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    Twitter Spiritual  Networking Group 

    Membership Instructions


    The way this group works is that all of the members of the group share each other’s content on Twitter creating an exponential amount of views on your content which will drastically increase your follower count.

    Download free app “Group Me” (available for Droid and iOS) This is where we will connect to talk and share information or if there are any questions or problems with your deck membership. Check in to the group chat regularly for news, notifications or to connect with other members of the group. 

    Once you are accepted into the group you will need to Go to and log in using:

    Account: “will be given once accepted”

    PW: “will be given once accepted”

    Click on “accounts” on the far left column with the network icon. Scroll down and click “add another Twitter account” add your personal Twitter account. Your password is private and cannot be accessed by anyone else in the group.

    Rules: Spiritual deck rule:

    1 No drama – be cool & kind

    2 have a spamcleaner

    3 don’t deck every hour or all the time like just be chill

    4 don’t deck the same thing more than 2 max 3 times

    5 promo twice a day (only things that are aligned with the collective vibes & mission of the group)

    6 no selfies

    7 be a good person

    You may retweet One tweet per hour maximum.  Only positive content allowed.  You may not share any of this information with anybody. Membership to this networking group is by invitation only. Violation of any of these rules will result in revoking of membership.


    Click on accounts and select your own account.

    Click on your tweets to view them. Select one of your own tweets and click on the retweet icon.

    A box will pop up showing all of the accounts on the deck. Select all of them and then retweet. That’s all there is to it!


    An Un-retweet or RT deleter set to 10 minutes is manditory to keep your timeline clean. We recommend using this app charges five dollars per year but allows you to set the frequency to which it will undo the retweets on your account and it allows for you to keep specific retweets that you wish. 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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