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Hey there everyone, I should have done this sooner.

101 Spiritual Enlightenment Videos to help you along your Spiritual Journey.

Hi I’m Jamie and I’m just a guy who had a Kundalini Awakening on December 5th, 2011.

After that night I made a promise to myself that as long as I remained here completing this journey with my wonderful wife, that I would try my hardest to awaken as many souls as I could before leaving and at the bare minimum peek the interest of many so that one day in the near future this world can become what it should be “A beautiful learning center for the soul.” My wife and childhood sweetheart, Shannon, is what you would call an old soul. She was present during my awakening and has her own unique perspective on these things. We are the mirrors of each other’s souls and her perspective can be found here.  Awakening Our Truth is our labor of love and a shared experience for us all.  We are all one, it’s not just some cool saying. There is only One and we are all projections of that one. If you are reading this, it is probably a good assumption that you are prepared to take the next step in your spiritual journey. As you explore our pages and blog topics, PLEASE  keep an open mind and DON’T take anything you may see here as the only TRUTH.

Here is our story…  tumblr_nouvogwaYc1s68un8o1_1280

Here is a little history of my life. At the age of 10, I met a girl who would someday be my wife; her name is Shannon. I knew from the moment that I laid my eyes upon her that we would share most of our lives together. This was my first experience with the divine connection, this feeling of Knowing. It was a feeling of such strength, there was no questioning it. It felt like it was meant to be and even though, my best friend asked her out before I could, they eventually broke up and I began seeing her sometime later. I know, I know, you’re not supposed to date your buddy’s ex-girlfriend, but it was meant to be and I knew it, besides I saw her first! Haha. We dated off and on throughout middle school and high school. I remember the last time we broke up. It was as if we knew we were supposed to be together but we were not ready. We looked at each other and kissed goodbye for what would be our last breakup kiss. Continue reading the full story Here with videos that triggered my Awakening.

We met Joanna Ross from Universal Unity in Sedona for the 11-11 Gateway this year!

We had so much fun, Joanna booked us for a return visit for 2017

We’re also planning a trip to Tampa, FL in June of 2017!

We would love to meet you at one of our events 🙂

Happy Awakening 🙂

I’m Jamie from Awakening Our Truth
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“We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. Learning “remembering” ~Unconditional Love~ in a story we call Life. It’s an  we create from 

We are energy, you are it’s form.

You created this Illusion to have fun and to help you understand who you truly are.

Remember who you were before you came here and you shall never fear again.

~Jamie Hendon

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Galactic Federation of Light Messages

Welcome to the Galactic Federation of Light Messages Page. I hope these videos help you as much as they did me on my spiritual journey. Namaste and safe travels on your spiritual journey. I’ve listed the videos starting with the most recent but all of them contain wonderful insights to our true self.

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To view more videos please visit: AwakeningOurTruth

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February 12, 2015

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as charity. Charity is the practice of benevolent caring and giving, of being considerate of others and showing compassion for their current state of being. It is also learning about the importance of empathy within self in relation to others, and how this quality of love expressed brings profound joy to both the giver and the receiver. Charity is doing acts out of love without thought for something in return and is beyond mere kindness; it is the pure joy of giving which includes much more than material things. This giving from the heart can have many faces, such as sharing a warm smile with a stranger, an encouraging hug to a friend or family member, or kind and thoughtful word of appreciation. When one expresses the loving quality of charity, it means they have loving tolerance, compassion and patient empathy for the perceived failings or errors of others. All of this is done not out of a sense of duty or responsibility but rather out of the abundance of warmth and love that one feels welling up inside them. The more charity one gives out to others, the more flows back in. This is the joy of love in action, the outward manifestation of charity where one kind action leads to another. A single act of kindness from one person throws out kindness in a radiating circle, and the action taken touches more people than an individual realizes. 

Charity is one of the noblest of virtues and it is also the hardest to put into practice. People who practice charity do good things on behalf of others from an inner desire to give benevolent kindness as their personal human will is transformed into the will to love. This gives a person a greater understanding of what love in action means. It is a movement within the soul that erupts when pierced by the recognition of one’s direct connection to another soul. This individual feels a oneness with the other and responds generously from their soul level as freely as if the generosity was for oneself. They are propelled by a spiritual willingness, a generosity of the heart that flows effortlessly for everyone. A generous act of charity is a trait of the soul and it can find expression in many ways such as the sharing of one’s time, energy, or their possessions. When one’s heart is guided by an open, trusting, inspired, and internal motivation, that person truly loves others. No matter how much is voluntarily given, the emotional depth that is felt by both the giver and the receiver is always greater than that which was given. One’s heart overflows from the depth of one’s caring in response to the needs of another. Charity is an act of creation and gives people the opportunity to create something positive and good. As one’s heart is opened, the individual always responds from this quality of love that wells up within them. 

Charity is an act of benevolent good will toward all living beings, including self. Benevolent charity is an optimism that applied to the other person which could be at many levels. Sometimes bearing the burden of another is a profound spiritual practice which elevates one to think generously, speak generously, and act generously. It means that one is practicing relating to others as though they are part of one’s family. Thinking well of others and speaking well of others is the basis for charitable giving. Each act of generous charity works to pry open the heart a little, like clearing a blocked stream one pebble at a time. The flow of spontaneity in acts of charity to one’s family and community is then freed to follow.Charity comes from the loving heart of a person who is willing to share abundantly all that is given to them. Expressing this quality of love becomes an action they perform by translating their spiritual energy and intention into physical giving. The generous act of charity enacts the quality of a willingness to share and to let go in order that one can follow their spiritual path. Paying attention to the needs of others is a generous act of charity which is one of the most accessible ways to do that. 

Practicing the loving quality of charity is at the heart of spiritual practice. Anything that an individual gives joyfully freely returns to them in like measure. Returning good to those who would injure one’s self in any way is also an act of charity as is giving generously of one’s forgiveness and tolerance, goodwill and good nature. In awakened awareness these individuals serve with equanimity all others who come to seek solace, healing or forgiveness. This unifies the energy of love and compassion within each individual. The motivation of one’s heart is paramount whenever one offers a gift. Extending generosity to self and others gladdens one’s heart, heals any division, brings joy and is a fundamental part of living a spiritual life.  When one gives the very best of what they have by sometimes giving more than what they keep for themselves, that is when they have surrendered their will to the will of the Infinite. By giving away what one treasures the most to meet the need of another, it reflects a divine act of generosity. They live in the flow of love having the capacity to sacrifice for others without losing sense of self. In an act of charity, they can strengthen their relationship with a family member by showing love through all their actions. They refrain from judging, criticizing, or speaking unkindly, and continually watch for positive qualities in that family member. They find ways to encourage them which is helpful, and never fail to verbally express their love.

Acts of charity are essential to the spiritual life, reflecting as they do an awareness of the interconnectedness of all beings.It is a quality that testifies to the depth of one’s humanity and one’s capacity for self-transcendence. It overpowers the class structures that are in place and provides true equality for all in society. Giving at its essence is the creative activity of the heart. The richest of all people are those who share themselves, for a person’s true wealth is measured by their ability to share. The charitable individual is loved by all and their friendship is prized highly. They gain more spiritual strength by bestowing kindness and generosity to others. They gain more beauty, purity and truth in their lives and acquire great treasures of the spirit. Charity instills sympathy, consideration, and understanding. It ennobles the human spirit and expands the heart and is very helpful to spiritual progression and its evolution of higher consciousness. 

May your life become a spark in the flame of charity, so that the warmth and light of this loving fire may shine ever morebrightly and sustain hope in the hearts of humankind.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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February 5, 2015
 Beloved Ones,
 Let us have discourse on the quality of love called will. This quality can assist each individual to reach their highest potential and expand their consciousness. Aligning with divine will is aligning with one’s true self and their soul’s purpose. The next step in humanity’s evolutionary journey is to align with, understand and integrate the energies of divine will. There will be a quantum leap in consciousness that will be brought about by more of humanity focusing its will collectively and choosing to follow the divine will for their life and all life on the planet. There is a shift from the material plane to the spiritual plane that is now taking place, transforming every level of life as each individual willingly surrenders to the higher power within them. When each individual lives in alignment with divine will, they start to live according to their hearts deepest desires. As they align more deeply with the divine will for their lives on all levels of their being, they begin to fulfill their purpose on Earth by living their highest potential. With their alignment to divine will, they experience an expansion of consciousness that expresses their inner light, their true self and their desire to serve the greater whole of which they are a part. When they align their will with divine will, they are swimming with the current, they are in the flow, and life becomes more harmonious. When they dedicate their life to serving as an instrument of divine will, the world becomes a friendlier place where peace and love prevails.

When one believes that there is a supreme, loving intelligence that governs all of existence, that each individual is being guided through divine will into the unfolding of their life in a way that has their best interests in mind, this opens up the awareness that every situation they are presented with is a gift, an opportunity for them to learn, grow and move closer to realizing their highest potential. By surrendering one’s individual human will to the will of the divine for their life, it accelerates their path to living the best life they can possibly live. Their intent to experience more peace, more purpose and more joy in their lives is harmonious with all that is good and right and becomes the most logical, life affirming and practical choice they can make. When they are living their soul’s purpose, all that they do brings them freedom, joy and fulfillment. The divine blueprint of their life unfolds bringing light to the planet, to all of the people on it and to all of creation. As they formulate clear thoughts that are infused with light and charged with loving and powerful intention, it allows their consciousness to expand in every way. As they identify with the higher attributes of divine will, divine purpose, divine love and divine ideas it connects them with the higher vibrations of consciousness.

Each person has a unique sense of self and of their own life’s purpose. These individuals possess the tools to become aware of who they are and what they bring to the world. They are confident in their ability to create prosperous and fulfilling lives based on this wisdom and knowledge, while at the same time respecting the rights and privileges of others. The will within each person is a power they use to bring the self into action. By this choice, they feel more powerful, in charge and in control of their surroundings, and consequently feel much more happy and satisfied. They have a healthy level of self-esteem in their trusting of themselves and the decisions they make to live life fruitfully and effectively. They are self- responsible, reliable, and balanced in their personal human perspective, and are in tune with their personal power, self confidence and joyful spontaneity in their responses to life. They have the ability to face life’s daily challenges and are genuinely warm, caring, and charismatic. They take full responsibility for all their actions and activities. They show great self-discipline in expressing their true feelings in a loving way in every situation and have the inner power and persistence to change any habits that do not serve their highest good. 

Strength of will is one of the cornerstones of success, both spiritually and physically. When one exercises their will power and self-discipline, they gain inner strength, which is attained by overcoming their inner resistance in the application of self discipline. When they are convinced of the importance of will power in their life, it is easier for them to do whatever they have to do. When they are the master of their mind, they enjoy inner peace and happiness. Outer events do not sway them, and circumstances have no power over their peace of mind. The power of using one’s personal will and self discipline give an individual more control in their development of all the inner powers which are essential for a spiritually led life. One’s will power and inner strength are vital skills, necessary for carrying out tasks, chores and decisions and for the achievement of their goals. This quality of love is required for humanity to take its next evolutionary step so that they are able to experience and align with divine will and live their lives accordingly.

Aligning one’s life with divine will can open one’s vision, release inner limitations, liberate their spirit from the bonds of materialism, deepen their intuition, and enable a person to create their highest future. One becomes more conscious of their higher path and of those activities that fulfill their soul’s purpose for being on Earth. This can create profound and wonderful changes in a person’s life. One’s ability to choose to develop their strength of will requires a willingness to live with the consequences of the choices that were made. Any desires that are strong enough, such as the desire for spiritual growth and enlightenment can call divine will into one’s life. Divine will works from the higher planes and transforms every level of one’s being, all the energies it connects with, and creates the desire within one’s heart to serve humanity and God. All of life is interconnected. When enough people invoke and live in alignment with divine will, all of humanity will begin to shift in its conscious awareness of the light of the spirit. When the higher purpose of humanity becomes known and fulfilled, the other kingdoms of life can also reach their next level of evolution.

May you always align your personal will with the divine so that your life unfolds in grace, ease and with all that is rightfully yours to enjoy.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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ARCHANGEL GABRIEL  January 29, 2015

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as vision. Having vision is focusing on a preferred future. One person with vision in their heart can change the world. For example, a higher vision as a quality within oneself is a positive way to respond to the happenings in the world. This encourages each individual to always take action based on their desire for the highest good of all. By holding the higher vision and staying focused on one’s individual life as an expression of pure spirit, it is their intention to grow into that awareness and role. This also provides them the foundation to walk their path in life in faith and trust that all is well in their affairs. Each individual’s effort to maintain their higher vision is met with grace from the universe which creates and manifests the embryo for finding spiritual growth in everything. When an individual sees life with an expanded spiritual awareness, their virtuous actions as a way of life are the only ones that make sense to them.

As each individual seeks truth as their highest vision, their own sense of honesty strengthens and they are able to see more clearly into their own spiritual heart. They begin to appreciate the perfection of their spiritual nature. They become more content with who they are and how they act in responding to the world around them. Their worldly attachments and desires naturally dissolve into the stream of their higher aspirations and vision. They become free from limited desire but seek more as their faith and trust in the benevolence of the universe increases. As their surrender to their higher vision increases, it allows the beneficence of universal grace to guide their every step. Their future vision expands into gratitude for the perfection of everything that comes to them at every new step of their life. They have created a personal vision which recognizes material diversity and spiritual unity at the same time. They recognize that within each embodied form there resides an individual spark of consciousness that lives simultaneously in the hearts of all living beings, therefore their vision is clear, perfect, and universal in its scope of understanding.

As each individual advances in spiritual realization, their higher vision becomes increasingly purified, and this vision becomes a natural part of their life. It causes a profound shift in their perceptions and awareness of what is in their lives. They are able to see all of reality in the way God has made it, including their individual self. They see, hear and understand all of life with their heart awareness. Their heart understands that it all depends on their own character, on knowing that they must be pure of heart in order for their spiritual vision to manifest in the world. They know it means refusing to do harm to others or even thinking harmful thoughts that may not manifest in actual physical creation. They are committed to bringing out their higher human potential by always following a habitual pattern in the subordination of their senses and lower tendencies. They experience forces that awaken their sense of love, compassion and service to all. They contemplate the eternal perfection of the divine nature of God which flows like a river within each living form.

In order to maintain their higher vision, each individual is required to be consistent in their efforts to maintain a focus on their given course of action. They must have insight and understanding into where they stand spiritually and to see from a higher viewpoint. They discover fresh insights about the way things are and the different outlooks on what can be. They find their own wisdom within that they attain to align with spirit. This process involves developing good judgment, deliberation, and common sense. The regular practice of holding a higher vision will give each individual a more balanced outlook on life. By visualizing their goals and believing in them, their higher vision manifests in incredibly stronger and more powerful ways. They realize their soul’s purpose as they align their human desires with their higher spiritual visions. They strive to embody the necessary qualities to become true visionaries, as they dare to step into new territory without accepting the status quo. Because they are wiser through their chosen path, they are continually re-evaluating their lives in order to discover hidden potential, by thinking creatively, explore new possibilities, and are active, not passive in their approach to life.

Higher vision is the perspective from which each individual views life. No matter how much spiritual information one receives, they can only take in as much as their present capacity allows. One’s ability to understand the information is limited to their capacity to process and assimilate the information. They must discern and accept that there is more to learn when they are ready to absorb, and not become hard on themselves for not yet being open. The greater the capacity to understand and assimilate the wisdom given, the more capacity there is to receive the wisdom that one seeks. By approaching everything with wonder and a belief in a better reality, all things work together for one’s good. It is important to remember that when one has a higher vision for their personal or collective life, they must believe that their vision is already actualized and manifest and it shall be given to them.

As I take my leave, I encourage you to expand your own spiritual vision and your own capacity to know and understand through the actions of prayer, contemplation and spiritual awareness.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included.


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