Awakening Our Truth

The Beginning of Disclosure is Finally Here!!!


The Beginning of Disclosure is Finally Here!!!

You may need to watch several times for this to truly sink in.



Welcome Awakening Souls

Hi I’m Jamie and I’m just a guy who had a Kundalini Awakening on December 5th, 2011.

After that night I made a promise to myself that as long as I remained here completing this journey with my wonderful wife, that I would try my hardest to awaken as many souls as I could before leaving and at the bare minimum peek the interest of many so that one day in the near future this world can become what it should be “A beautiful learning center for the soul.” My wife and childhood sweetheart, Shannon, is what you would call an old soul. She was present during my awakening and has her own unique perspective on these things. We are the mirrors of each other’s souls and her perspective can be found here.  Awakening Our Truth is our labor of love and a shared experience for us all.  We are all one, it’s not just some cool saying. There is only One and we are all projections of that one. If you are reading this, it is probably a good assumption that you are prepared to take the next step in your spiritual journey. As you explore our pages and blog topics, PLEASE  keep an open mind and DON’T take anything you may see here as the only TRUTH.

The story of my awakening

The Beginning of Disclosure is Finally Here!!!

100+ Spiritual Enlightenment videos

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The videos I watched right before my awakening. 

Latest Messages for 2017 

LightWorkers Handbook ~ Kryon

BlockChain Technology Bit-chain Decentralizing Conciousness




“We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. Learning “remembering” ~Unconditional Love~ in a story we call Life. It’s an  we create from  

We are energy, you are it’s form.

You created this Illusion to have fun and to help you understand who you truly are.

Remember who you were before you came here and you shall never fear again.

~Jamie Hendon

( I Am The Algorithm )


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2 thoughts on “The Beginning of Disclosure is Finally Here!!!

  1. One question entered my mind in reading your post. “What makes you think the Earth isn’t a beautiful learning center for your soul?” You say you want it to become such, but what if it is helping you in learning in ways your conscious mind does not understand by being exactly the way it already is? Why assume all is not divine? Even the misunderstanding coming from the perspective ‘something is wrong with the Earth,’ is a divine part of the learning experience. These are just pondering to consider. Not to adapt unless it feels right to you.

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