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The shamanic state of consciousness

by Carl Henrik December 10, 2016

  All over the world today we find ceremonies, rituals and traditions that leads back to the shamanic ways. Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual and healing practices on the planet and dates back 50 000 years. It is rooted in its love for the mother, our planet. Shamanism is huge chapter and if you are interested in learning more about this subject I recommend for more information. I attended a shamanic school in Ireland hosted by the team behind this site and the people, animals, plants (yes we talked a lot with them too!) and atmosphere were amazing.

 However I will go a little more into the shamanic state of consciousness. This was for me one of the most interesting aspects and shows how easy you can alter you own consciousness and enter trance like states. At the shamanic workshop we had several practices with this. For instance our instructor played the shamanic drum at a high tempo providing us the possibility to let go and follow the rhythm. Soon delightful visions appeared in my mind as I closed my eyes, laying down on the floor as well as a deep feeling of joy and meaning.

One of the other ways we practiced was to enter the trance state the more modern way. We had a rave party to use a popular term. We got up and we danced to the sound of electronic trance music and were encouraged to let ourselves completely go as we moved around in ways that suited us. We learned the importance of letting go and just feel and explore as this is essential for discovering different asepcts of our sacred

 Most of us don’t think about how attending a musical event that makes us enter these trance like stated have roots in shamanism. Even more so today’s events are in many other ways spiritual as well.

 I will leave you with a video from this years event of Qlimax, one of the biggest dance festivals on the planet. It is very interesting to notice how elements from self realization, shamanism and celestial life are included (this years event was even called rise of the celestials).

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