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Eclipse Summer Sacred Communion – TONIGHT 5:55pm MST

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Eclipse Summer Sacred Communion – TONIGHT 5:55pm MST

Join us for this impromptu Sacred Soul Tribe gathering in these special human ascension alignments. Joanna will tune into our Universal, Celestial, and higher selves in a Divine and Sacred Group setting; bringing forth current ascension symptoms that many are moving through, key shifts and activities within our Universal – Galactic over-view and the embracing of our moment-for-moment Christed unfolding. Joanna will also bring forth intuitive gifts and offerings of the Divine blessings from her most recent sacred travel as we prepare for our 08/08 intentions of anchoring the Diamond Heart Sanctuary.

We are offering a special meditation, channel, alignment and MP3 for those that register.


New Guardian and Hosting Crystal Skull

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Tishkahara was a female who occupied region of Calgary, Alberta circa 12,000 -10,000. While official history will tell you that only primitive people lived in North America at that time, according to the Thoth Akasha, this is not so. Indeed some of the people occupying the continent then, were primitive, there were remnants of advanced civilizations there as well.

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Watch the facebook live video from Shasta.


Lions Gate Sacred Event – 8.8. 2018

this will be a small event for those truly excited, keen, and desiring a deeper connection with Gaia in an inspiring and empowering sacred circles. To unveil and embellish ones innate toning, Divine gifts, and explore the Christed God Within with other Universal, and earthly human soul tribe.

Welcome to this special ‘Lions Gate ~ Diamond Heart Sanctuary Crystalline City Anchoring event; as we commune, gather, explore, within our Sacred space of the new Diamond Heart Sanctuary; Gaia exploration, Creational Universal entanglement, consciousness awakening to new human paradigm levels and softening to a new earthly potential

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Sessions with Joanna

Joanna is now open for Vibrational Intuitive Readings and Healing sessions’

Did you know about our Private Healing Sessions? Our healing session offer Universal, Akashic, and Divine insights, wisdoms, and potentials to heal, to release, and transform density, beliefs, and patterns to arise within the birthright Christed potential within us all.

Joanna’s session evolve as she deepens within her mastery with Gaia, mastery within human ascension, and opening to her Divine Universal soulful skills and gifts and in doing so, her sessions evolve as she does. All personal readings and healings sessions include toning, recalibration with your celestial healing teams, master guides, Universal entities and energies assisting in our global human ascension. Toning, movement, light language will be a part of these exciting sessions of soulful and heartfelt loving transmutation to rediscover and remember the God Within. To hone one’s heart felt desires, excitements, and inner truth to shifting within and acting in unconditional trust that you are master and how may
you begin.

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Learn more about Personal and Family Healing Sessions with Joanna

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July 7th, 2018 Universal Unity

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Browse our Ascension Market Place; we have created many Wellness, Centered & Balancing Resources, Illustrations, MP3, MP4, Specific Christed & Divine Inner Temple Learning Resources, Materials and new Multi-dimensional Parenting &Crystalline Children Tips and Helpful Insights in such profound earthly-human-galactic transformations.

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