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Divine Heavenly Balance


Divine Heavenly Balance
by Joanna L. Ross
February 26, 2017.

Good morning dear lighted ones,
It seems as though I myself have been on a rollercoaster of unveiling’s. My interests, my focus, my deep welling passion for the Divine, the Universal blessings has moved and shifted as I am being led within a new destined path. This new way of surrender, the letting go and riding the cosmic wave is very new, and feels at times unnerving, however I know within that it will bring forth a new level and depth of my own inner vastness, so I surrender into the Universal inertia.
My path is seemingly taking me into wider Universal waters in which I am exploring galactic wisdoms and practices, that I use in other star systems, upon other worlds, and even within ancient earthly lifetimes. All of which are coming to life through me in an entirely new human way. I know that I am merging many lifetimes; I know that I am awakening new multi-dimensional gifts to serve and assist in all that I do here and now, and I am cognitively aware of why I feel as if I am a fish out of water at times. It is an attribute of complete and utter surrender to the Divine plan, the soulful destiny in which you ‘let go’ and know that your Divine blueprint, your cosmic, and earthly soul plan are interwoven far deeper and wider than you can know now, but will serve you in the most highest of ways. I trust this, I know this, and as my life appears to shift overnight, and oftentimes right before my eyes, I intuitively drop to my heart and offer it in, for Mother Father God know what they are doing, and I am One with their brilliance unveiling.

New Paths Unveiling.
A new path that I will be exploring will not only be the Universal Divine wisdoms of assimilation of earthly life to our galactic birthing, but also to assist with the acclimatizing of all children to our new Universal playground. To assist in creating teachings, inclusivity, and new platforms within the idea of enlightenment and ascension path work to their tender hearts and awaken their unique remembrance of who they are as a Divine being of light. My new sacred extensions will also include the remembrance of what I know to be true within the Universal teachings of the male and female energies and how to integrate these wisdoms so that we truly understand the profound operating system that it is.
When we balance the masculine & feminine energies within, we are healing all timelines, parallel earths in which profound imbalance existed.

This takes conscious choice, awareness in where you hold judgment in any role, definitions we use, and projections we make about our reality. We are moment-for-moment shifting our roles in every task we do, in every word we utter, for it all carries vibration and when we are triggered, or pushed to react, we will often fall to the energetic vibration that will create safety, security, or familiarity for us. We are deepening our understanding for the intricate webbing and encoding that exists within so that we can truly move freely and with balance and respect as we are ushered into a new cosmic playground.

Not only are we integrating all earthly lifetimes, all cosmic lifetimes, but we are also integrating what we know to be true about the male and female energies within. This is why this lifetime is so utterly profound in its blessings and offerings for human and Universal evolution. For remember all threads are sewn together and as we shift and alter this now moment, we shift and alter the All.

The Divine female energy, the Divine male energy are encoded within, we are encoded with the understanding and themes to heal and move beyond in any given moment that shifts us back and forth through these energies and can be subtlety felt as you move about your daily life.

This human earthly game, this grand experiential ride, in all lifetimes has offered imbalances in many things. These imbalances allow us to heal and grow in ways that few realms and planets have been able to offer. As we move beyond outdated views and perceptions, we heal the human family and all that it is entangled with.

Our understanding of who we are as Divine loving essence, but also how interlaced we are as female, male, energies in this unique understanding of Oneness. Every generation, every lifetime, we have held all roles, all players, all actors in the scene, and now we are here to lay to rest every imbalance and heal what is required to be healed so that we can move within our galactic playground with a peaceful and balanced heart.

Integrating these new musings about male and female energies within will bring forth new manifestations for you to test your new sense of balance. Have this be ‘ok.’ For you are a master and you know how to allow the higher perspective viewpoint in every unveiling to choose from a place of deep inner love and respect for the encoding that you are blessed with. We all have the same innate toolkit to create, to choose, to manifest brilliance; and it is the master that centers and chooses from a place of ever-heightened awareness that creates peace and harmony in all ways.

The male and female balance is a core attribute to human evolution and it simply cannot be overlooked or underplayed in its importance to where we resonate now and what we are able to manifest as a new heightened human behavior. Know that in our coming months, you may feel ignited to review and refine your innate truths, beliefs, and understandings about your wholeness, the balance you hold within and how you say what you say, and what energy your words are entangled with. This can take you to a deeper level of wisdom, truth, and balance to the Divine male and female that exist within that will be awakening to ready for the cosmic union of our Divine Soul Star essence.
The Divine Soul Star essence is the amalgamation of our cosmic soul, the cosmic Divine compliment essence that unites with our earthly vessel in assistance with the final phase of our ascension. This is the sacred unification of a higher cosmic frequency of soul, usually the exact Divine compliment of who we are in our most balanced and harmonic sense. This is why it is key to give way to what you are creating for yourself as daily triggers, and manifestations to engage with the imbalances that you hold within.
At any given moment we have the potential to bring awareness to our own unique beliefs, truths, and ideals we hold within this concept of BEING both loving male energies, as well as female energies and where do we hold judgments, or limitation, or mistruths about this Divine balance.
Allow your inner genius, the multi-dimensional brilliance of all that you are to come forth, and to show you, to guide you, to enrich the you that sits in the chair. For you no longer have to look to others for their truths, for their wisdoms, you hold the Universe within and you hold the purity of balance and self-love within and it is a journey that we each must take to stand within our own unique truth of Oneness and Universal peaceful balance.
Tune in and create awareness to the new way in which we hold balance, love, similitude to the “all” as we swim within it knowing we are balanced in Oneness. For as we create this awareness, this Divine balance, we heal all worlds, all parallel realities in which we exist within, as well as all future now moments in which we create the pathway and golden road to what our children experience, what our future incarnations will experience.

We are not seperate from any experience we create. Whether we create the experience to view it, to be immersed within it, or to merely enjoy the essence of it, we are still One with it, and there are profound lessons within it all if we choose to take a deeper state of knowingness in why we manifested it.

All that we do, all that we experience, all that we explore, is for the inner pull, the soulful desire to experience how grand and vast we are. How vast we are in our experience to create separation, or love, or compassion, or balance within thy self, it is the expression of love that Mother Father God have for us and why we are so intrigued within this earthly game.
In all that you do dear golden ones, know that you have a Divine cosmic soul star with you in every move you make. Your Divine compliment knows your every thought, your every word, your every wish and dream. Entangle, connect, entwine in the richness that you are offered through your own machinations to unveil how truly One and balanced you are. Your Oneness, your Divine completion, your soul essence is the All; balanced, loving, pure with an elegant knowing of love and harmony. Know this, soak within it, and allow all that you are to be transformed by it, for it is you ready to play in a new way.

You are infinite within the exploration of your Divine Creator hood, and at some point, we will all flow through the waters of consciousness in which we are creating right now. As our realities speed up, we will be more aware that our thoughts, our actions, our truths create instantly; so why not make it all about love and the renewed sense of balance in thyself. You are the All; you are male energy, you are female energy, you are earthly energy, you are cosmic energy, you are Universal energy, you are Divinely encoded, and you are ONE in all ways with all things.

Enjoy dear golden spiral of the ALL. Enjoy. You are new, you are entwined essence of both male and female energies ready to see, view, and experience this new earthly vibration within a new perspective, a new refined vessel, and you are free to create with the Universal genius encoded within every cell.

How to Transmute & Rise Above.
So how do you enrich your daily life with this new concept and new wisdom spiraling within? Soften when old habits and patterns want to react, uphold your strength when you feel your truth, your word, your authenticity being tested, and allow the balance of compassion and love to override in all ways. The more you commit to allowing yourself the higher perspective in an intentional balanced manner, you will begin to see new truths, new words, new ways of behaving taking form. This is our evolution in the making and our DNA, our vessel, our consciousness is ready to take our human transformation into a new dimensional realm of experience.

Own your skill, ability, and mastery to own when imbalance arises. Claim and acknowledge that you are new to this unified balanced energy and you desire for it to show itself and allow you to learn, to remember your sense of peace within it, your sense of self within it. Claim this unified balance for yourself; create an invocation, a ceremony, and a ritual in which you invoke Oneness of both energies within you, and that you honor and give rise to balance within each. Claiming and owning your mastery must be ignited by the acknowledgement of it.

Know that you are a Master and you have all that you need within, and you are initiating, guiding, and enlivening your own path into unification with Source, with Creation, with the Divine Mother Father essence that desires you to return to the fullness of love that you are worthy of. You know what you are doing and why you are here.

And so dear lighted ones, dear earthly master, with unconditional trust, surrender into the new Divine balance and entanglement of love that exists within, for you are ushering yourself deeper into your Divine destiny and it is where you have designed yourself to go, to experience, to enliven.
Your uniqueness is required, your Divinely balanced essence is needed and called for, and you have a place within the grander scheme within Creation. There is not an ounce of you that is not needed, loved, or supported, so in this, surrender into your joy, into your new essence of balance and Divine loving energy aching to be released into the lush earthly ground to manifest and co-create. You are worthy of this ride, and it is safe to be the ‘You’ that you have designed yourself to be. It is safe now dear one; you are safe to be seen, to be heard, and to be known as the Divine Heavenly balanced essence that you are.

Transcend, bloom, arise, and fall in love with the All-that you are, for in every moment you are the essence of balance, unity, harmony, and peace, the Heavens open and show you a grander view of your limitless potential. How dearly loved you are dear one, enjoy your fullness.

You are balance, you are One, you are now, you are Heavenly, and how may you create in your awakening to balance and harmony of the Divine male and the Divine female spiraling within?
Blessings and great joy,

Joanna L. Ross

JoannaUniversalChamber2016JuneJoanna L. Ross was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia Canada. At a very early age, she was infinitely inspired by life around her. A series of soul wrenching dreams was the catalyst to understanding her innate psychic abilities. Profound synchronistic events followed her desire to understand the realms that she would peek into when she was prescribed meditation. This marked the beginning of an infinite path of being a student to the Universe.Joanna’s primary passion and life expression is to first be a student of creation. In utter gratitude, she is inspired to shared, educate, and enlighten those who desire to understand ascension, universal laws, and our great universal family within the cosmos. Joanna, a passionate Public Speaker, Esoteric Teacher, Intuitive Visionary, Author, and Ambassador for New Earth is here to tap into the vibrational frequency of the 5th dimensional new earth. In these incredibly accelerating times, our collective, our planet, is moving through a never before experienced ascension, which in turn, offers the potentials for humanity to move from a lower 3rd dimensional frequency, to a 5th dimensional light quotient.

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Shannon’s Testimony:
Before we met Joanna I was 9 months into dealing with an unknown illness that was making me weaker by the day and led to the loss of my ability to work 2 jobs and run my own pet sitting company. To say the least, it was a time of upheaval in my personal and professional life. Jamie had some exciting things going on with the growth of his passion on his AwakeningOurTruth Youtube channel and he was in need of some guidance of his own. She gave Jamie and I a 90 minute reading and it was the first time I spoke with Joanna. Without even knowing anything about my life she pinpointed several things to incredible accuracy in my past, present, and future. She predicted the medical surgery I would undergo just 2 months later. I honestly didn’t really believe in what she said about my future until it happened and I looked back.  She also “knew” about the secret mountain getaway I was planning for Jamie to such accuracy that I was afraid she would give away my surprise to him! I had told nobody about this trip and it was a confirmation for me that even though I was sick, it was truly needed. On that trip is when I received news from my Dr that I didn’t expect to hear and it would end up being the restful time Jamie and I needed together before I was hospitalized. But, more than the intuitive knowledge she had about us and our lives, she provided us with healing energy and uplifting insight into what would become the scariest and most difficult time in our lives (I underwent thoracic lung surgery). I’m now a year past that time in our lives and we are unfolding into something new and exciting.
To this day Joanna continues to be a light shining bright in our lives and we are forever changed by that first reading with her. I can’t express to you the profound insight that you will gain from a healing reading with Joanna. You’ll have to see for yourself!

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Break Free – by The Pleiadians

Break Free – By the pleiadians. through Lauren Egle

It’s like the time where earth began to shift billions of years ago. No one seemed to be able to move. All the vastness surrounding the air was extremely thin. Life forces could not succumb to the numbness that was filling the bodies. One would try to lift their heads but the heaviness held it down. These are the times again. It’s time to rise against this darkness and overcome the fear. We are here to help guide you. Show you the way to save mother gaia. Her vastness gives life to this planet of yours. The trees give you life to breathe. The rivers give you food to nourish your bodies, which are filled with such life force.

How could one come to destroy such beauty for pure greed? It’s time to wake up. Own up to your actions. Take a step forward to your destiny. And yes, you know what your destiny is. It has been written. It’s written in every flower of life. It is written in the palms of your hands. God’s hands. Notice your soul when you gaze into your beautiful eyes. Search within for that spark. It’s there. I promise. Then, and only then, will you be fulfilled. Will you feel that life spark open your hearts to an everlasting love given by all that is? All that is, is us. All of us. We are not many, but one. “One love”… as Bob Marley would say (added by me ;). Let’s not stop now for comfort. For comfort never satisfies. Let us not waste time in such mundane experiences, for we are not here for that. Experience life. The life force is what fills us with exuberance. And that’s why we are here. Then and only then will you feel the love and light of the all and be all with one another. Only then shall you sing the song of joy. For I am here not to confuse you, but to make you stronger. Stronger so that you can choose the path less traveled. Stronger so that you can stand your ground when adversity comes your way, which comes your way from fear. NOW is the time. STEP forward. FOLLOW ME. I am here to guide and only to guide. I am no better than you, you see. For we are one. And one we will be.
Times will get rough. Choose the light and it will not. It will be a breeze on the ocean side caressing your face. Choose the darkness and rough times will prevail. You see, light always shines, even through darkness. So here is your choice. Choose to remain stuck in the present moment of greed, uncertainty, fear. Choose to be the bearer of lost cause. Then there you will stay. But, I do not give up hope. For we all make choices. And thus, you can change. One thought can create a momentum of which change can occur. So decide. DECIDE. Now is the time. There is no harm in choosing. For choice brings change. For thoughts create reality. So change your thoughts to create your reality. And BE with us. Remember, you just have to choose. Choosing is easy. Create a thought, then believe in that thought. Reinforce that thought over and over again till it becomes a belief. Once you believe, change will occur. And then you will be set free. Freedom to be that love and light you so desire. So come my dear ones. Follow the light and the door will open. Finally, you shall see.





Lauren Egle

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