Awakening Our Truth

I Do Not Consent! Revoking and Protecting from The False White Light and A.I. Agendas.

Revocation: I, (Full Birth Name) hereby revoke, rebuke, audit, edit and cancel any frequency agreements, contracts or energetic alignments that I have made, whether they be conscious, subconscious or unconscious. I clear out these frequency agreements, through the following, but it is not limited to: operation Sedgwick. I rebuke and revoke operation Blood Stone. I clear out all Monarch Programming. I am cleansing out satanic ritualistic occult attack energy. All Delta programming, releasing and rebuking Project Artichoke, clearing out Project Bluebird I revoke all projects, and any affiliations, extensions of MK Ultra. I revoke MiLab and S.S.P. I am cleansing out Project Paperclip. I do not consent. I am releasing any tethers, ties, hooks and anchors that I have to Agenda 21. I revoke all nanotechnology that has been imposed into my field. Whether this be through chemicals I have drank, foods I have eaten geochemical warfare, ingestion or saturation through absorption of my skin. I rebuke and revoke all nanotechnology out of my system and blood stream now. I do not consent to trans human agenda. I revoke Project Blue Beam. I am not open to and allowing of Gwen, ELF and Haarp Technologies to affect my well being. I am not interested or in agreement of 5g technologies that are imposing negative polarity energy that is affecting my electromagnetic field and my well being. I release all energies imposed through smart meters, microwaves, radio waves and scalar waves. I am not interested in predictive programming, and I do not consent to subconscious hacking of my mental space. I cleanse and clear out all biochemical and geochemical warfare that is imposed into my field from anything that is going on in my environment. I do not agree to any negative polarity beings, entities, energies, or agendas. My bodies, including my physical body, my sexual body emotional body, energetic body and mental body are mine, and only mine to affect. And I choose positive polarity energy, health, vitality and well being. I hereby command My Sacred Sovereignty. I am not in agreement or consent to the false white light. This includes all Annunaki aligned entities, including but not limited to the Arch Angels, Elohim, Nephilim, Cherubim, the Thrones, The Virtues, Angels, the Powers and the Seraphim. Any energies, entities, frequencies or technologies, including A.I. agendas that do not have my highest spirit-source aligned well being in truth, in mind and in agenda, are not permitted to come in contact and connection with my electromagnetic field or affect me in any way. I hereby release all programming and frequency alignments that I have ever activated, instigated, fallen victim to through out all timelines, densities, time-space reality and space-time reality. I do not consent. This is my truth. My subconscious is continuously offering me access into consciousness. Simply because I have subconscious energies does not mean that I am in alignment to conscious agendas through negative polarity beings. I protect my energy through my free will and alignment with spirit source, all that is. I revoke and rebuke all beings, entities and energies imposing their will into me, that is keeping me from becoming aware or remembering my truth. I am that I am. I am that I am. I am that I am. I, (Full Birth Name) hereby activate these words as an energetic bond throughout all space-time, densities and timelines. I am constantly and continuously protecting and shielding my energetics. I am anchored through the triple heart portal, connecting to the healing properties and energy of Gaia, and ultimate spirit. This is my truth. This is my birthright. So it is so shall it be. Blessings. ———————————————————————————— Chloe▲Hudson ▪️For healings and channelings: Email: ▪️Instagram:… ▪️Facebook:

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