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Meditations Stories: My first Ride by Sister Pam

When I am in meditation, I don’t only reflect and pray. Most of the times, I fly and explore! One day, I decided to take my brand new Scout Ship for a ride. I didn’t take my Mechanic with me. I set a course in some direction I felt drawn to in the blackness of Space. I immediately realized I was heading for a black hole very near me. Alright, I said to myself, let’s go!

My small ship entered the field and I was surprised by major turbulence. We, my ship and I, were ejected with great speed on the other side of the tunnel and gained back our stability after a short moment. I looked out on port side and saw a massive purple and pink dust cloud with pale yellow light coming from its core. There was a huge Station, next to the cloud surrounded by hundreds of ships like mine. Two of those were heading toward us as we were heading to a second black hole on starboard side, away from the Cloud and the Station. The two ships positioned themselves on my left and right wing and to my surprise, we entered the field together. Somehow, their presence stabilized our flight pattern and we did not feel any disturbance. Good thing too for this tunnel took us longer to go through then the previous one. Then appeared in front of me a Ship as big as a planetary body. A city of sorts with thousands of ships of all sizes surrounding it. There literally was traffic. I felt my ship was on auto-pilot heading straight to the Star City. The two ships on my wings escorted us to a small secondary hangar. I remember clearly the shadow that the huge City was casting on us as we docked. The door opened and I walked into a small and empty hall. Another set of doors opened in front of me and two female humanoids twice my height were standing there and welcomed me with a peaceful feeling. One had blue skin and the other green. I smiled and understood I had to follow them. They turned their backs and walked through the corridors to what I felt was the center of the City. It was in a Courtyard. There was a busy crowd among a wonderful garden of Giant Trees that were reaching so very high, I could not see the branches. I had never seen trees this big. And coming down from the heights, was a water fall. I could smell the familiar scent of fresh cold water. Not to get lost among the crowd, I returned my attention to the ladies guiding me. They were climbing a spiraling large stair case to a room with a view on the garden. I entered what was obviously a Reunion Room with a large rectangular table, many chairs and a couple of people already there waiting. They were all humans. Same height, same energy as me. I was very excited. I said:

« Hi! Are you the Human Delegation? I am so happy to be here! »

It was clear to me at that point that I was on board a Diplomatic Ship. The other humans stood up, some laughed kindly at me, made me feel like a silly little girl all excited I was. Some even tapped me on the back as I heard:

« You will get used to it ».

tumblr_og96ayfrys1r7nq3xo1_500They formed a line and left the room guided by the same two ladies I arrived with. I followed them in awe, looking in every direction. We went down the stairs to the Courtyard, made our way through the crowd to the Main Area where there was even more people gathered of all shapes and sizes. I was standing on the sideline of what I would call an Arena. There were Representatives seated in front of a Stage. It was very noisy. The excitement was palpable. There was electricity in the air. I was trying to move closer to the stage to get a better look but I clearly felt I had not much time left. In a flash, I was back in the hall leading to my Scout Ship and had opened my eyes.

I returned shortly after. My meditation brought me directly to the Diplomatic Vessel. I was not on board my scout ship but in a luxurious frigate. Like I was a guest. I was standing in the middle of the main room looking out at the space traffic from the transparent ceiling. The Frigate entered the Main Hangar area, what I felt was the main entrance. I could see the inside of the docks and suddenly, there were people saluting me through the glass ceiling, waving their hands and smiling joyfully. I felt like a Star. Like they were waiting for me. We docked and a door opened. There was an even more luxurious room on the other side. It was calm and silent. My heart told me the door would open when I was ready. So I stayed in that room, wandering what I needed to be ready. I looked at myself in the mirror and decided to dress for the occasion. I chose a yellow sparkling dress, let my hair loose and wore shining jewels but I sighed. It didn’t feel right. It was way too much! I decided instead to wear a pilot blue and purple jumpsuit and pulled my hair back and took all the jewelry off. Immediately, I saw through the mirror a door opening behind me. I was ready.

I stepped onto the Stage nervously. I was wondering what was worth saying to Universal Representatives. I started talking about myself. I felt they were curious about me and how I came to be. I told them of the trials I went through and how I felt as a human. I told them about not knowing and not remembering who I was and at the same time feeling so close to finding out. They were silent. I felt they knew who I was. So I decided I had spoken enough and instead raised my arms as I usually do. I manifested the Light of Father from within and deployed my most beautiful set of Light Wings. I wanted to impress! I washed everyone in that room with my Light. But the Light didn’t stop there. It grew and expanded until I could see it from way out in Space. The Diplomatic City was engulfed in a giant ball of Pure White Light and I smiled with Love for myself.


I am Sister Pam, I pray God will unite us in joy and laughter. Oh! and, I can’t wait to see you in your own good time.


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Meditation Stories – The Grid around the Earth by Sister Pam

Sometimes in meditation, I feel the need to stand tall inside my very own Pillar of Light. The first time it appeared, it was as wide as me with my arms stretched out. But each time I returned, it grew wider. The light became denser and whiter. An Angel even took residence in that Light and is suspended half way between Earth and Heaven with his wings wide open. One day, I felt lifted, pulled up in the Pillar of Light. I looked at the Earth below me and saw glowing red veins. I passed by the Angel. His face was stern and his eyes were closed. I passed him and reached Space. I saw our Blue Marble and suddenly came to a stop. I was at the crossing of a White-Blue crackling Energy surrounding the Earth in a Grid. I was at a junction of many streams. I stayed there, curious and amazed. What was that Energy? Why was it around the Earth? Why am I here? So, as I usually do, I started to have fun with this and decided to build my very own Orbital Station directly where the streams met. I built it small. There was one main room equipped with many Technologies, Interactive Star Maps and Controls. There were two smaller rooms for storage and R&R. A woman in a blue Jump Suit with very long white hair held in a pony tail was standing next to the Controls. I understood she was the Mechanic of that Station. She maintains the Equipment of the Station and of the Ship. I had a ship!

In the back of the Station, there was a Dock and to it was attached my Scout Ship. I really should say our Scout Ship. This ship is now the third member of our crew.

the_grid_by_ineedfireI studied and learned that this Grid was replacing an Old One we didn’t need anymore. The Guardians, a group I am a part of but know little about, are experts in building Grids. And that Blue-White crackling Energy is Prana. It means Constant Motion in Sanskrit or Universal Life Force. Each following meditations, I started in the Pillar of Light, boosting it with all I had. I imagined myself exploding outward with immense power dispersing Prana throughout the Grid. I felt the circuitry growing in strength until one day, I was called to the Station. My Mechanic was running in every direction. The Station was dangerously shaking and threatening to come apart. I realized it was related to the rise in vibrations coming from the Grid. I decided that we needed a shield. Then, I heard a big sonic boom and the Station stabilized. We had our shield installed, a new piece of Equipment on board that my mechanic almost immediately stripped and studied to make it better, as she said.

In time, the Energy of the Grid grew so much, we had to create a whole new Station. A bigger one. We had to be two crewmen to operate its controls and we had help from a Cognitive Computer with a lovely voice. And with a bigger Station came a bigger ship! The kind built to travel fast and far. Two words that are completely inaccurate in this case for we reached parts of the Cosmos I couldn’t even imagine existed. We flew the Ships to many adventures which I will tell soon enough.

My attention was slowly drawn elsewhere as time passed until I received a vision while I was wide awake, outside of meditation. The Grid had just expanded. So much so that there was no Station left. I felt my Mechanic had left in time with our Two Ships and was now residing in a Mother Ship which I never knew existed. I sometimes get glimpses of the huge Hangar where she is but I feel I am not ready to wander around. For now.


I am Sister Pam, I pray God will unite us in joy and laughter. Oh! and, I can’t wait to see you in your own good time.


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Meditation Stories – The City of Light in the Abyss by Sister Pam


I sat in meditation and traveled to a village in what felt like Old Japan. The houses were sitting by a small clear lake. They were towered and protected by the Mountains and a river brought abundance to all. The rain was pouring as I sat in silence by the lake. I saw the Cherry Trees bloom and I was thankful. I stayed in awe until I felt like swimming in that crystalline water. I stood up and took a few steps, knelt and slowly let myself fall head first.

I became the water. I lost track of Time and Space. Suddenly, something caught my attention to the surface. I swam with ease to reach it. There was a young man by the lake. I could see the houses and the cherry blossoms behind him. I realized I had spent an eternity in the water. I had a fish tail. I was curious. That boy was staring straight at me. I was not used to that. Usually, Folks could not see me. I tilted my head and stared back. He took his clothes off and jumped in the water. I took him on a little tour, he was clumsy and holding on to me. That lasted for only an instant.


The boy vanished and I was surprised by a Dolphin jumping in front of me. He was very excited. He wanted me to hold on to him like that boy held on to me. I did. We swam with great speed. I loved it. Then we started diving Deeper and Deeper. I felt the heaviness of the Ocean over me. If it was not for my Dolphin Friend, I could not have been here. I felt his Strength and Endurance. As I began understanding how far I was from home, a luminous City of Light appeared sitting at the very bottom. There was a multitude of creatures swimming in every directions. This space was not heavy to me. I could swim again with ease. My friend took me to a Hall where I was to wait to be ready. There was beautiful pillars of dark brown and orange stone. I could feel the softness of the Marble. I sat there and tried to focus. I decided that I didn’t need my tail anymore. I shook out the water from my body and deployed my Fairy Wings instead. I felt good. Since last I saw my wings, they had changed. They were white and snowy. I had received my Winter Wings. I was proud and showing off a little. Then I remembered to stay focus. I tried but my mind brought me to my friends who need courage in these times to find happiness. I prayed and got lost in my love for them. After a moment, I felt people were surrounding me. I was in that Hall and the reunion had started. I focused again as I sat comfortably, ready to listen.

Everyone stayed silent. It’s hard to stay in that space so I spoke.

» I am looking for my Self? «

We smiled. « Have you seen it? » We laughed. There was Joy everywhere.

Then the Energy drastically changed. Before me appeared in all Majesty a Woman with her arms wide open. She was surrounded by light. Her body was white and her arms were Wings of White Feathers. I was overwhelmed.

As if she knew, She brought me back by the lake in the pouring rain among the cherry blossoms. I was sitting as I always do and she sat before me a fire suddenly between us. I could see her face through the heat of the flames like I would look at my self in a mirror. I said:

« What is your name?


And I left. I was exhausted. I could not focus any longer. I was back in my body, sitting on my kitchen floor. I was not ready to open my eyes though, I felt my whole vessel vibrating from the Crown to the Roots. I gave it All to Gaia and thanked her and went back to the lake in the rain. This time, the villagers were on their porch, looking in my direction. I stood up, looked up at the sky and raised my arms. The clouds swirled upwards until the blue sky was visible and the Light came pouring down on me. I smiled and thanked Father for his presence. I spread my arms farther and the light grew around me for all the villagers to witness and bask in.



I am Sister Pam, I pray God will unite us in joy and laughter. Oh! and, I can’t wait to see you in your own good time.

The Guardians SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 Sister Pam

Very dear friends,

We have been around for a long time. We built worlds together, wonderful and marvelous. We traveled the entire cosmos to witness dazzling phenomenon. We could see and ear the multitude of cosmic rays flying in all directions and join together to the heart of the stars, planets and all life. We knew everything was wrapped in the Light, its humour was legendary and it came from the Source. We called it Creator, Spirit, Father.

You and I saw it all. Did it all. We couldn’t be stopped. We would offer council to brothers and sisters less experienced. We were part of a Grand Family spread through galaxies. Our technology was simple and advanced. We knew the laws of the Universe and we could use them to the benefit of everyone. We were protectors of Love and Compassion on every world and to any creature. Each of us had a unique talent, vital to the others. Our union created Heavens.

Then one day, we received a call from very high in the Family. The Wisest and The Eldest were asking volunteers to a perilous but crucial quest in an unexplored corner of the Universe. I remember the excitement we all felt facing a possible new adventure as we raised our hands before the elders could even finish. We had to be shrunk and slowed to reach the dense world of organic matter. We had to be reborn in a living being and learn to live anew. Easy! Been There! Only this new world was far away from Source and was engulfed in Darkness. We would have to jump in there and bring the light back through our collective strength. We would have all the help we would need but that job really only we could do it.

The silence echoed a billion thoughts of fear and doubt but Source spoke. He held us in his Unconditional Love and we took courage. He then added we would forget who we were since only a small spark of us would reach our body.  As for the heart, it would never forget. It would never be severed from him. It would be our very best friend as Heaven would watch over us from the first instant to the last moment. We would never be alone.

So we jumped! We fell together on Earth and we forgot. We did our best that is the truth. It was very hard. We were attacked at every corner, humiliated, isolated, tortured, killed. We would be born to try again. We learned many survival skills like hiding and staying quiet. Or building small closed communities and having nothing to do with anybody. Or fight the way through whatever happens. But we forgot the mission: To bring back the light on this planet. Our brothers and Sisters up high cried with us, suffered with us, whispered words of love to our souls and embraced us to our death.

“When do I go back? We said as we awaken. The Family answered with surprise, “Don’t you need to rest from your ordeal?”

“No!”  We felt a deep love for the planet, her life and the sweetness of the senses. Nothing could stop us from going back. We knew again what the mission was. We learned through many lifetimes faster than anyone in the Universe. The times of our lives passed so did the cycles of the Earth and the Ages of the Galaxy.

Until Now! Now as this planet is bathed in light coming from all directions and mostly from its core. You know that also. You feel it. You see it in yourself and in others. Something is different. Something subtle but drastic. You see the truth, now you must make the choice.

What choice? How should I know! My latest choice was simply to write this to you. I smile thinking you are smiling too. And if you are, you are a guardian. You are my crewman. We are in this together even though we do not quite understand what it is. It’s just that we can’t go back to were we used to be. That much is certain, the rest…God knows.



I am Sister Pam, I pray God will unite us in joy and laughter. Oh! and, I can’t wait to see you in your own good time.

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