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Awakening to the Light of Universal Consciousness

“Awakening to the Light of Universal Consciousness”
by Alexander Bell

The Light of God, which some call “Universal Consciousness”, is aware of our heart at all times. When contraction becomes established in our heart, this Divine Intelligence simply brings us the life experiences that will result in our heart opening more. They could even be very difficult experiences if we truly need them, but thankfully most of us do not. When the arrogance of the mind has turned to humility and the heart has fully opened, we simply perceive the Truth – the Light of Divine Consciousness which is everywhere – without creating further shadows through doubt or fear. The heart fully embraces and says “yes” to full consciousness, allows it to permeate our entire being, and it delights deeply in the joy created just by being fully open and receptive. There is no reason in the universe why we would not want to experience this, because it is everything that our heart and soul long for. So how do we consciously become more open to Truth, to consciousness, so there are no pockets of darkness within our being? It is simple, once we understand what Truth really is… Truth is a flow of consciousness, a flow of loving intelligence, deeply alive, like a sea of energy. We could see ourselves like a river, through which this intelligent, loving energy flows, carrying consciousness back to the Source, back to the Ocean of Truth. If the flow is restricted within us – through resistance in the mind and in the body – we experience unconsciousness. It is as simple as that. Therefore it is very easy to eradicate unconsciousness, just by re-identifying ourself with that flow of energy, rather than the ego, which is simply a static 2-dimensional image which exists only in the mind. The rigidity and lack of fluidity of the ego impresses itself upon our physical being, and we then experience ourselves as 2-dimensional also. We forget our depth, we forget how it feels to be flowing with energy, and we become stagnant. Frustration naturally develops. Yet it can vanish in an instant, along with the ego, just like that! In identifying ourself with the flow of life-energy, the static pictures of the ego just get washed away effortlessly. But we have to make sure we let go of them , otherwise we may feel like we are going down the drain hole with them! When we let go of the ego-related thoughts, through simple processes like relaxation, meditation, yoga, harmonizing with nature and so on, we find ourselves gravitating back to our heart, which is our life-raft. We float back to the surface, to bask once more in the warmth of Love, of Reality, and to feel it also flowing within our being. There is no longer a differentiation between outside and inside. There is only the light of Love, everywhere. We allow the ego to fully dissolve because we have opened our heart to the degree where we can merge with Love, no longer needing the safety barriers of the mind to keep it at a distance, because we are no longer afraid of it. Fear was just a dream, a misunderstanding, and it vanishes along with the ego. Only Love remains…

Peace and blessings
Alexander Bell

About Alexander Bell

Awakened spiritual teacher, writer, composer and nutritionist.

We met Joanna Ross from Universal Unity in Sedona for the 11-11 Gateway this year!

We had so much fun, Joanna booked us for a return visit for 2017

We’re also planning a trip to Tampa, FL in June of 2017!

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