own inner thoughts?

** Do you enjoy being alone?

You must learn to enter the silence of Self in order to connect with Spirit – your

Higher Self and your God Self are waiting for you to tap into the magical Light stream of Divine consciousness. We sense the yearnings of so many millions of dear Souls who wish to communicate with their Higher Self and with us. It is so simple, dear hearts. All you have to do is state your intention, and then practice going into the silence and stillness within, so that we may clear the pathways, and strengthen the connection that is already there – a connection which has atrophied from mis-use or non-use.

** What negative habits have you released? What positive habits have you replaced them with, and what results have you noticed?

You will find it becomes easier and easier to release negative habits and thought forms as you begin to see the results of your positive actions. You will automatically begin to fine-tune your everyday conscious actions as you become an observer of your thoughts and intent. It is important that you become aware of the frequency patterns you are projecting, as well as the words you use. Always use positive words of empowerment, tempered by love, and constantly monitor your negative mind chatter.

** Has it become easier to practice unconditional love rather than loving with conditions?

You must first forgive yourself, and practice unconditional love of Self before you can practice unconditional love for others. You cannot project or give what you do not have within. This does not mean that you should not strive to better yourself or achieve a higher level of Self-mastery. It means that you accept and love yourself the way you are at the moment, as you strive to integrate more of your Divinity and the Lightness of Spirit.

** Remember, heal the past, script your future, live in the moment.

Fear of the future is a result of not trusting yourself and the decisions you have made or will make. This is a result of deep-seated memories of failures or painful experiences of the past (in this or many other lifetimes). Guilt and shame are also ego-driven emotions of not achieving intended goals or perfection in the past. Fear, guilt and shame are often directed toward other people in your lives who are mirroring back to you the vibrational patterns you need to balance in order to let go of those past negative patterns and experiences. When you learn to radiate balanced, loving energy, it will be reflected back to you through the people you interact with, and also through your everyday experiences.

** Determine what attachments you have which no longer serve your highest good, and that are holding you back. Make a concerted effort to release those attachments, and envision the vacancies being filled with transforming crystalline Light substance.

** Remember to use the power of the Violet Flame of transformation. Use this magic elixir often to assist in the transmutation of negative, imbalanced vibrational patterns.

** Endeavor to sever any cords of attachment that you still have with people in your life. With your inner vision, see these cords of attachment returning to the other person wrapped in loving energy. Strive to become consciously aware when someone is trying to tap into your solar power center. With loving intent, return the energy to the sender.

** Endeavor to view life and circumstances around you with detachment. Be an observer and reserve judgment. Seek and live by your own truth as it has been revealed to you.

Beloveds, you are in an intense phase of transition in which you are letting go of all the negativity of the past from the deepest core level of your Being. Old energies, symptoms, thought forms, and possibly pain, are roiling up into your consciousness and within your bodily form in order to be transmuted. You are building a strong probable future through your intentions and actions, and you are being challenged to see if you are ready to bring your dreams and desires to fruition. Take some time to determine what kind of probable future you are building. If you do not like your design, MODIFY IT, for if you do not – as surely as there is a tomorrow ‒ what you have envisioned will become your reality.

We have been with you since you were birthed into consciousness in this Universal experience, and we will be with you throughout eternity. From the Sacred heart center of our Father/Mother God, blessings without end are constantly being showered down upon you. You are loved most profoundly, I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna VEZANE * STAR*QUEST*   ** Email:

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