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Ishtara Channeled Message Living beyond 3D.

This is the first of three channelings from Ishtara (channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood), where she gives some really new concepts in living beyond 3D while still remaining physical. Simply click on the video below to watch this channeled message. Please also click on the SUBSCRIBE button on the bottom right of the video, and click the alarm bell if you want to be notified next time one of these videos comes out. I am focusing on building our Youtube channel to get all of these incredible teachings out to the world, and we need your help.
Ishtara – Living Beyond 3D
I encourage you to take some notes while watching these. Then you can easily apply what she says and receive that expansion in every day of your life. Holly and I have consistently found that when we listen, but not apply what Ishtara and the High Council of Orion teach us, then nothing changes in our lives.


When we apply what they teach us we see the benefits almost immediately. The other two videos will be out in the next week or so. Love and Blessings

Paul & Holly
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