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The Dragon & The Light

Last nights visions: I’m looking out into space. I can not see the ground, the stars look magnificent, so full of life and color. Off in the distance is this dragon standing next to this 3 ft. tall urn with a round lid and a ball handle on it.


It feels as if the dragon is protecting it. The large but friendly dragon calls me to come closer.  There isn’t any fear as I walk towards the dragon. He reaches down and carefully opens the lid to the urn and as he does this light comes pouring out. He reaches inside and pulls out this ball of light.


Then he holds the ball of light towards the sky, it begins floating away. I was in awe, I really didn’t know what he was doing but it seemed as if he was protecting the soul that was growing in the ball. I change perspective; I am now the ball of light that is floating in front of the dragon. I thank the dragon for keeping me safe during my evolution into this incredible ball of light. My perspective changes back to the one standing in front of the dragon and another urn …the dragon looks into the urn and begins to smile. It seems surreal and very soothing; he continues to smile and looks me straight in the eyes as he reaches back into the urn and pulls out another ball of light. He lifts the ball of light into the sky and the ball does not float away. He looks at the ball of light and his smile fades he looks back at me, then this unimaginable ache comes over me as he lifts the ball of light and throws it in his mouth and begins feeding on it. The dragon starts to become violent smashing everything in sight; the urge to feed has over taken him.


He starts flying towards the first ball of light that floats away. My perspective changes back to the floating ball of light and I see the dragon is coming for me. I’m so surprised that there isn’t any fear as the dragon starts spewing this blue-white fire from his mouth, flying faster and faster towards me. I begin communicating with the dragon, I say, “you are not going to eat me, I’m not sure why you even try.” And the dragon opens his mouth and like a giant crocodile he slams his mouth shut down onto the floating ball of light that was me. I feel as if I am laughing because I know the dragon can’t harm me. I quickly disperse my light making it impossible for the dragon to have another taste of any piece of me. I feel disappointment for the dragon as he could not control his urge. The dragon has become irritated with his situation and begins flying back to the urn and places the lid back on. As light energy I float down to the dragon and ask, “why can’t you contain yourself”?  My perspective changes back to the dragon as I see his entire past in the blink of an eye. The dragon used to be a snake and gradually evolved, growing legs and wings, only feeding on fear. He’s been very sad and lonely and wanted more. And in that instant I became All: The dragon, the observer, the ball of light, and the creator of the ball.


What I take from this vision: There is some kind of agreement, The Dragon is the protector of us while we are here, but has become hungry for more power and is more violent. We are here to evolve, to grow, to become the light. If we do not evolve fast enough we will be consumed back into the darkness.  This is a little different than my usual visions because there was no time frame for evolving before, when the dragon holds up the ball of light there seems to be a decision if it has evolved enough to fly away or be consumed back into the darkness “reincarnation.”  This seemed to be the message on this night.

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Kryon goes into this a little in this video.

We met Joanna Ross from Universal Unity in Sedona for the 11-11 Gateway this year!

We had so much fun, Joanna booked us for a return visit for 2017

We’re also planning a trip to Tampa, FL in June of 2017!

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