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The Arcturians – Unity of Personal and Planetary Lightbody

This one made me homesick.

The Arcturians – Unity of Personal and Planetary Lightbody
through Suzanne Lie June 7, 2016

The Arcturians

More and more people, especially those who meditate on a regular basis, are beginning to have their initial experiences of Lightbody. The Light of your Lightbody is within yourself, within your spinal cord, within that kundalini energy that is within the core of your spinal column. The kundalini energy is stored at the base of the spine and is often known as the “Sleeping Serpent.” As your consciousness expands into your fifth dimensional gamma waves, the kundalini energy begins to rise up your spine. At first, the kundalini moves up a little bit, you must adjust to that unique feeling, as well as the other new sensations in your body. Therefore, you go back into your daily life, and the Kundalini moves back down into the…

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