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Grounding for Gaia Webinar

Ready to Ground with Mother Earth to Help Both You & Her Ascend?

It is time to start connecting with Earth by grounding yourself to help with her ascension. So why now more than before? When we ground, the shifts that are occurring within us and on gaia are being grounded, which is helping Gaia shift and vice versa. In this webinar, we will learn multiple ways in which we can ground ourselves and you can choose the one that resonates with you!

Like you all have already noticed, this is an intense time. The past from this and other lifetimes is surfacing with a reason to balance everything. Understand it. See what the higher purpose of everything that happened was from another point of view. It was to grow and evolve on a soul level. By balancing everything we are getting back all of our energy stuck in the past and future (from focusing on the future), which is enabling us to live in the moment of NOW more. With time, all of our energy will be here and now (not in the past or future), which will give us the power to create instantly.


– Grounding Techniques

– Kundalini Body Exercises for Grounding: Activates Lower Chakras and Relieves Stress and Everything we hold in our Bodies. This Makes the Kundalini Rise

– Grounding Universal Energies into Gaia and Yourself Exercise

– Guided Journey for Connecting with Gaia


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