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Divine OmniPresence Gateway & Source Alignment to Soulful Destinies

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11:11:11 ~ Divine OmniPresence Gateway & Source Alignment to Soulful Destinies

Share with us as we experience the most powerful energies in over a Century. The 11 holds a vibration of “mastery”, of intense high vibrational potency. As we swim within these energies of pure potential, reach up and create the Rainbow Bridge to the Etheric Councils and new crystalline timelines are created.

Join us in these Divine experiences of Heavenly-human-earthly co-creations as we dance within the elegance of a refined Source essence within. For you are the perfection of Source.

We will align within our sacred soul tribe etherized gathering and inspire through a new alignment through our 13 chakras, our alignment in our earthly soul blueprints and feel into our Pure alignment with Source within.

Knowing, sensing, feeling what this is is the Divine shift that alchemically honours your Heavenly promise to yourself and to Creation in exploration of your most loving expansive self.

NOVEMBER 11TH 2018, 5:55PM MDT 90 MIN)


Join us in these Divine experiences of Heavenly-human-earthly co-creations as we dance within the elegance of a refined Source essence within. For you are the perfection of Source.

And so it is.


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This month of November offers profound vibrations, so purposeful and divinely orchestrated higher templates of truth and how this threaded within higher vibrational programs of light for Divine Inner Pathwork of Source. You are offered visualizations to reflect upon, sacred geometry raising and lifting the human family as we know it so that we may step into new paradigms of experience in the Universal Family.
The Gateway of Balancing the Heart of Family

Multi-Dimensional parenting ~ how may we offer perfection and beauty in our homes, our conversations, our new ways to perceive all moments. For all is Source, all is a cycle of ever-expanding richness within the Diversity of Creation, how could it be otherwise.
Seeking within the light, love, Source infinite potentials that is all WITHIN. So blessed and so utterly Divinely perfect.


Episode #137


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Did you know about our Private Healing Sessions? Our healing session offer Universal, Akashic, and Divine insights, wisdoms, and potentials to heal, to release, and transform density, beliefs, and patterns to arise within the birthright Christed potential within us all.

Joanna’s session evolve as she deepens within her mastery with Gaia, mastery within human ascension, and opening to her Divine Universal soulful skills and gifts and in doing so, her sessions evolve as she does. All personal readings and healings sessions include toning, recalibration with your celestial healing teams, master guides, Universal entities and energies assisting in our global human ascension. Toning, movement, light language will be a part of these exciting sessions of soulful and heartfelt loving transmutation to rediscover and remember the God Within. To hone one’s heart felt desires, excitements, and inner truth to shifting within and acting in unconditional trust that you are master and how may
you begin.


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