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Hi I’m Jamie and I’m just a guy who had a Kundalini Awakening on December 5th, 2011.

After that night I made a promise to myself that as long as I remained here completing this journey with my wonderful wife, that I would try my hardest to awaken as many souls as I could before leaving and at the bare minimum peek the interest of many so that one day in the near future this world can become what it should be “A beautiful learning center for the soul.” My wife and childhood sweetheart, Shannon, is what you would call an old soul. She was present during my awakening and has her own unique perspective on these things. We are the mirrors of each other’s souls and her perspective can be found here.  Awakening Our Truth is our labor of love and a shared experience for us all.  We are all one, it’s not just some cool saying. There is only One and we are all projections of that one. If you are reading this, it is probably a good assumption that you are prepared to take the next step in your spiritual journey. As you explore our pages and blog topics, PLEASE  keep an open mind and DON’T take anything you may see here as the only TRUTH.

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Here is a little history of my life. At the age of 10, I met a girl who would someday be my wife; her name is Shannon. I knew from the moment that I laid my eyes upon her that we would share most of our lives together. This was my first experience with the divine connection, this feeling of Knowing. It was a feeling of such strength, there was no questioning it. It felt like it was meant to be and even though, my best friend asked her out before I could, they eventually broke up and I began seeing her sometime later. I know, I know, you’re not supposed to date your buddy’s ex-girlfriend, but it was meant to be and I knew it, besides I saw her first! Haha. We dated off and on throughout middle school and high school. I remember the last time we broke up. It was as if we knew we were supposed to be together but we were not ready. We looked at each other and kissed goodbye for what would be our last breakup kiss. Continue reading the full story Here with videos that triggered my Awakening.

We met Joanna Ross from Universal Unity in Sedona for the 11-11 Gateway this year!

We had so much fun, Joanna booked us for a return visit for 2017

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I’m Jamie from Awakening Our Truth
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“We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. Learning “remembering” ~Unconditional Love~ in a story we call Life. It’s an  we create from 

We are energy, you are it’s form.

You created this Illusion to have fun and to help you understand who you truly are.

Remember who you were before you came here and you shall never fear again.

~Jamie Hendon

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The Ascension of humanity

Ascension is a word we hear a lot today in the spiritual and new age communities. So, what exactly is ascension, what does it mean? Are there different perspectives on ascension? This concept has been talked about for as far back as we have records of history. There are many ancient cultures and civilizations of the past that have written and oral prophecies of a Golden age for mankind, were they talking about what we call in present day The Ascension? Is ascension an individual process or a collective process? These are all questions that I will answer to the best of my ability today. These are my opinions on the subject, please take what resonates with you and leave the rest. First off I would like to state that the universe at its most basic level is all just vibrations of energy. Ascension is a rise from a lower vibration to a higher one, but at the level we are looking at it from it is much more than that. Well for me ascension has multiple meaning. There is the ascension of a plane of reality. There is ascension of states of consciousness. There is ascension of an individual and of a collective. Or ascension could be multiple aspects of these different concepts.
To fully understand what this ascension is for us we need to look at human history and human behavior. In the past humans, have had certain qualities about them, we call these qualities human behavior. For millennia human nature has been that of war, greed, power, control, competition and survival. Of course, we have had good traits to our nature as well such as love, compassion, and joy but for the most part in the past we have been a self-destructive race that has been focused in a survival mentality. We were and still might be seen as kids on the playground to more spiritually advanced races in the cosmos. We had a lot of growing up and maturing to do.  There have been times in human history where this has not been the case. In Lemuria, Mayan and even early Egypt we were a spiritually advanced civilization that thrived but there was always this resort back to a power and survival mentality over time. We resorted back to a nature that is self-destructive. Fortunately, I think this is all changing now, in this beautiful time we are in. Most people knew of the date December 21st 2012 and that the date had significant meaning to many of our ancient cultures. This date was the start of a new cycle of the precession of the equinoxes, an approximate 26,000-year cycle of the wobble of the Earth on its axis, kind of like a top when it wobbles on its axis when spun. December 21st 2012 was the date when this wobble was directed toward the center of our galaxy and back to its beginning point. The Mayans were expert time keepers and discovered this cycle and charted it in their calendars as well as many other cultures such as the Hopi, Egyptians, Aztecs and others. This date was seen to our modern day time as a doomsday time or a time of revelation. Well December 2012 came and went and no doomsday happened and that was the end of it, or was it. On that date nothing significant happened on a physical level of reality but on a higher energetic level huge changes occurred. Human nature was forever altered. Since that time we are in a new energy and this energy is slowly changing human nature from that of fear and survival to a nature of love, unity, cooperation and peace. Now I would like to emphasize that this is a slow transition that is very complex and has many layers and levels to it and that’s why you are still seeing the terrorism, control and fear that is still in our society today. Certain issues are coming to the surface for humanity to be cleared and cleansed. This alignment with the center of our galaxy is an alignment that lasts about 36 years. 18 years before December 2012 and 18 years after 2012. During this 36-year alignment with the center of our galaxy we are being showered with high energy gamma radiation as well as many other forms of consciousness altering energies that have not yet been discovered on the electromagnetic spectrum. The results of this is a new energy for Earth and humans that we have never before encountered. I know what you’re thinking, this is not the first time our earth has made these 26,000 precessions so why how is this energy an energy that has never before been experienced by humans. It’s because we are rotating with all the other stars in our galaxy around the center of this massive black hole all together in a 200-million-year orbit. We are in a different part of space now than we have ever been in before as the race of humans we are today. We are also going through a band of high energy inter-dimensional photons that is known as the photon belt. This photon belt is also contributing to the recalibration of human consciousness and human nature. Coincidentally, or maybe not so coincidentally this photon belt encircles the Pleiades at a 90-degree right angle. Side note, the 90-degree angle is a very important key to the changing of dimensions or planes of reality. The harmonics are separated by 90 degrees. We choose on a higher level back in 1987 during what we now call the harmonic convergence to ascend to a higher level of reality and consciousness but this would not fully occur and kick into high gear until we reached the 2012 marker and energies that came with it. All of this combined and more, like things that has to do with galactic quarantines and other stuff are all contributing to this very unique and amazing energy that is transforming humanity and our perception of reality.

The ascension taking place right now for humanity is a multi-faceted one. One aspect of the ascension is the ascension of our own consciousness on a personal level. Each individual here on earth has a bigger part of them that is on another vibrational reality. That higher aspect of self is sometimes called the higher self or the soul I AM presence. At this time, many here on earth are awakening to this fact that they are not just a physical body and they have much more to them than previously thought. This awakening brings new higher levels of consciousness and profound knowledge. Each individual is navigating, healing and cleansing the energies of other life expressions that we may consider to be past lives. As we integrate these energies into our bodies and consciousness our vibration rises to new levels of awareness and spiritual mastery. As our bodies and consciousness are able to take on more energies we transform on many levels. The mind opens up to multiple realities of creation. The body subtle senses such as clairvoyance which is the ability to see with your mind’s eye and clairsentience, the ability to feel emotions and energies along with many more start to develop and come online. The body’s DNA and chemical structure starts to change from that of a carbon-based life form to a crystalline based form. The higher levels of our DNA start to awaken and activate bringing us many abilities such as telepathy and bilocation. The Akash of the soul becomes known to the body and mind and we can use these energies to transform our personalities and use abilities we have had from prior incarnations. We start to transition our perspective of thinking of self as one being separate from all the rest to a being that see itself as part of the whole, connected with all of life and creation. Our nature changes to one based in unity, love, peace, joy and abundance. Our Merkabah becomes fully activated and we can even choose to leave our physical bodies and plane or reality and rise in our Merkabah light bodies to a higher, less dense reality. All of this is the process of ascension of an individual. The Ascension of the individual is happening now on earth. Everyone has their own pace and many are not even awakened to the greater reality yet but that is ok, they will get there eventually at the pace their higher self choose for them. Many of the ones going through this ascension process right now on earth are the way showers, the front runners paving the way for others and raising the overall consciousness of the collective, since we are all connected. Most importantly you do not have to wait for the collective to so called wake up or catch up to start and undergo this process of ascension. You are free to expand your consciousness and perceptions of reality at any pace you feel comfortable. Eventually we will all ascend to higher dimensional planes of reality. Then there is the mass ascension of the collective of humanity and earth as a whole.
The Earth itself and all her inhabitants are in the process of a major transformation happening over the next few generations. I know most don’t want to hear that it’s going to take that long but change is slow and the universe works in much larger time scales than we do. I do think that in the next few years there are going to be some major changes and shakeups in our reality and there are certain time lines where the ascension to the 5th dimension could occur in the next few years. Right now the earth is experiencing frequencies of exotic energies that are causing major changes on a geological level. These energies are causing old akashic energy patterns from the past that have been stored in the crystalline grid of the planet to release and be cleansed. The crystalline grid is an esoteric grid that captures and remembers energy of our history. It’s like an energetic recorder for events that have happened on the planet. That is why when you step in places like Gettysburg you feel a sense of death and volatile energy. The grid has captured the energies of war in that area. With the crystalline grid clearing there is going to be many releases of energy that can come in many forms such as earthquakes, tornados, storms and many other forms of nature. The earth herself is a living entity, and for those that dispute that look up the definition of living, it’s the ability to self-regulate, react to stimuli, adapt, grow and reproduce which the earth does all those things. The earth has chosen on a higher level as well to move on to a higher and less dense dimensional plane of reality. The process of ascension for the earth is going on around us as we speak but earth cannot or I should say will not ascend without us out of love and therefore she is patiently waiting for humanity’s collective to go through their process of cleansing so we can all get on with it. Humanity as a collective is awakening to a lot of things that were previously hidden and this is all part of the process of ascension. The collective is starting to see on a mass level the corruption and control of certain factions. We have decided we do not want war, greed and corruption and we want to live in a world of peace. We are starting to accept ourselves and other for who they are. We are now in an era where survival is not an issue like it used to be thousands and even hundreds of years ago. Sure, life is still tough and it can be hard to survive but overall, we don’t have to worry about survival like we did in the past. We are transitioning to a race that cares for nature and the condition of our planet. Humans are becoming more compassionate and loving towards others. Every person that goes the next level up in this ascension process for themselves is bringing the collective closer to the ascension. When a certain percent of people get to a high consciousness level there is going to be a critical mass of energy that boosts the energies of ascension for the whole planet and awakens the rest of the collective to a higher reality. This effect is known in science as the hundredth monkey effect. This critical mass can come about in a couple of ways. First it could come slowly over time as people begin to wake up individually until that certain percentage is released and boom it kicks in. It could also occur from a catalyzing event that rocks and shakes humanity, awakening a large number of the population all at once. This catalyzing event can occur multiple ways, a few of them could be something such as a mass sighting of galactic lightships that are obviously not from humans. It could be from a disclosure of alien life by one of our governments or from the beings themselves. It could be other types of disclosures such as that of corruption in politics, kind of like how this last election revealed and released a lot of the corruption and manipulation from media, disclosure of secret space programs or assassinations of the past. The event could also be a natural discovery of a new technology such as free energy (on a public level of course) or a discovery about our DNA and its multi-dimensional attributes. It could be a natural disaster in the form of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and so on. It could be the discovery of ancient civilizations like that of Atlantis and that may be happening inryan-griffin Antarctica as I am writing this. The big one that could start this critical mass of awakening is a solar pulse from the sun that could instantly change the consciousness of everyone on the planet. Science has shown a direct correlation between human consciousness and previous sun cycles that is undeniable. We are effected by the sun and many major discoveries in earth’s history match up to changes in sun cycles perfectly. However, when this event occurs or even if there isn’t one, which is a small possibility, humanity will undergo this amazing process of ascension and rise to a new higher 5th dimensional level of reality. I for one am super excited for this and I feel so blessed to be able to have the privilege to be alive at such an amazing and exciting time of human history.
Overall I would say that we are transitioning to a 5th dimensional reality as a collective over the next few generations but some of us individuals will be transitioning much faster than others. There will be help from our galactic families and the higher realms to guide us through the tough times but no one will come in and save us or do it for us. We need to take the responsibility on our shoulders as a collective and expand ourselves. Anyway, why would we want someone to do it for us, life is about the journey not the destination. It is truly an amazing time to be alive and I am so happy I get to share it with all of you. Thank you for taking your time to read this and for all your wonderful comments from past blog posts it is truly appreciated. If you have any questions for me or any topics you want me to write about, please contact me through my website Much love and remember we must be the change we wish to see Ryan Twitter



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Who are We?

Who are We. by Ryan Griffin

Humans, are we just a mass of meat and bones that has consciousness because of chemical reactions in the body? Are we just a product of natural evolution? Does our existence end when we die? Do we have a Soul? What are we really? For thousands of years we have asked these questions and have pondered our existence and creation. This article is my opinion of who and what we truly are. It takes into account the greater expanded version of reality and nonphysical aspects of reality itself. I have done much research into who we truly are and I have found that there is so much more to us than our society acknowledges today. There is a lot of background information that needs to be understood about reality to fully comprehend all aspects of this article but I will make my best effort to make this article understandable to all.
There has been much speculation as to the origin of the Human race and the deeper aspects of our conscious thought. Humans are a very unique species of mammal on this planet that is truly different from the rest of life on Earth. The human brain is truly unique and is such a powerful processor and creator of information. The most important part of the human though is not the brain, it’s the soul. A great analogy that I like to use when speaking about the human brain and consciousness is that of the computer with internet. The computer itself is a great processor of information and can do calculations quickly and precisely. When the computer is hooked up to the internet it can bring through tremendous amounts of information on almost any topic you can think of and more. The internet represents an unseen field of information that is stored in the ethers or cloud and gives the computer its true value. Well we are much like the computer, our brain is the actual computer that calculates, analyzes and processes information. The greater part of who we truly are, our soul or consciousness is the internet itself. An unlimited field of information and experience that is the core of who we truly are. Our consciousness resides within a field of energy that is so vast and unlimited that no one brain or body could ever hold its magnificence and beauty. The human soul is such a miracle of creation that science is just now starting to acknowledge. We truly are as unlimited as the field itself, witch really has no ending or beginning. We are the all that is. We are a piece of the Source. We are the unlimited soul fractals of Source Creator here on Earth having a Human experience to expand the experiences of the Creator. We are the leading edge of creation. Please continue to read and I will explain how I came to this conclusion.
The Human body is also truly a miracle of creation. Our DNA is very unique in that we are the only species on the planet that has 23 pairs of chromosomes. Every other of the billions of species on the planet has 24 pairs of chromosomes and is based off a logarithmic base 12 system of creation. So why do humans only have 23 pairs of chromosomes or 46 chromosomes instead of the natural 48 that all the rest of life has on this planet? New science has now shown that in the human chromosome pair number two has been taken and genetically altered and it looks to have occurred in a non-random way. This pair of chromosomes was cut about two thirds of the way down and then fused together in an unnatural way that would not occur from random evolution. This alone shows that humans might be more than what we think. But could our DNA hold more secrets? Ground breaking work that is merging the science of today with the spiritual wisdom of the ancients is now showing that there may be a message stored within our DNA that has been hidden until we were ready for its implications. This message has been decoded by using the most sacred ancient name of God from the old Hebrew texts and the lost knowledge of Gematria. Gematria is a special kind of ancient numerology that gives energetic meaning to letters and numbers. This ancient name of God is spoken with no vowels and is YHVH. This name is also referred to as the Tetragrammaton and has great implications in the lost sciences of hidden energies, sacred geometry and many more ancient studies. In Gematria numbers and letters are interchangeable. The precise details of how this message has decoded within our DNA is shown in detail in Greg Bradens book The God Code but the short version is that our DNA has base pairs that form, they are A, C, G, T and stand for Adenine, cytosine, Guanine and Thymine. These base pairs match up with the Letters for the ancient name of God and then translates in Hebrew to the message. This profound and ground breaking message is “God eternal within the body”. The implications of this message are staggering to say the least and it shows that yes in fact we are a piece of the Creator and we do have source energy flowing within and through us at all times. This gets into the energetic systems of the body and I will discuss this further later in this article.
Humans are also multi-dimensional creatures and we have more to our DNA going on than the chemistry and the eye can see. At this time, we have two physical strands of DNA but there is much more to our DNA than just the physical. Our DNA is actually a 12-stranded helix structure that is multidimensional and has many layers to it. Unlike some out there my opinion on the DNA is that up to nine of these DNA helix layers are energetic and/ or multidimensional structures that are not physical in the third dimension. These multidimensional DNA layers contain the Akash of all of the life’s and experiences we had and will have as souls, the pure perfect blueprint that can bring spontaneous healing, the higher self and angelic energies, the galactic energies that are entangled within and so much more we have yet to comprehend. Kryon book 12 is a great reference on the many layers and aspects of our multidimensional DNA. That brings me to my next subject on who we really are.
Throughout history there has been many accounts of humans interacting with beings from different star systems in many different cultures and times on Earth. I believe that the 12 layers of DNA each had contributions from different star races that were interacting with humanity and our souls prior to that. The human DNA has been altered 7 different times by multidimensional and or extraterrestrial races. These races include the Annunaki, Greys, Pleadian, Sirian, Orion, Reptilian and Arcturian races. Our DNA has twelve different races in it but was only altered seven times. Five of the times our DNA was altered it was altered by 50 percent hybrid races such as the Annunaki which are 50 percent reptilian and 50 percent pleadian feminine. The five races that were 50 percent hybrids and the two that were pure make up the twelve different races and their energetic signatures that have altered our DNA. Sometimes our DNA was altered to keep humanity asleep and enslaved as is the case with the Annunaki but other times it was done to bring our grandness closer to who we truly are as with the pleadians seeding us with the layer of DNA that brought out our spirituality. The human DNA is very unique because of this and is prized for its capacity to be multidimensional in many ways that other races DNA cannot be. Since our DNA was altered by races of so many different dimensions it has the unique capabilities to have resonance with all vibrations of those dimensionality that are positive, negative, high and low. This capability allows humanity to transverse the dimensions of reality in our minds unlike any other being in the universe at this present time. So many races are interested in our DNA and ascension process because of this unique DNA that allows for greater multidimensional capabilities. We truly are blessed to be human and human DNA is at the forefront of galactic evolution. WE have the seeds and Akash of ascended races within our DNA and we can access this wisdom and profound energies that can help us solve all of our problems.
The human body also has a profound energy system that many call the chakras. These energy centers in the body correspond to certain areas and represent certain types of energies. The seven main chakras in our body are the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra. This chakra system forms a highway of energy that goes through the middle of your body and connects your body to Mother Earth and the heavenly realms. The energies of this system circulate around the body in a torus pattern and form the human aura. Each human has a unique auric field surrounding their body just like each human has a unique fingerprint. These energy centers in the body do many things. They can bring healing to your body, they can connect you with your spirit guides and they transport life force energy to all the energetic bodies of the human. The human is not just the physical body. We have 5 main bodies that make up the human soul complex. These bodies are the physical body, the etheric body, the astral or emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body. Each body is on a different level of energetic reality and we only see a small fraction of who we truly are in the physical. The Merkabah or light body is our body that we will ascend in. The human Merkabah is a tetrahedral shape and is 26 feet in diameter. It is two counter rotating fields of light energy spinning in the same space that forms a vehicle or bridge to transverse dimensions and travel through different dimensional reality’s and to different worlds in the physical. As humans now we do not quite have the consciousness as a collective to harness and use this interdimensional vehicle but overtime as we raise our energy and consciousness we will use this interdimensional vehicle to travel the cosmos and different dimensional realities.
To be human is to be a truly grand and magnificent being that is firmly entangled with all of creation. The human being is a marvel of creation that has contributions from many different multidimensional star races and from the Source creator of all that is. We are a part of the all that is and we could be considered one of the grandest creations the Source has brought forth into existence. Humans have the largest emotional spectrum of any species in this universe and we are pure love at our core. Humans carry an unmatched compassion yet we have a duality among us that also allows us to carry the darkest of energies. We are so powerful, we are creators and we do create our reality whether we consciously know it or not. The energies within the human being are truly unlimited and we are swimming within the entangled sea of creation of the all that is ready to access and harness this power and consciousness that is profound beyond words. It’s truly is a blessing to be a human being especially in these exciting times of transformation and change. I personally am honored to be here on Earth now and be part of such a magnificent race that has such a magnificent destiny at hand. I feel deep within my soul the grandness and power we have to create such a profound love for all of creation. I feel a deep honor that I have been chosen to come forth into physical density to further expand the wisdom and love of our Source Creator and our human collective consciousness. I feel the grand magnificence of life here on this beautiful planet we call Earth and I for one am happy to be human.
Thank you very much for taking your precious time to read this article. I am greatly honored to bring and share the information I have learned and my feeling I have with all of you. I will continue to share what I love and know. If you have any suggestions on topics you would like me to write about, please contact me at Much love to you all. Ryan.

ryan-griffinThis article was just a brief overview of only a few of the galactic cultures out there in the universe at this time. There is so much more out there than we acknowledge as a society and there is so much more depth to the races that I covered here today. I would encourage all to do there own research on the subject and look at it in a non bias way as you possibly can. I will continue to write and bring you the information I have learned  and come to know. This subject is so far reaching and has such profound implications for humanity and I think it is imperative that we start      to look into this in a serious and genuine manner. The information in this article is my views on the subject and there are many different views and perspectives to all of this. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Much love to all of you.
Ryan Twitter


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Star People

Star People by Ryan Griffin 11/25/2016

 Humanity, are we alone in this vast universe full of creation? I think not. In fact there is much evidence to the contrary. Ancient cultures from all around the world have creation stories and legends about the people of the stars. They often refer to multiple star systems such as Orion’s, Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus, Vega, and many others star clusters. People even in the modern age claim to be in contact through various means such as telepathy, dream contact, physical contact, channeling and meditation with beings from all over the stars. I do believe there is more out there than what modern society is acknowledging. Through much study of the evidence at hand and  going within I have come to the conclusion that we are not alone, that we have never been alone and we will never truly be alone. I believe the galaxy and universe is full of life of all different forms, shapes and intelligence’s. Today I would like to focus on a few of the more well known galactic cultures that have been interacting with earth in many various ways. This article is just a brief overview and I will get into deeper detail in upcoming posts.
The Pleiadian star cluster  is a well known spot for galactic life. Although there are many different species that live among the Pleiadian stars such as Alcyone, Atlas, Maia and Electra I am going to focus on one group that seems to be a key player in interacting with us and helping humanity grow their consciousness. They are a fifth dimensional race of beings that are humanoid, meaning 2 legs 2 arms and a head like our own body structure. They are a tall well built light skinned and light hair race that is highly advanced both spiritually and technologically. They look much like our own Scandinavian race. They are here to assist humanity in raising our consciousness level from that based on duality consciousness to one of a unity love based consciousness. They respect free will and will not interact with someone unless they are ready both emotionally and spiritually. This race has been and continues to interact with us throughout most of our human lineage. Their ships have been seem in our skies many times throughout history. On a higher soul level these beings are family. We have their DNA mixed within our own. Humans have many different galactic species DNA entangled in our own to make us the unique being we are, more on this in later posts. There are humans on Earth at this time that are considered starseeds and have a majority of their soul energy and origin as pleiadian beings. They are very active in communicating with people of our planet in various ways such as channeling. The pleiadians are very loving and want us to grow and become a galactic species.
Arcturus is a star located in the Bootes constellation and is one of the brightest stars in our skies. The Arcturian beings come from this star but they are highly developed beings and are a multi-dimensional race that lives in many dimensions and see space-time much different from us. These beings are very tall and slender humanoid beings and have blue skin. They do not have hair and they have much larger eyes and much bigger skulls than we do. The Arcturians are considered to be one of the most highly developed and advanced races of our galaxy both spiritually and technologically. They are the guardians and caretakers of all the portals and star gates of our galaxy. The Arcturians work closely with the angelic realms to help keep peace and assist civilizations in their evolution of consciousness. Many of our past gurus or ascended masters such as Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) and Sanat Kumara have Arcturian soul energy and lineage. Their ships have been seem in our skies but they are so advanced that they do not need technology or ships to travel they can do it with their consciousness. These beings do have starseed incarnations on the planet at this time and are very active in the ascension process of humanity. The Arcturians were one of  the first civilizations to ascend in our galaxy and they have so much experience in the shifts that are taking place amongst our collective at this time. They are soul family and are here to guide and teach us who we truly are.
The Grey’s or Zeta Reticuli are a race of beings that many consider humans from a parallel future timeline. There are thousands of different types of grey aliens out there but the Zetas are the ones I am focusing on today. The Grey’s are short and slender beings that have no hair, grey skin and big almond shaped eyes much like you see portrayed on TV these days. These beings are highly technologically advanced beings but do not really have spirituality. The do not have a large capacity for emotions and do not understand humans well because of this. There civilization was becoming extinct because they became so technologically advanced that they stopped procreating and started genetically cloning and upgrading their own genetics to their liking and eventually lost the capability to reproduce naturally. Over time their genetic copies started degrading and all copies of copies of anything does and they came into crisis because of it. The Greys decided to come to this timeline in their past to interact with humans of today that still had sufficient DNA to take genetic material from us to save there species from going extinct. A lot of the abduction stories from the 30’s up to the turn of the century in recent time were from these beings taking humans to extract DNA and genetic materials for there society. The Grey’s did not understand the trauma and fear they were creating in humans as a result of this. At a higher level the humans that were taken did have soul contracts for this to happen whether they remember or wanted it consciously or not. The Grey’s have since developed many hybrid races that are of human and grey genetics. These races range from indifferent and service to self to benevolent loving service to other races that are also helping humanity with their ascension of consciousness. More on the hybrid races in other posts. The Grey’s were working with our government since the late 1930’s to help us develop our secret space programs and technologies in exchange for cooperation of them being allowed to take a certain percentage of the populations genetic material. Not all of this was done for service to other reasons and much disconnect and bad has come from this cooperation. Although as a humanity our energy was a reflection of the Grey’s energy at the time so it is our responsibility for what happened as well, even though the Grey’s did take advantage of our young society. The Grey’s for the most part are no longer conducting such activities and they are under close supervision from many other galactic councils and races. Like all species not all of the species is service to self , there are members of this species that were helping humans for authentic service to other reasons. They Grey’s are a crucial part of our history and we as a society need to stop mocking and ridiculing people who study and have had experiences with this subject and look at it in a serious and scientific way. This will uncover a lot about our past and why history is the way it is.

ryan-griffinThis article was just a brief overview of only a few of the galactic cultures out there in the universe at this time. There is so much more out there than we acknowledge as a society and there is so much more depth to the races that I covered here today. I would encourage all to do there own research on the subject and look at it in a non bias way as you possibly can. I will continue to write and bring you the information I have learned  and come to know. This subject is so far reaching and has such profound implications for humanity and I think it is imperative that we start      to look into this in a serious and genuine manner. The information in this article is my views on the subject and there are many different views and perspectives to all of this. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Much love to all of you.


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