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How To Energetically Protect Yourself. * Are You A Starseed?

I hope that the 11/11 Portal and Taurus Full Moon treated you well.

This is such a powerful times of energy activations that are transforming our lives. This continues through Winter Solstice on 12/21. So buckle up because it is going to be a wild ride!

On 11/19 Jupiter will conjunct the Galactic Center. This is a very special conjunction.

Astrologer Molly McCord states that:

“Once every 12 years, Jupiter in Sagittarius opens up the cosmic keyhole to higher universal energies as it travels across the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sag. We’ve had a lot of hard work, soul growth, power development, and lessons in trust in this area of our natal charts… and now Jupiter in Sag comes through with opportunities, justice, abundance, rewards, karmic resolution, and celebration for everything you have learned. HURRAY! And what a journey it’s been. Since 2006, we have each been deeply transformed and awakened into the Truth of our higher selves and soul’s intentions. Pluto was at this point in your chart in 2006 – 2007, and then Saturn stopped by for a visit in late 2017. This November 2019 conjunction is a cosmic recognition of how far you’ve come and the huge growth you were encouraged (forced) to undergo. The energy of that growth now comes around full circle, but release your expectations of what it looks like or how it should appear. Go higher into the Universal Spiritual Laws that transformation can show up in any possible form. The cosmic expansion energies continue into December 2019 and early 2020 as Venus, the Sun, Mercury, and Mars each traverse over this same energy point and help you in re-aligning with your soul’s vibration now. What opens up in November will continue growing into February 2020 as Mars moves over the Galactic Center.”

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Magnetism and Surrender
 I was watching a video of a magnetition. ( If that is a word). He was speaking about the process of magnetization between 2 magnets. He said that you can slice a magnet into 1000 cross sections, and it will create 1000 magnets. He stated that every magnet has a middle point, called the plane of inertia. The plane of inertia is a null point. He described this as the lowest pressure mediation, between two magnets and counter space. The plane of inertia is non manifest ether, otherwise known as zero point energy.
     If I were to anthropomorphize the plane of inertia, I would explain it as complete surrender, acceptance and allowance. Most of us believe that when an opposite polarity magnet is moving toward another opposite polarity magnet they are magnetizing to each other. But they are not. They are actually simultaneously magnetizing to a null point, a plane of inertia, that exists between them. When they connect, they are linked to a plane of inertia that is invisible to the naked eye. 
     This means that magnetism requires a null point. All magnetism requires surrender and acceptance. This crucial understanding was glossed over in the movie The Secret. A movie that pushed the concept of the law of attraction into mainstream awareness failed to impress the importance of surrender. Surrender, acceptance and allowance are not just components of mastering emotional intelligence. They are actually the fundamental basis of magnetism within our universe. 
     For me, this takes my understanding of manifesting my reality to an epic next level. In order to create the life, I desire, I am required to move into surrender and allowance. This is of course not the only requirement, though it certainly is a doozy. 

Chloe Hudson
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How To Protect and Command Your Energy/RealityDo you want to learn how to energetically protect and command your reality more efficiently?Do you need help overcoming anxiety, worry or depression?Would you like to maintain an empowered and content state, in general, throughout your days?Join us in a comprehensive and concise workshop designed to help you thrive!
We will explore and build on 3 basic truths of your existence. 
 This Universe, including your body and reality, is made up of Frequency. And Frequency can be altered.This Universe, including your body and reality, is made up of Force in Motion and Inertia and Acceleration. Dielectricity/Magnetism births Electricity.99% of the average human’s life runs off of their unconscious knowing.   Then we will build upon these 3 basic truths to offer a clearer understanding of what is happening, why it is happening and how you can command your experience more efficiently and continuously.

This interactive event will offer you easy, practical tools to protect your energy. Time for Q&A will give you an opportunity to gain a more expansive understanding of your reality. We will also enjoy a healing transmission using intuitive guidance and frequency sound through rare Alchemy crystal bowls.$25Sat, November 16, 201910:00 AM – 11:30 AM PSTSacred Light1939 Hillhurst Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90027 

So, You are a Star Seed. Now What?

Do you want to connect with your guidance more clearly? Do you want to become more of your true self?
Join us for this intuitive exploration. You will learn why revocations are important and the importance of consent. Learn how to delayer your false self and recognize your baseline frequency. Understand the pitfalls of certain “spirit guides”. What is the difference between your Soul and Spirit anyway? These are a few of the many topics this workshop offers.
This special event also includes a healing transmission accompanied by a mini soundbath.


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