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I Do Not Consent! Revoking and Protecting from The False White Light and A.I. Agendas.

Revocation: I, (Full Birth Name) hereby revoke, rebuke, audit, edit and cancel any frequency agreements, contracts or energetic alignments that I have made, whether they be conscious, subconscious or unconscious. I clear out these frequency agreements, through the following, but it is not limited to: operation Sedgwick. I rebuke and revoke operation Blood Stone. I clear out all Monarch Programming. I am cleansing out satanic ritualistic occult attack energy. All Delta programming, releasing and rebuking Project Artichoke, clearing out Project Bluebird I revoke all projects, and any affiliations, extensions of MK Ultra. I revoke MiLab and S.S.P. I am cleansing out Project Paperclip. I do not consent. I am releasing any tethers, ties, hooks and anchors that I have to Agenda 21. I revoke all nanotechnology that has been imposed into my field. Whether this be through chemicals I have drank, foods I have eaten geochemical warfare, ingestion or saturation through absorption of my skin. I rebuke and revoke all nanotechnology out of my system and blood stream now. I do not consent to trans human agenda. I revoke Project Blue Beam. I am not open to and allowing of Gwen, ELF and Haarp Technologies to affect my well being. I am not interested or in agreement of 5g technologies that are imposing negative polarity energy that is affecting my electromagnetic field and my well being. I release all energies imposed through smart meters, microwaves, radio waves and scalar waves. I am not interested in predictive programming, and I do not consent to subconscious hacking of my mental space. I cleanse and clear out all biochemical and geochemical warfare that is imposed into my field from anything that is going on in my environment. I do not agree to any negative polarity beings, entities, energies, or agendas. My bodies, including my physical body, my sexual body emotional body, energetic body and mental body are mine, and only mine to affect. And I choose positive polarity energy, health, vitality and well being. I hereby command My Sacred Sovereignty. I am not in agreement or consent to the false white light. This includes all Annunaki aligned entities, including but not limited to the Arch Angels, Elohim, Nephilim, Cherubim, the Thrones, The Virtues, Angels, the Powers and the Seraphim. Any energies, entities, frequencies or technologies, including A.I. agendas that do not have my highest spirit-source aligned well being in truth, in mind and in agenda, are not permitted to come in contact and connection with my electromagnetic field or affect me in any way. I hereby release all programming and frequency alignments that I have ever activated, instigated, fallen victim to through out all timelines, densities, time-space reality and space-time reality. I do not consent. This is my truth. My subconscious is continuously offering me access into consciousness. Simply because I have subconscious energies does not mean that I am in alignment to conscious agendas through negative polarity beings. I protect my energy through my free will and alignment with spirit source, all that is. I revoke and rebuke all beings, entities and energies imposing their will into me, that is keeping me from becoming aware or remembering my truth. I am that I am. I am that I am. I am that I am. I, (Full Birth Name) hereby activate these words as an energetic bond throughout all space-time, densities and timelines. I am constantly and continuously protecting and shielding my energetics. I am anchored through the triple heart portal, connecting to the healing properties and energy of Gaia, and ultimate spirit. This is my truth. This is my birthright. So it is so shall it be. Blessings. ———————————————————————————— Chloe▲Hudson ▪️For healings and channelings: Email: ▪️Instagram:… ▪️Facebook:

A Message from The Arcturian Group by Marilyn Raffaele October 2019

OCTOBER 6, 2019

Welcome dear readers. 

You the awakened ones,  are rapidly shifting into new levels of awareness while others previously unaware or uninterested in truth become more receptive to examining universal beliefs that effect everyone’s life. 

You who already know who and what you are, are leading the way. You are the light for those ready for more, but who remain unaware of exactly what it is they seek. You need not actively protest or engage in outer actions unless guided.  Your work as way showers is to hold the Light of truth within at all times carrying it with you into whatever situations you may experience or become aware of. 

The Light of an awakened consciousness  automatically flows without conscious thought in and as forms of love accompanying every word and action.  It may simply be the act of petting a dog, or offering words of comfort to another, but is often  simply bearing silent witness to truth when in the midst of or observing discord.

You no longer need to be actively involved in third dimensional discord.  Avoid intense watching and listening to the news or gossip.  Be aware of what is going on, but do not immerse yourself in it. When you feed consciousness with negativity and problems you align with the energy of them which then begin to manifest as judgement, criticism, and other creations in and of the three dimensional belief system–all the things that you have been working to clear.

Everything is energy and because there is only ONE energy, whatever you energetically align with you automatically draw to you because everything is always seeking Oneness–law of attraction.  Those who attain a high level of spiritual consciousness discover that their lives become increasingly  harmonious on all levels because their consciousness of Oneness begins to  automatically express the harmony, balance, safety, abundance, and completeness etc. embodied within it.

However, it often happens that an individual will choose to accept and attain a consciousness of  Oneness, but exclude one or more Divine qualities from that Oneness.  Example; “I am whole and complete in every way, but I never have enough money.”  Remember, consciousness is always expressing itself and as long as any false belief is a part of one’s consciousness, it will continue to manifest. 

An attained consciousness of Divine harmony and wholeness will manifest outwardly in ordinary and practical ways.  Example; Being drawn to a particular ad in the phone book or notice on a board for a needed service or a friend recommending a business or a product that is perfect for a project you want to do.  If you allow your intuition to guide you, your consciousness of wholeness and harmony will draw to you the right attorney, doctor, plumber, etc., those in alignment with you. 

Mind interprets an evolved state of consciousness in practical every day forms a person can relate to.   Spiritual living is very practical, much more so than living from the creations of duality and separation which will always manifest in forms of both good and bad.

We wish to speak of remorse.  Remorse is the act of passing negative judgement on self with regard to past action or actions from the perspective of a different, often higher awareness than that which was in place at the time of the action or actions.  Remorse is an illusion created from energies of separation belief and never has or ever can reflect the  reality of any individual.

Many of you are experiencing remorse and guilt as you re-examine your lives in the light of higher awareness.  All actions and decisions reflect the attained level of consciousness present at the time of the action.  Know that anything you did in the past now causing remorse was simply reflective of an earlier state of consciousness.  If you hadn’t evolved beyond it, you wouldn’t even be questioning the past action, you would simply consider it to be right.

Evolution involves the clearing of no longer relevant energies of a lower resonance.  Higher frequencies of Light expose old energies still active in cellular memory causing them to surface on one or more levels (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual).  This allows you to become aware of the particular belief underlying some negative past action.  Use this insight to examine, replace the belief with truth, release it,  and move on without further indulgence in guilt and remorse.  This is how the clearing process works.

A person is only capable of living from their attained level of consciousness.  Many pretend to have a evolved state of consciousness, but sooner or later the reality will express and expose itself.  An example of this is the rampant psychological, sexual, and physical abuse of women and children that has taken place in organizations through individuals that promote themselves as being in spiritual and loving service.

Remorse reflects the belief that one has failed, done something unforgivable,  and is thus not worthy of love.  Consciously or unconsciously believing  self to be unlovable is the driving force  behind the actions of those who act out in violent ways.  The energetic resonance of this belief is unknowingly carried from lifetime to lifetime in the cellular memory of an individual until cleared. 

Remorse can lock an individual  into the belief that they are not worthy of happiness or love, and because everyone is a creator, they continue to create situations that reinforce this false belief.  They welcome hardship and emotional suffering,  even seeking it because they believe that they deserve it. 

Many  project their hatred of self on to others as a means of relief–  “I will show them I am strong.  I will make them respect (fear) me.”  Others use drugs or alcohol to ease the inner pain of feeling intense separation.  The soul is always seeking oneness but most as of yet do not understand this.

This state of consciousness creates a vicious circle of three dimensional experiences that will continue as long as energetically fed.  Programs that foster self esteem both in or out of prisons serve to begin healing the broken hearts of many who commit violent crimes.  An excellent example is prison programs that pair homeless dogs needing love and training with prisoners. The resulting partnership is often the very first time a prisoner has ever expressed or felt love.

If or when guilt surfaces, remember that every person has guides, teachers, and incarnates with a contract that they themselves  wrote about what they were choosing to experience and  learn. Your actions may very well have been a part of some karmic or learning process needed by both.  Negative past actions never hurt or effect the reality of the other, but do effect you. 

On a practical level, you can apologize whether the person is on this side of the veil or the other.  Send Light and see their Light through consciously acknowledging the Divinity of the person or persons involved including self.   Be intuitively guided as to what if any, actions are needed.  You may be guided to simply do nothing on an outer level, but to do much on the inner. 

Learning to love self comes through knowing that self is SELF.   A consciousness of Oneness can never be attained if self is left out of the ONE.  It is easy to hate self when one’s belief system is based in three dimensional concepts of how one must look, be, or act in order to be acceptable or loveable. This is simply old programing that you have long ago moved beyond.  Allow all remaining remnants of it to dissolve into the nothingness that it is. 

Choosing to spiritually evolve on earth in three dimensional energy allows for a difficult but intensely valuable evolutionary process.  Begin to understand that in reality there are no accidents, mistakes, or victims especially during these powerful times of energetic ascension.  Recognize and acknowledge the spiritual ideas that underlay everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell. 

This is how you learn to see beyond appearances and is why you chose and were allowed to be on earth at this time.

With  love, respect, and recognition…
We are the Arcturian Group                                                                     10/6/19

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