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Healing the whole of Humanity

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Within the minds of many, many people on this planet there is a division in the perception of humanity. You could call it the “them and us” mentality, and it means that rather than perceiving every single person as an integral part of the same whole, the whole is split up into “good and bad”, and we desire freedom from the bad. But this perception is not truly accurate. It is simply a product of the dualistic nature of the thinking mind, the origin of all division and conflict.

The idea of “badness” is created through our judgmental thought processes, and consequently plays out in our lives as a foundational core belief of the nature of mankind. It is the age old story of “good versus evil” – a battle between the light and the dark, in which every person decides for themselves which “side” they are on, and who they must fight against. This is a divided reality, created by a divided mind, and thus conflict is born.

The result of such a mindset is that humanity experiences itself at war with itself. But this is like one arm of your body trying to defeat the other arm of your body. It is like the “good cells” of your body trying to defeat the “bad cells”. You simply have an organism which is in conflict with itself, and destruction is inevitable.

You can see this conflict being played out within society itself, as the “bad people” try to fulfil their selfish agendas, while those who believe themselves to be the “good people” try and stop them. Do you see? It is a conflict.

All human beings are a part of the same living organism which we call ‘humanity’ – yet we are not treating each other as such. We have turned each other into enemies, through our judgement and dualistic perception of who is right and who is wrong, who is good and who is bad.

But rather than fixing our minds upon ideas of good and bad, it would be far wiser, and far more accurate to perceive things in terms of who is aligned to a state of love, and who needs help aligning to a state of love. Who is a healthy, and who is suffering from a deep sickness. Because the capacity to hurt another human being is a clear symptom of a very unwell and dysfunctional individual.

So how do we respond to those who are displaying such a capacity, perhaps even enjoying inflicting suffering on others (which many would term ‘evil’). Do we wage war against them? Do we try and beat them, battle with them, defeat them and so on? Well, let’s just ask one simple question: What actually solves the problem? Is it conflict and destruction, or is it healing?

Well, if we look at what the real problem is, we will find that it is the presence of destructive, hateful, uncaring and deeply selfish tendencies within humanity as a whole. Many of us will have witnessed such states arise at one point or another in our own life, if we have ever been involved in hostilities with another human being. It is not pleasant. But fortunately there is something inside us that knows how deeply destructive such states are, and it moves us to correct our behavioural and emotional trajectory, towards more positive states of being, ensuring that conflict does not turn into destruction.

The presence of selfish, aggressive and destructive tendencies is very much demonstrated by how cancer cells behave within the human body.

Cancer cells are simply normal, intelligent cells which have altered their function, so that rather than consuming oxygen (like all healthy cells do) and serving the greater good of the body as a whole organism, they have changed their food (because cancer cells feed on the fermentation of sugar rather than oxygen) and they are only interested in consuming more and more energy, even at the cost of all the healthy cells around them. It’s a bit like the difference between the life-giving properties of the Sun, and the energy-consuming properties of a black-hole. A healthy cell radiates energy and life, whereas a cancer cell consumes it.

So the really vital question is, can a cancerous cell which has switched into energy-consumption and destruction mode be switched back into life-giving mode? Can it become healthy again, can it be healed?

The answer is a resounding YES. It can.

That cell simply needs its food supply to be switched back to oxygen. That is all it needs, because its primary biological drive is to continue to exist. Therefore, like all intelligent life-forms, it will adapt to the environment in which it finds itself.

That is exactly how it became cancerous in the first place. There was a lack of oxygen in that particular part of the body (which is a consequence of many factors, including nutrition, breathing, exercise, circulation, emotional tensions and so on) and instead there was an abundance of sugar available for fermentation (due to the prevalence of sugar in our modern diet) so the cell simply adapted to the food that was more readily available. It did this only so it could continue to exist, as its intended food supply (oxygen) was not available in sufficient quantities.

So you can see that the cancer cells are not “bad” and they need not be destroyed, or fought against. They need to be healed. If they have changed once – from healthy to cancerous – then they will certainly change back. And there is an endless amount of proof that demonstrates this occurs when their inner environment is restored back to an oxygen-giving one, rather than an oxygen deficient one.

Our choice to heal instead of destroy comes down to our own mentality. If we perceive a threat, such as cancer, present in our life then we have a choice how we address it. Destruction or healing. And don’t be fooled into thinking that destruction is healing, because they couldn’t be more different from one another.

And in truth, when you consider how healthy cells become cancerous (through oxygen deficiency) it is more of a wake up call, rather than a threat that must be destroyed. It is simply our body telling us that we need to change our way of life. We need to be more loving, more conscious of nourishing ourselves in all the best ways possible, rather than settling for mediocrity in terms of lifestyle, health and consciousness.

So what about humanity as a whole? How can we relate this understanding of cancer cells to what is currently happening on the planet?

Well, there is conflict. This is plain to see. There are wars being waged. There are many power hungry individuals thinking only of themselves and how they can obtain more power and more money, irrespective of the effect on the rest of the human population.

Such individuals (and groups of individuals) are very much like cancer cells. They have forgotten (or have been denied) their true nourishment and their true source of security – which is love – and this has been replaced by an intense drive to find fulfilment and security through the pursuit of money and power. This is their ‘alternative food’, just like the cancerous cell gets its energy from the fermentation of sugar. It is a substitute, and one which the cell must adapt its nature to.

Greed and power create intense cravings (just like in the cancer cell) which temporarily satiate the individual and give the illusion of nourishment. But their highly addictive nature (just like sugar) drives the individual on and on in the pursuit of more and more, as they desperately seek a lasting satisfaction which will never be found. It is a deeply addictive and self-destructive path.

Power over others cannot be underestimated in its ability to corrupt even the most well-intentioned individual, if the security and warmth of love is not present in their lives. Power is nothing more than a substitute – the closest thing a starving individual can find to spiritual food, when they do not know where to look for it.

Human beings need the warmth and security of love flowing through their veins. Without it, reality is very bleak and very insecure indeed. And because we are designed – just like the smallest cell – to adapt to our surroundings in order to survive, if love is not present we will look for its substitute.

If we are surrounded by people who, in order to feel secure and important, are playing power games, manipulating each other, trying to come out on top, to be in control, (essentially so they can avoid a feeling of powerlessness and insecurity), then we will simply learn this way of creating the sense of security and the feeling of self-worth that we need. It is inevitable.

Therefore, in this way, human beings are very much a product of their environment. Adults who grew up in a very loving, caring and secure family environment are unlikely to be corrupted by power, because they know how deeply fulfilling and important love is. They know what it feels like, and they never stray far away from it because they know that it is essential to their life. They know that there is no substitute for love, therefore they are very unlikely to be tempted into sacrificing their core values for the desire for money or power over others.

Such desires simply will not arise in a human being who has love in their heart. They only arise in people who are lacking love and security, and don’t know how to experience them. So, out of desperation for a lasting sense of security, they choose that great security-provider which the material world offers in abundance: money.

Money seems like the perfect solution to address all our human insecurities. With money comes a greater ability to control ones material circumstances, and thus feel more secure. Highly insecure individuals also use money to control and influence the people around them, as they discover that not only does money bring security, but it also brings a feeling of power.

The power which enables people to totally control and influence their external environment, including the people within it, is one of the most highly addictive drugs on the planet for someone who has no inner sense of security. It seemingly gives them the ability to create all the pleasure they could ask for, whilst simultaneously avoiding the deep pain which exists in their heart, where love is absent.

So, as you can see, underneath the desire for money and power lies a deep insecurity and fear. Inside the adult is a scared child, who has learnt the rules of a complicated and corruptive adult game just so they can feel secure and worthy of praise. Power-hungry people are among the most afraid people on the planet, and it is very important to understand this so that rather than allowing anger and hatred to arise in response to their destructive and heartless actions, we can have compassion for them instead. It is a challenge, but we must do this.

We must extend forgiveness towards them. We must extend love. By doing this, we allow the possibility of their healing, because all corrupt cells of the human organism must be healed. If they choose to destroy themselves, it is their free will to do so, but it is not our place to destroy them. It is our purpose to allow the possibility of complete healing, and this can only occur through firstly understanding what is at the root of their destructive behaviour. When we fully understand, we will only want to offer them the possibility of freedom from their inner-prison, from their pain, through compassionately extending love towards them.

If we find it difficult to do this, and instead we wish suffering and destruction upon them, this is a clear sign that our own healing is not complete. We ourselves must be fully restored, like the cancer cell, back to our natural loving and life-giving state; a state where hostile or destructive tendencies no longer exist, because they were only part of the sickness, part of the dysfunction.

When we are restored to our naturally loving nature, we desire only healing, and we know with total certainty that love is fully capable of achieving this. This is our purpose now on this planet, to heal the division within our own species, by being an agent of unconditional love, extended to all beings in need of healing, of which there are many. Love has the power to do this, and its success is guaranteed. All we have to do is align ourselves with its all-forgiving and compassionate nature, and we become part of the solution.

Thank you.

Alexander Bell

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About Alexander Bell

Awakened spiritual teacher, writer, composer and nutritionist.

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War & Peace on Social Media



The potential for friendship on this planet is phenomenal. We know that there are over 7 billion people alive on this beautiful planet, and just imagine how it would feel to know that every single one of them was a friend. Just imagine if you held no grievances towards even a single person on the planet; that you felt only good-will towards all living beings. Well, you can.

Now, I am not saying this is easy, because we are challenged on a daily basis to remain tolerant, understanding and compassionate with the people we interact with, both on social media and in the real world.

For many, it can be particularly tempting to slip into hostile communications on social media, because it is a place where so many opinions are shared, and often with people who do not even know us personally, so that people can react rudely or unkindly even to something which was intended to be positive and constructive.

If someone disagrees with your opinion on social media, they often think nothing of insulting you in a very confrontational way. But this is an ever-present danger with opinions. They divide people. Of course, if your opinions are popular ones then you may have more positive responses than negative, but there will always be people who disagree with you, and will tell you so. And when they do, how do you respond? Maturely and respectfully? Or does the communication degrade into childish insults, as our ego gets a grip on us and influences our responses?

These are the many tests we face in our communications with others, and especially with this being the age of communication. Never before have our words and our opinions been available to so many people worldwide, as they are now thanks to information technology and social media.

So now more than ever, we need to learn the art of maintaining harmonious communications, by putting our ego aside, being more tolerant of the opinions of others, and being humble enough to say, “What I think is not so important..”

Because in truth, what we think is not so important that we should let it create a sense of conflict between ourselves and another person. Inter-personal harmony should always be the priority, because we have to carry around the feelings that result from our communications with others. Depending on how we communicate, we can either carry around the positive feelings and the clear conscience that comes from being understanding and tolerant in our communications, or we can carry the feeling of agitation and hostility that comes from trying to be ‘right’ and trying to ‘win’ the communication by putting another person down, or by being cold and insensitive with our words. We can choose. Tolerance, humility and non-reactivity will always leave us with a greater feeling of peace.

We all know how it feels when our ego clashes with another ego, and we feel the desire to be right, the desire to ‘win the battle’. The ego becomes very controlling, very clever with words and intellect; it does anything not to be wrong, because the ego does not like to be the loser, especially the ego of intelligent and strong individuals. Such an ego will rarely back down, because it cannot accept what it perceives be a ‘defeat’. In this way, petty differences of opinion about the most insignificant of things can turn into very hostile exchanges, with vitriol flying back and forth between individuals, aggression and hatred bubbling over as the original issue is forgotten, and the desire to dominate and wound the ego of the opposing party becomes the priority.

How sad it is that this should ever occur, when there is always the potential for brotherly or sisterly respect and warmth to flow between individuals in every sphere of communication. Respect is the key word here, because even if warmth is not forthcoming, at least we can respect that this fellow human being has a need to be understood, tolerated and treated respectfully. This means honouring their beliefs, their perspective and their feelings. When, as a bare minimum, respect is present in all our communications we feel the deep benefit of this. Our conscience remains clear. To know we have been respectful of another human being gives us a feeling of decency, a feeling of goodness and maturity within ourselves, and we need to feel this way.

Most people know how it feels to leave things on a ‘bad note’. It is not good to be left with a feeling of bitterness, of resentment or even hatred. These are very destructive feelings, and they destroy our peace of mind as well as the potential for positive relationships. To know that you have not forgiven someone and that you still harbour ill-will towards them leaves an imprint in your heart which affects your ability to be truly peaceful and happy. Because it is something which is unresolved, it will come back to you, over and over again until you decide to forgive that person.

And to forgive someone is actually only a matter of deciding to stop punishing them. That is all. You do not need to ‘do’ anything. Just stop wishing bad things upon them. Wish them peace instead. Hope that they may experience freedom from their suffering, from their hostilities. As you do this, you free yourself from the suffering created by your own hostility towards them.

As we forgive people (including ourselves) and we release ourselves from the hostility that comes from the desire to punish and dominate, more peace comes into our heart. The enemies that we perceived we had, disappear. There comes a point where we realise that there is no-one towards whom we bear malice. There is no-one whom we wish suffering upon.

This is a wonderful realisation, because in a very tangible way we feel that our heart has been set free from anger and hatred. We see that our mind has been freed from judgement, so that it is more able to enjoy a sense of kinship with all people. We have realised the profound importance of harmony, within our mind and within our entire being. We have opened up the possibility for an all-pervading tolerance, understanding and compassion that encompasses every living being. This is evolution. This is maturity. This is wisdom.

Alexander Bell


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About Alexander Bell

Awakened spiritual teacher, writer, composer and nutritionist.

We met Joanna Ross from Universal Unity in Sedona for the 11-11 Gateway this year!

We had so much fun, Joanna booked us for a return visit for 2017

We’re also planning a trip to Tampa, FL in June of 2017!

We would love to meet you at one of our events 🙂


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