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Star People by Ryan Griffin 11/25/2016

 Humanity, are we alone in this vast universe full of creation? I think not. In fact there is much evidence to the contrary. Ancient cultures from all around the world have creation stories and legends about the people of the stars. They often refer to multiple star systems such as Orion’s, Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus, Vega, and many others star clusters. People even in the modern age claim to be in contact through various means such as telepathy, dream contact, physical contact, channeling and meditation with beings from all over the stars. I do believe there is more out there than what modern society is acknowledging. Through much study of the evidence at hand and  going within I have come to the conclusion that we are not alone, that we have never been alone and we will never truly be alone. I believe the galaxy and universe is full of life of all different forms, shapes and intelligence’s. Today I would like to focus on a few of the more well known galactic cultures that have been interacting with earth in many various ways. This article is just a brief overview and I will get into deeper detail in upcoming posts.
The Pleiadian star cluster  is a well known spot for galactic life. Although there are many different species that live among the Pleiadian stars such as Alcyone, Atlas, Maia and Electra I am going to focus on one group that seems to be a key player in interacting with us and helping humanity grow their consciousness. They are a fifth dimensional race of beings that are humanoid, meaning 2 legs 2 arms and a head like our own body structure. They are a tall well built light skinned and light hair race that is highly advanced both spiritually and technologically. They look much like our own Scandinavian race. They are here to assist humanity in raising our consciousness level from that based on duality consciousness to one of a unity love based consciousness. They respect free will and will not interact with someone unless they are ready both emotionally and spiritually. This race has been and continues to interact with us throughout most of our human lineage. Their ships have been seem in our skies many times throughout history. On a higher soul level these beings are family. We have their DNA mixed within our own. Humans have many different galactic species DNA entangled in our own to make us the unique being we are, more on this in later posts. There are humans on Earth at this time that are considered starseeds and have a majority of their soul energy and origin as pleiadian beings. They are very active in communicating with people of our planet in various ways such as channeling. The pleiadians are very loving and want us to grow and become a galactic species.
Arcturus is a star located in the Bootes constellation and is one of the brightest stars in our skies. The Arcturian beings come from this star but they are highly developed beings and are a multi-dimensional race that lives in many dimensions and see space-time much different from us. These beings are very tall and slender humanoid beings and have blue skin. They do not have hair and they have much larger eyes and much bigger skulls than we do. The Arcturians are considered to be one of the most highly developed and advanced races of our galaxy both spiritually and technologically. They are the guardians and caretakers of all the portals and star gates of our galaxy. The Arcturians work closely with the angelic realms to help keep peace and assist civilizations in their evolution of consciousness. Many of our past gurus or ascended masters such as Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) and Sanat Kumara have Arcturian soul energy and lineage. Their ships have been seem in our skies but they are so advanced that they do not need technology or ships to travel they can do it with their consciousness. These beings do have starseed incarnations on the planet at this time and are very active in the ascension process of humanity. The Arcturians were one of  the first civilizations to ascend in our galaxy and they have so much experience in the shifts that are taking place amongst our collective at this time. They are soul family and are here to guide and teach us who we truly are.
The Grey’s or Zeta Reticuli are a race of beings that many consider humans from a parallel future timeline. There are thousands of different types of grey aliens out there but the Zetas are the ones I am focusing on today. The Grey’s are short and slender beings that have no hair, grey skin and big almond shaped eyes much like you see portrayed on TV these days. These beings are highly technologically advanced beings but do not really have spirituality. The do not have a large capacity for emotions and do not understand humans well because of this. There civilization was becoming extinct because they became so technologically advanced that they stopped procreating and started genetically cloning and upgrading their own genetics to their liking and eventually lost the capability to reproduce naturally. Over time their genetic copies started degrading and all copies of copies of anything does and they came into crisis because of it. The Greys decided to come to this timeline in their past to interact with humans of today that still had sufficient DNA to take genetic material from us to save there species from going extinct. A lot of the abduction stories from the 30’s up to the turn of the century in recent time were from these beings taking humans to extract DNA and genetic materials for there society. The Grey’s did not understand the trauma and fear they were creating in humans as a result of this. At a higher level the humans that were taken did have soul contracts for this to happen whether they remember or wanted it consciously or not. The Grey’s have since developed many hybrid races that are of human and grey genetics. These races range from indifferent and service to self to benevolent loving service to other races that are also helping humanity with their ascension of consciousness. More on the hybrid races in other posts. The Grey’s were working with our government since the late 1930’s to help us develop our secret space programs and technologies in exchange for cooperation of them being allowed to take a certain percentage of the populations genetic material. Not all of this was done for service to other reasons and much disconnect and bad has come from this cooperation. Although as a humanity our energy was a reflection of the Grey’s energy at the time so it is our responsibility for what happened as well, even though the Grey’s did take advantage of our young society. The Grey’s for the most part are no longer conducting such activities and they are under close supervision from many other galactic councils and races. Like all species not all of the species is service to self , there are members of this species that were helping humans for authentic service to other reasons. They Grey’s are a crucial part of our history and we as a society need to stop mocking and ridiculing people who study and have had experiences with this subject and look at it in a serious and scientific way. This will uncover a lot about our past and why history is the way it is.

ryan-griffinThis article was just a brief overview of only a few of the galactic cultures out there in the universe at this time. There is so much more out there than we acknowledge as a society and there is so much more depth to the races that I covered here today. I would encourage all to do there own research on the subject and look at it in a non bias way as you possibly can. I will continue to write and bring you the information I have learned  and come to know. This subject is so far reaching and has such profound implications for humanity and I think it is imperative that we start      to look into this in a serious and genuine manner. The information in this article is my views on the subject and there are many different views and perspectives to all of this. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Much love to all of you.


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